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  1. I made it up for one final day today. They were practicing social distancing so no one ran over the tail of my board.
  2. I tried it the first day. They were supposed to go on sale at 9AM I logged on at 8:55 and they were all taken.
  3. They open tomorrow with limited reserved spaces. Reservations go live at 9AM according to the website. I logged on at 8:55 and they were sold out. https://www.timberlinelodge.com/coronavirus-updates
  4. They just added Mt. Bachelor to the list for Ikon.
  5. https://winter.mtbaldyresort.com/
  6. Good news, you don't need a chairlift anymore. You just need $5,000 and a can of gas.
  7. Our spring break/family ski trip to Anthony Lakes just got shut down. Are the restaurants in Sandpoint still open?
  8. I've mentioned this before but since you are considering Fintecs. The cable can rub on the plastic piece under the insole and eventually fray. You can take a drinking straw, cut a 1" piece and slide it over the cable BEFORE you put the handle on. This will create a protective sleeve so the cable doesn't rub.
  9. No need to worry about sharks.
  10. Next time. Great runs, great locals. Today was busy, Winter Carnival, new snow, I had to wait in line behind two other groups at least three times. And it once again cost $14.50 to ride today.
  11. Day 2: $14.50(lift tickets)÷16(runs)=91 cents a run.
  12. I switched to the 9SW today when the groomers started to get choppy. It was about 42 degrees and the board absolutely drove through everything. Mark, if you're reading this, your plan worked. I'm not giving the demo back. Bill me.
  13. Twenty beautiful runs in the sun for twenty dollars. Nuff said.
  14. Take your protein pills and put your helmets on, it's one week away. Try to control yourselves.
  15. I ride the 325's and have had them heated and punched out.
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