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  1. Wednesday was cool with some clouds and periods of good sun. Pretty good snow everywhere. Mark got hit by a skier on Jack's on our first run from the top but fortunately it wasn't at high speed so there were no injuries. It was a remarkably dorky move on the part of the skier who had all the opportunity in the world to yield but seemed to have been confused by the weird carving motions. Everybody who saw it happen was flabbergasted. We got good runs in most of the usual places but never went to Stella because Cathedral was supposedly ungroomed. Upper K was doable and we finished with
  2. Thanks. There's a minor possibility that I might change my residency to Nevada and I'm considering my options.
  3. Tuesday might have been a reasonable carving day but it was RUINED by a freak snowstorm that dumped over an inch between 7 and 8 AM. The snow was windblown so on places like Lower K there were areas of bare groom and over 2" deep on the sides that made things awfully inconsistent. Some areas around lower Stella seem a bit icy and I think that it either rained or slushed down here during the previous day. Temps are around freezing with broken clouds and generally good vis. Tomorrow should be better with good weather in the forecast.
  4. Can anybody give a current report on Mt. Rose? I've never been there but know that some people carve there. How is it nowadays? How much are season passes? What is it like on weekdays?
  5. Thursday is colder than expected. It starts sunny but clouds over at open and getting sun on any given run is hit-and-miss. Everything is pretty darn firm now. I hit B-chute at open but slid a couple of times when my lazy-ass out-of-balance carving style wouldn't keep the edge in. Definitely firmer than hero. Lower K was good. Cathedral was in full shadow and a bit on the firm side. I got a couple of really nice runs down Loophole with good vis before I left around 11. Not nearly as crowded as yesterday for some reason. Maybe I got people to stay away? Snow is in the forecast for
  6. Wednesday is cool and breezy with mostly sun and some broken clouds. It is the 2nd day of groom and everything is firm, fast, and grippy. I got the first tracks on mid/lower Ridge and it was hero. One run down Pend Oreille, a couple down Lower K and Cathedral. Around 10:40 the line at Stella became instantly stupid. I have figured out that many schools in Western Washington are now on break and everyone is coming over here. YOU WASHINGTONIANS SHOULD STAY HOME AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. JUST STOP IT WITH YOUR DRIVING ABOUT SKIING IN IDAHO BEHAVIOR. (I hope I don't sound unw
  7. Tuesday. Cloudy and a little windy. After a few days of intolerable cold and wind, we have 4" of new that fell during the day yesterday. Temperatures today are more reasonable but I still felt pretty chilly. I'm riding my Oxess skwal for the first time this season; up to now I have been riding the Coiler skwal. The Oxess has a longer radius and needs to go faster. I found pretty quickly that my binding set-up needs some adjustment as I am having trouble pressuring the edge on heelside. Good runs were made on Lower K and Cathedral even though the light was flat and clouds were going
  8. Wednesday is sunny and single digit cold again. I've been able to tolerate it by cranking up my boot heaters and putting Boot Gloves on the outside, and by using hand warmers in my gloves. I went up earlier and was on snow at 9. I only rode the front until 10:20 but things were pretty good. B-Chute was a little firmer than hero and mid-Ridge had some icy chunkification. Pend Oreille was dreamy. Even fewer people than yesterday. Tomorrow might have lower temps and moderate winds so I'll likely stay home.
  9. Tuesday has bright sunshine but it is cold. Around open it is +4 in the village and -4 on top. I wait until nearly 11 before I get on snow and it is a few degrees warmer. The snow is dry and getting more firmly packed down with each successive day of grooming. It is grippy and smooth. Just about every run is good. Most all of the local carving crew was out today.
  10. Monday morning is pretty cold so I wait until 11 to get on the hill. I meet up with Dane and we take a ride with Thirst Mark and his daughter. Cathedral is pretty good. PDO was good except I didn't do well on the lower steep part. Grooming on B-Chute is weird on the far left with a deep ridge on the first cat pass on that side. I think they need to offset their passes to even things out. Snow on the mountain is good in general but was still a little soft. The forecast for Tuesday thru Friday calls for single digit temps or worse. It is really unlikely that I will be up for first ch
  11. Sunday is mostly sunny and cold with 5" of new that fell during the day yesterday. At 8AM there are many cars driving up. I have to wait in long lines at open to get up the bunny slope and the Quad. I head straight for Cathedral to get away from people, and it is groomed perfectly but carves somewhat soft. PM groomed Zip Down has windblown snow obscuring the cord and random piles of thicker snow that make carving unpredictable. I get a few runs and return to the front but the lift lines there are too much for me. I drove out at 10:15. Nobody scanned me today so I think this is day 4 wit
  12. Friday has 5" of new and tons of people are up here early. Cloudy and breezy with temps not far below freezing. Dane, Troy and I hung around the clock until 9 but didn't see any MCC people. One run down Midway was soft but carveable. Dane and I went to the AM groomed Vagabond and Cathedral which offered some of the only soft carving. All the PM groomed runs were wrecked with piles of new snow. I stayed until 11 but there are way too many people. Weather forecast for next week shows single-digit and even subzero temps.
  13. Thursday and cloudy again with no new, but things are strangely firm even though temps have been cool. Bunny slope, Midway and Vagabond are pretty good but Lower K and Cathedral are too firm. Not sure why this is the case. Also not sure how the high-altitude groomers are because of bad vis in recent days. It was snowing lightly by 11 AM and we are supposed to get significant new snow by morning. The T-Bar did not operate today because of a SHORTAGE OF STAFF. WHAAAA?
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