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  1. OMG Dudes. Is this cool or not? I can't tell.
  2. Well, that was an epic closing day. It was cold most of yesterday and thru the night so the new snow held up with minimal thaw-freeze. Sunday morning at open was sunny with temps around 20 in the village and mid-teens up top. Dane and I got excellent runs down Jack's and Ridge. B-Chute was a little soft. A couple of runs were made down Upper K during the day. Lower K was a little variable depending on the elevation and time. Cathedral had good carving from top to bottom and the wide-groomed middle was again a playground of good grip. Around noon a bunch of us went to see Kram at the infernal T-Bar. I fell off once and had to start over. Who designs those things? It looks like a huge crazy upside-down IUD. The trail down was mostly slush there because it was in constant sun. Good times and a great season. I think I got 79 or 80 days.
  3. Saturday is weird. Cool and windy, it snowed from around 8 AM to 9 and put maybe an inch of new down. Just about everywhere was firm from thaw-freeze but the new snow made it a little less offensive. Going down the Divide I had to skate my way out of the final section. We went straight to Cathedral but it was real firm. We ended up just sitting at the Outback for a while enjoying the sun and waiting for things to warm a bit. We hit Cathedral again and had a couple of good runs before another squall hit before 11 AM which dumped snow with high winds and made the vis real bad. 4 hardbooters were out along with 7B Dave. Maybe some video to follow.
  4. Friday starts cool and windy with nice sun and broken clouds. The bunny slope is slightly firm and at open we went up Basin and skated out to mid-Ridge which was firm, fast and pretty grippy. Overall the snow is still sticky and slow, but not apocalyptically slow. A couple of good runs were made down Loophole then much time was spent on Cathedral which had the midsection groomed wide again. Six hardbooters were out today and good turns were made. I took the Triple out around noon and went down Pend Oreille which was getting soft and cut up. Lower ridge was mush by then.
  5. Thursday has 2-4" of new snow at open with cool temps. Clouds obscure the summit and it is snowing slightly as the bad weather starts to ease up. The bunny slope has a small amount of new over groom and it is sticky slow. We go up Basin and make a few runs down Midway which has way too much new over groom. The majority of the snowfall must have happened just after they groomed it cuz this is not a reasonable amount of new snow for a frontside green beginner run. Not many people are here but these frontside runs get clobbered pretty quick. The Lakeview Triple is on hold for some reason and the Colburn Triple is not running today. Loophole and Lower K were not groomed. We tried a run from the Quad and I was able to make it down the slow snow to Ridge which was unreasonably thick with cut up new snow. I balked on going to the Stella runs because I feared that I wouldn't be able to make it down the Divide without skating and pushing much of the way. And even if I got there, I might have to do the same all the way down the cat track to get out. So I went home at 10. Dane, 7B Dave and Randy are still up there.
  6. Wednesday. Yup. Today is something of a Slarvey McSlarveface day. The tops of the hills are slightly firm at open, but most places won't hold a carve. The only serious turns I made were on Down The Hatch and pumping short turns on the bunny slope and Vagabond. Weather is a bit overcast and breezy as a new weather system comes in. It might snow tonight into the morning.
  7. Tuesday is sunny again and starts from below-freezing temperatures. The frontside runs start to soften pretty quickly but are pretty much "Fernando Lamas" runs that look good but don't feel good. Icy chunks are embedded in the snow that make carving feel rough and weird. We made an early run down Vagabond but the backside was firmy firm. Returning to the front, we found that the best snow was on the bunny slope which had thawed into a nice consistent surface with grip. Later after 11 we tried Cathedral but it also thawed into a chunk-o-rama. By that time there seemed to be lots of people on the Stella runs.
  8. Monday. It snowed at least 2" at the higher elevations and at least a little bit in lower areas. The psychological effect of not having to see crap-dirty snow everywhere is heart-lifting. Things are mostly white again. I went up an hour late and found extremely variable conditions. Front-facing areas were already soft from the sunny warmth and the new snow. The tops of Stella and Lower Kaniksu had new snow softness transitioning to rained-on firmness further below. We found some good carving on the wide midsection of Cathedral which was groomed edge-to-edge and was mostly in the sun.
  9. Sunday was wet and horrible. It started ok with thick overcast but as soon as the bell rang at 8:50 rain started to fall in the village. I had first chair on the Quad and it turned to snow up high. Snow at the top of the Quad was firm but everything below that was progressively softer and turning into sticky, grabby, vacu-suck mush. Lower K and Cathedral were too slow and mushy. Depending on the elevation either wet snow or rain was falling with high winds. My clothes were soaked in no time and vis was poor. I decided that making it down the cat track from Stella would be impossible and I somehow made it to the Triple and skidded down Pend Oreille to escape and go home.
  10. Friday is sunny and so variable that you can't even believe it. Too firm, too soft, whatever. Some good turns were made in a few places but finding good snow is difficult. Many runs are looking thin and dirty. Everything will be mush by this afternoon.
  11. Thursday starts with sun and a little haze. Temps at open are right around freezing and many areas are firm. I found really excellent snow on the top of Cathedral but the rest of it was TOTALLY MEH. I did several laps there then tried the front. Mid-Ridge was getting soft and lower ridge was better but quite variable.
  12. Wednesday is sunny and starts out slightly below freezing. I expect thaw-freeze from yesterday and go up an hour late. 4 carvers were out tearing up Cathedral which was pretty good considering how bad the early part of the week was. Much of the snow now has a dirty tinge from the wind storm that blew dirt and pollen all over. Mark was doing well riding some kind of new-fangled Thirsty thingy.
  13. Tuesday. From the talk on the hill, Monday must have been Firmed-up Beyond All Recognition. I'm pretty sure that it rained on Sunday evening from mid-mountain on down. The snow on the very tops of the resort isn't bad but the Lakeview Triple is broken today. Most of the runs we tried were too firm so it was hard to have fun. When I left at 11 the front-side runs were starting to soften up in the sun. Much of the morning was breezy and kinda cold.
  14. Did anybody go today? I assumed that it was too terrible to even contemplate so I stayed home. Predictions for tomorrow?
  15. Sunday is cloudy and windy as a storm makes its way in. The parking lot is a mud bog right from the start so I was hoping that the snow would be soft but I was WRONG. The bunny slope was fine but Lower K was too firm. Cathedral was too firm up top but kinda ok from the middle. Around 10:15 we went to the front but everything there was still too firm except for the bunny slope.
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