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  1. People treat politics or religion as they treat sports and their teams. It becomes a zero sum gain, and no one likes to "lose". If I mention some religious belief and tell someone what I believe happens after death, does it affect anyone else? In reality, no. People, however, will treat it like I just chose the opposite team in sports, and unconsciously, they will push hard against my point if they don't subscribe to the same dogma as they unconsciously see it as a recruitment tool towards my side as well. It becomes personal, and once personal, all the ad hominem attack, insults, and other
  2. With the heights involved and the inherent dangers of balancing while cutting the cable, I doubt this was mere vandalism. This was most likely from an individual with some personal connection, and this is where I get my "protest" comment, as this was them protesting some grievance they think they have suffered. Often, people protest events and grievances without ever defining what that grievance is or was, as they, in their mind, often believe that grievance should be obvious. I doubt it has anything to do with the top 5 political events happening right now (whatever those are at the mom
  3. A federal judge in Pittsburgh has ruled that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was arbitrary and overreaching in his Covid-19 orders shutting down businesses and imposing other restrictions, violating citizens’ constitutional rights. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in May struck down Governor Tony Evers’ lockdown order as violating citizens’ constitutional rights. Governor Mills may want to look up these two cases, as lawsuits have followed and the businesses affected are expected to be in a protracted fight to be made whole.
  4. I think the moral compass of humanity has lost it magnetic north. We see this here and other places where people destroy other peoples property as they hold no value or respect. I am going to sound like the old-timer here, but there was a time when this individual would be shunned, like a pile of dog crap, even by his friends if they or anyone knew of his deed. Today, is is seen as some form of protest against some alleged 'wronging' he suffered. This accepted mentality of destruction of others property when you feel wronged is a cancer and blight upon the world and until morality is respe
  5. Thank you Jack for posting this, as it has some interesting statistics from the raw data. One of the challenges in life is to speak up when your voice is in direct opposition to the accepted and demanded dogma of the society as a whole. By asking questions about why, with respect to COVID, people tend to immediately go to the position that you are denying COVID exists at all. Even when presenting evidence to validate you are not denying it, that evidence is reinterpreted to be some alternate form of denial, and then of course, you must be a conspiracy theory nut. This is history repeating
  6. https://www.powder.com/stories/interviews/saddleback-maine-ski-resort-will-reopen-after-five-year-closure/ It is always good to see more options with mountain terrain...
  7. I am curious who in here would be seen as stocking up on tinfoil....
  8. I agree with the sentiment of what you are saying. I would like to add, however, that this particular hazard is specifically being politicized. When someone looks at the raw data, the numbers being given to us simply don't add up. I am not negating the potential for harm this specific disease can cause, especially where there are pre-existing underlying conditions, but I am having a difficult time accepting everything being pushed as fact about this. Since I posted the total deaths from ALL causes in the US link to the CDC graph (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.h
  9. Although there has been evidence presented, I would be wary of looking to ones plumbing to be the root cause or the defining characteristic for how each handled their situation. Either we do believe leaders are defined by their actions, or we define them by their plumbing, which can then devolve into root causes for bad decisions in other areas or other subjects. The above fits nicely into the modern push "Women lead" throughout corporations today, but we cannot have it both ways here. If gender is a contributing factor in leading and decisions, then we should hire and promote based upon
  10. But how it is managed, is through a political lens. "It's a matter of management, not politics." depends on which political camp you lie in. I would love to see this aspect of it stop, but it won't. There should be no censorship on information. People should stop injecting their feelings when discussing the topic.... Only with the above can we progress and make this better.
  11. Why do we treat this so different than we treat TB? Far more people get sick and die from TB than COVID, yet we treat TB by having created a quick test, and a regimand for treatment, while COVID we look at quarantines and shutting down the global economy and schools. This has become the emotional sickness, the sickness of fear, and just mentioning this I am sure has many enraged to read this. Unlike COVID, TB has a little over 12% of it's cases are children. Largely, COVID leaves children unaffected. Like COVID, underlying condition affect your chances of survival TB affects abo
  12. I am suggesting we fear less. I am thinking the draconian shutdowns are not needed, and the kids should be in school. But I am also suggesting we limit large gatherings of the vulnerable (Children don't seem to get sickened and the number of deaths of children without severe underlying symptoms is zero) but allow life to move forward. Antidepressant prescription issuance is at an all time high by a magnitude and this is due to the fear.
  13. Here are the statistics, middle of the page, for the TOTAL death counts from ALL causes. Take them as you choose. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm The reason this matters, is because it takes the politics out of the subject. Every week, people die. This is the circle of life. Since we have historical data, we can determine the expected number of deaths, and these will fluctuate within parameters. this number and these numbers give us a better extract of how the pandemic is progressing, and no one can spin the numbers up or down, in respect to the "why" people
  14. That suggestion, the screen lock with your number (or alternate number to call) is genius... I will do that on my phone as well.. put my wife's number on it to call if lost. Great tip man!
  15. Be aware that a phone is an easier target than most computers for a hacker. If you use the WiFi or BlueTooth features, and leave their radios on, respectively, then you are a relatively easy target to be hacked. At the last blackhat conference, it averaged just a little over 2 minutes to hack anyone's Android device, and a little over 3 minutes for the newest IOS device. Windows phone were hacked on average in 91 seconds. What does this mean, and why am I telling you? Please don't keep your "picture of my Driver's License, Insurance Card, Registration, Old Military ID, and Heal
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