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  1. It's kind of amazing because it's so close to Stevens Pass, but a completely different weather pattern is involved. Much like Mt. bachelor in Oregon there is over 300 days of sunshine in the area with drier snow.
  2. I got to demo the 9SW today. It is a gentle giant. 195 length, 18.8 waist (or close to that). The easiest, most forgiving big carving board I've ever ridden. There was 1-2 inches of fresh over groomed, with low visibility. I found myself doing a beginner run (which I would normally avoid) 4 times because it carried so much speed that I was able to link turns where normally that would slow me down too much in these conditions. It ate up runs that had been rutted out. It floated in 2-3 inches of fresh in a wide gully. It was easy to skid and slow down. As you would expect with a board of this length and width, crowds and narrow cat tracks were a little sketchy, any thing under about 10 mph. was sketchy. But, you don't have to go 40 mph. to initiate a turn. I straight lined a few sections and it felt completely stable with speed (as expected). It accelerates like crazy if you let it, but you don't have to. I was a little intimidated at first as 188 is the largest I've ever ridden, but after 2 1/2 hours non stop, I couldn't stop smiling.
  3. If anyone wants to extend their trip, I'll be riding Ski Bluewood in Eastern Washington the 13-15th. I'm going to pass people.
  4. http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/Accessories_c_32.html Bomber has them with straps for $35. Mark at Thirst Snowboards also has some made out of moving blankets if you want something more basic.
  5. Skyliner chair, Cliffhanger run is usually blocked off for races or race training on weekends. The Skyliner run and DMQ (I think that's the name) are also good options. You'll find steeper pitches on the Pine Marten runs. If you already have tickets you can park in the Skyliner lot and not have to walk as far.
  6. I just found out that you can buy advance tickets on the Anthony Lakes website for $15 a day! So if anyone still wants to come out and ride with me it will be $65 for 4 days. (Thursdays are $20) https://anthonylakes.ltibooking.com/products/search?utf8=✓&partner_date=2019-12-17&start_date=2020-03-06 If a moderator would like to change the title from $140 to $65 that would be appreciated. I might have to buy a camper.
  7. I'm thinking about picking up a 3 day pass for $120, but I've never talked to anyone who's been there. Is is worth a 5 hour drive? https://www.bluewood.com/ticket-specials
  8. No, there are dogs running all over that mountain. Be careful.
  9. There are no retail stores for hard boots any where on the West Coast. You have to order online. You can contact Mark at Thirst Snowboards for UPZ, or Donek for Deeluxe.
  10. https://snowbrains.com/big-sky-triple-black-diamond/?fbclid=IwAR0ImvyOmY213cQJlYjIIp3y8EimPlrg_IYjxOYPMagalDY3tjLM2zmqyJQ
  11. Mark Miller at Thirst has sleeves made of moving blankets. Nothing fancy, but they are breathable so your edges won't rust. https://www.thirstsnowboards.com/contact
  12. The Race Place in Bend also does good work. https://the-raceplace.com/pages/ski-tuning-service
  13. I got a Meadows value pass in May for $399.
  14. That's half the price of my season pass.
  15. Whenever Hood opens in October it means 2-3 weeks of rain in November. We once did the Zoo, Mt. Tabor and Council Crest in one day. Tabor had the longest runs.
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