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  1. Things are shaping up around here. The coverage is decent. Finally carving on some of the steep ones
  2. I finally made it up for the first time this season. the snow is pretty good on the one run that's open. The problem was the visibility. It was pretty foggy. I'll be up most mornings from here on out
  3. I take the bus from the red barn daily unless I'm working and I have to be there super early
  4. Don't worry. If you're here all season there's a good chance you'll get to meet him
  5. Oh dude you would love this board. I'm sure it's for sale but they're not cheap. Most people that on these boards have jobs. Probably why I don't own one.
  6. I rode the SF Monday and Tuesday at Timberline. Conditions were bulletproof in the mornings, The board handled great both days. On Monday I had the bindings set in the back and things are working great. Tuesday I had them set more forward and things were even better. The Palmer was open on Tuesday. It was the perfect board for that day on the run.
  7. Sounds beautiful. I'll see you guys Sun Mon Tues
  8. It's going to interfere with my yoga schedule but I'll make it work.
  9. If we can make a plan and get a small crew together I can get my hands on some Thrust demos.
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