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  1. You should PM Bryan Sutherland, he runs some alpine board sites that also buy and sell.
  2. I got to ride the new version of the X Model last weekend. It's been a few years since I rode the original version, so the only difference that I could tell was in the appearance, but I'm sure Mark has done more than this to improve the ride. In my review of the TS 202 I stated that if I was going on a trip and didn't know what the conditions would be and I could only take one of my boards it would be the TS. That is still true, because I don't own the X Model. The X has the same overall shape as the TS and approximately the same waist (22 cm-ish), but is stiffer in the tip and tail. I would feel comfortable taking this board in the trees, powder, bumps or groomers. Mark calls it "Any Mountain" rather than "All Mountain" which is accurate. There is enough tail rise to ride switch and enough nose rise to take it through the deep. It's surprisingly quick edge to edge and will rail like any Thirst board I've ridden. It was really fun and I wish that I never rode it.
  3. Forecast calls for snow. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=45.33284041773058&lon=-121.70877456665039&smap=1#.YJGUVLVKiUl
  4. Mark will have demos available by reservation only. PM me for details. I'll even let someone take my 202 for a spin.
  5. I did have to correct a ski patrol at Meadows this year when he pointed out to the person behind me that I was on an old school board with ski boots. If it was just a random I probably wouldn't have said anything.
  6. After today it's a confirmed slush slayer.
  7. He must have burned through his orange pants already.
  8. I just took it out in 7-10" of new. I even did some tree runs, which was a little scary until I realized that you can maneuver it like a much shorter board. Not only does it float, it's pretty easy to turn. I was able to get fresh stuff in some flat sections that nobody else dared, It never got stuck, just floated on through. Then I railed some pretty tight turns on the groomers. Someone needs to buy the one that Mark has in stock, you wont be sorry.
  9. Tacoma to White pass is 2 1/2 hours. No lines. More consistently pitched groomers than Crystal and you don't have to deal with the trudge through Bonney Lake and Buckley...just sayin'
  10. Thanks. The website says they are only open Fri-Sun, I wasn't aware of this. I wonder how much the limited hours of operation contributed to the bankruptcy.
  11. We just did a room in our house with Costco flooring. It was less expensive than any other I've seen and it looks good.
  12. I'm supposed to be going to McCall next month for 2 days at Tamarack and 2 at Brundage. Does anyone whose been there have any advice? Other than "Go forth and prosper."
  13. I got to ride it today, first day of the season for me and there was enough coverage to warrant riding a new board. So here's the story. I've always wanted a Tanker 201 but they were a little wider than what I prefer to ride. I also heard that their build quality suffered when they moved production to China. So I hassled Mark for over a year to build a board like the Tanker but narrower and Thirstier. He did, it rocks. It snowed a couple of inches yesterday so the groomers were pretty soft today. A carving board would have been fine if you didn't try to tip it on edge too much. The TS was perfect. I took it through 2" of fresh, down some steeps, through chopped up groomers, I did fairly short radius turns on a cat track, and cranked some big deep carves as well. This is the longest board that I've ever ridden and is surprisingly forgiving. Mark built in a generous amount of flex in the board, and a fair amount of rise in the tip and tail. As I drove home I was thinking, if I was to go on a trip where I didn't know what the weather would be and I could only take one of my boards, which one would I take? The TS. I will update this when I get to ride on some hard pack. I'm pretty sure it will rip.
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