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    F2 Challenge Comp Step-ins
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  1. On the lower shell “28 - 28.5”. On the upper cuff “28 - 30.5”
  2. Deeluxe 325T boots with Intec heels and blue BTS. Excellent condition all around. $250 via PP F & F and buyer responsible for shipping. (Not sure why one photo is upside down....)
  3. JT - Nice! We often find the best groom in the terrain park too, though we only share that with a select few ! I’d wager that I’m not alone in my curiosity about the kit....would you be willing to share details about the gear? TIA
  4. DonPablo; FYI.....All tickets and rental are required to be purchased ahead of time and also please fill out all your WAIVERS online before you head to the hill.
  5. Yes, I’m the one-armed boarder in question. I took a spill off a narrow bridge while fat biking in Hartley park, went over the bars and broke my 4th metacarpal and displaced the 5th.....surgery and 3 pins required to set things right. I’m confined to patrol room duty for now but the cast comes off on January 12th - should be able to board after that with a hand guard.
  6. Nothing too surprising here: https://www.skiandboardmn.com/covid-19-information-keeping-you-safe-this-winter?fbclid=IwAR1CiHOZjXGrN469lAp3Nig6oU35MTab2rsrgTxF1ix4j4llPwgYSkv0pC8
  7. Earlier this week the Duluth City Council voted unanimously to support Spirit Mountain operations for the coming winter to the tune of $300,000. Few details available (and all subject to change) but to my way of thinking it’s time to refresh the thread for the new season! Russ
  8. What I‘ve heard about the operating hours: - Closed Monday and Tuesday - 10am to 8pm Wednesday thru Saturday - 10am to 6pm Sunday Subject to change, of course! p.s. No snow cross this year!!!
  9. Here’s what I know: - Our in-person patrol refresher has been cancelled (replaced by the national on-line version); - Patrol CPR training is scheduled for small groups starting 8/24; - Chair evac training planned but not yet scheduled; My sense is that current plans are to open in late November as usual. I’m not aware of any hard science that indicates increased risk of virus transmission during outdoor activities, but standing in a ticket or rental shop line or sharing a chairlift is another matter. Russ
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