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    N. Idaho
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    nidecher 159 megalight, atomic 159 radon, burton 160 speed. 173 coiler AM
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    burton, raichie
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    rides on the atomic, td1s on the burton, td2s on the coiler, fastecs on the megalight

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  1. Try and get Art to the Tbar, he’s scared of it and this will be his last chance.
  2. Yeah the whole quiet, lively, damp lingo I’m not sure I understand fully. I use the word stable to describe the Thirst boards, they can handle some variable conditions like an unexpected icy spot or a chunk of bad grooming. This board did everything I wanted it to do. I got my order in. I’m getting one.
  3. Today I road a tesi8. 183 cm long 18.5 waist. Miller told me it was similar to an 8RW but it’s got metal in it. Today’s conditions were really firm in the morning and super soft on the front side at noon. The board worked in it all. What I really noticed about this board is how well I could turn it uphill to control speed and then turn it right back downhill to gain it back
  4. I don’t know anybody that went up today. I’ll be up tomorrow. On the snow at 8:30
  5. I rode up the Stella 6 pack on my break at 11:30 and I didn’t see any ruts on Cathedral Were you guys doing bunny hill laps all day? I didn’t see you guys at the T-bar
  6. Those black pants are part of my uniform. I was at work
  7. It was still pretty good at 11 but you should’ve been there at nine when it was really good.
  8. I got lift tickets lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday
  9. I’ll be up tomorrow with the grandkids
  10. the conditions first thing this morning we’re almost perfect for carving. It got beat up fast with the limited terrain. The main run of the basin express and a bunny hill are totally covered. The grooming is good and very consistent. Plus it was sunny with perfect visibility. I’ll be up there again tomorrow around 9:00 probably be on the 11 o’clock bus down.
  11. What days do you ride at Schweitzer? There's a small group that rides weekday mornings. 2 or 3 Carvers sometimes 4 or 5. You should ride with us, The lower lift loads at 8:30
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