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  1. Nothing too surprising here: https://www.skiandboardmn.com/covid-19-information-keeping-you-safe-this-winter?fbclid=IwAR1CiHOZjXGrN469lAp3Nig6oU35MTab2rsrgTxF1ix4j4llPwgYSkv0pC8
  2. Earlier this week the Duluth City Council voted unanimously to support Spirit Mountain operations for the coming winter to the tune of $300,000. Few details available (and all subject to change) but to my way of thinking it’s time to refresh the thread for the new season! Russ
  3. What I‘ve heard about the operating hours: - Closed Monday and Tuesday - 10am to 8pm Wednesday thru Saturday - 10am to 6pm Sunday Subject to change, of course! p.s. No snow cross this year!!!
  4. Here’s what I know: - Our in-person patrol refresher has been cancelled (replaced by the national on-line version); - Patrol CPR training is scheduled for small groups starting 8/24; - Chair evac training planned but not yet scheduled; My sense is that current plans are to open in late November as usual. I’m not aware of any hard science that indicates increased risk of virus transmission during outdoor activities, but standing in a ticket or rental shop line or sharing a chairlift is another matter. Russ
  5. Sorry, but I’ve put the boards away and been biking almost every day!
  6. Make that Saturday, 3/28 last day
  7. Thursday, March 12 Rain/snow mix at open, then all rain, then light rain and fog at midday, then light rain and patchy fog in the afternoon... Surfy carving was had by dodging the hard (dirty) spots, though if you were smart enough to stay home you didn’t miss much.
  8. Tuesday, March 10 Today’s posse: rwmaron, Jane, khoward, bigwavedave. Less than ideal conditions, but the sun was shining and I got to hang out with the cool crew for a couple of hours !
  9. Would the radius or the diameter be 36’ in this example?
  10. Near new condition, (3 days use), 27.5 CM, US 9.5. Bought them last year but recent foot surgery makes them no longer usable for me. $150 plus shipping. PM me for additional photos or questions.
  11. Thursday, March 5 Similar conditions to those on Tuesday (see above) at the open, with the added benefit of flat light, then show showers, then snow showers and fog. To add insult to injury, the wind picked up out of the northeast just after noon and the big fat, sticky, snow flakes slowed things down further......towards the middle of the afternoon the base started to soften enough to set an edge on a few runs so a few turns were had! Russ
  12. Tuesday, March 3 A couple of inches of soft groom, but the rock hard base kept rearing it's ugly head whenever an edge was pressured very hard......limited to big open turns in the few places that the surface could be trusted. I've got a bad feeling about conditions for the remainder of the season . Oh yeah Jane was killing it on her Coiler and also put us all to shame with her carefully selected color palette! Russ
  13. MP 28.0, sole length 303mm; shells only in good condition. $100 plus shipping. PM me for more photos or questions.
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