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  1. man that's pretty..... it's 75 and humid in my office and all I can think of with that pic is how nice and crisp the air is....
  2. Verified, by who? I gave two great examples of how snopes, founded as a fact checking site, for "verifying" sources, has been wrong over and over again. (I could also mention the founder, David Mikkelson is in legal problems right now with charges that say allot about his character, but this doesn't contribute to this point.) Verified is a great word, but are the doctors on that FDA panel any less credible than the other doctors because they disagree? Verified is a great concept, but with data suppressed for political reasons, what is debunked one day ends up being shown to be true another so who verifies matters and no one will agree on that.
  3. Since half the people in here think the other half is crazy:
  4. The FDA had a very long meeting..... many, many doctors were in it.... Here is an interesting 2 minute section from what one doctor was saying, and the data he presented.... https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/experts-warn-of-covid-vaccine-risks-at-fda-hearing-the-vaccines-kill-more-than-they-save/ As for ridiculing Michael Flynn, UC Riverside scientists are studying whether they can turn edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories. This is not conspiracy theory, it is an actual study that the university is working on, is fully funded and they are making progress. Salon is such a reputable source, so here https://www.salon.com/2017/12/08/fox-and-friends-it-just-looks-like-the-fbi-created-the-steele-dossier/ as those damn conspiracy theorists are those who cannot accept the authenticity of the Steel Dossier.... Only to now have the Times admit it was fake in Barry Meier's piece... And here is another rabid article from Salon: https://www.salon.com/2020/10/21/gops-invented-hunter-biden-scandal-isnt-going-away-are-they-shooting-for-2022-already/ .... Too bad even Politico had to admit two days ago that the laptop and emails are real.... Do you think Salon will apologize? As for the 5G, who would pay you 5 grand to be a hotspot?
  5. anyone else seeing the theme of the engineering types all liking the step-ins?
  6. Here, two sources that should be accepted and one no one has ever heard of... and rt as well https://www.politico.com/news/2021/09/14/biden-covid-antibody-treatments-511825 https://www.yahoo.com/now/republicans-politics-behind-biden-decision-154300451.html http://kingfish1935.blogspot.com/2021/09/biden-admin-to-cut-monoclonal-antibody.html https://www.rt.com/usa/535052-biden-rations-monoclonal-treatments/ It is a shame.... now medicine is being treated politically..... figured this would be funny.... life is short and all.... the merge aspect makes the context collisions happen it seems... obviously the two context were separate with one on the meme and the other on the comments...
  7. More information: Here in the states, the US Gov is restricting access to the most effective noncontroversial Covid treatment, Monoclonal Antibodies. This is not due to a supply chain issue but due to politics. This is just amazing....
  8. I know these are great plates, and I get that anyone who has one will be using it, but sell me one damn it !! But seriously, just a bump and hoping someone has one to sell....
  9. I read the article and saw allot of the word "debunked" but not allot of information that is actual evidence that the individuals reporting to VAERS lied. If you want to dismiss VAERS as an accurate source, I am not sure what one could provide that would satisfy your requirement. I don't believe there will 12000 autopsy reports for the 12k deaths so I am not sure what would be convincing for you. For perspective, however, 60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1976) is on youtube and Dan Rather goes into detail on that vaccine. They stopped it after only 51 deaths so one has to ask why if even half the reports in VAERS are accurate, why the information is being censored on big tech social media and why there hasn't been more research into whether the information reported has any truth. Many, many doctors have spoken out and been censored, so I am not sure what info would satisfy your requirement or from what source.
  10. No, actually I cannot see that. I welcome you to show the vitriol in any post in here that anyone has produced as the few who ask questions in here present another side to the vaccine discussions. I can produce several from those who support covid vaccination and even forced covid vaccination within this small community. The dismissal of information also seems to be specific to one belief structure. outlets like Fox news are actively dismissed while those who provide information from CNN or other major outlets tend to be of the other category. When sources are dismissed, it is with sarcasm and vitriol as to try to shame the other person away from these sources as if there is something inherently wrong with them. Fox or Facebook, two sources which are on polar opposites of the spectrum are welcomed when presenting evidence, and I don't see those who question the vaccine dismissing sources so readily... The myopic view also seems to be unique to one belief structure. Those against the current covid vaccines in here have all participated in other vaccines, but are lumped in with the anti-vax crowd. Those in here that present information alternatives to the main narrative all seem to want people to be well and would like a cure or a better alternative to what is happening now. They agree with the aspect it is harming society, but simply ask questions and provide information, like the effectiveness of natural immunity. The myopic view is the hardline view that those who want the vaccine know what is best for everyone else, choose to enforce their will upon others through mandatory vaccines, and then as they claim to follow the science, they choose to disregard hundreds of years of science on natural immunities and the current studies of the better protection that causes and take the myopic view that science can be cherry picked to their desires and their view is what should be mandated for all. No, I think I am having a hard time with the simple reversal above as it factually does not present even in this small selection of people within this community. Those that agree with some or all of my points or data or information tend to want the rest of us all to be safe and eventually prosper while I see language that states this wish is not the same from everyone.
  11. VAERS seems to be legitimate.
  12. The more there are comments in this thread, the more it reinforces my following statements: Pro-Vaccine sentiments have formed an almost cult like following. - anyone presenting evidence against their point is met with vitriol. - All information sources are dismissed unless they push a specific dogma. - COVID is now seen through a pure myopic view. I don't see anyone here who either presents evidence contrary to the current media push, or who is against this specific set of vaccines (not all vaccines, but specifically these ones) screaming how those who choose to get vaccinated or vaccinate their children with no long term studies on long term side affects are monsters. I do see the vaccinated, however, insulting and berating those who present data against this vaccine. All those people who posted their FB stories of vaccine injuries are lying, right? All those who died did it for a noble cause, right? People sign up for the military, and know the risks of death. But it is OK to sacrifice those people who did not sign up for that, for the better good, right? There should be no investigations into the why those people had those reactions or for those who died, as long as we keep pushing the narrative, right? I feel for those people, and I want information, all information, to be available so a safe vaccine that will also stop the spread can be made. Those with measles from Afghanistan who have come into this country are not a significant risk. This is because the measles vaccine produces immunity and with immunity it prevents contraction and spread of the pathogen. Only with all data can an vaccine for COVID do the same and Virol over data you don't like only shows ones true colors.
  13. I agree and want people to be safe as well. I am not presenting the information on the challenges the vaccine is having for my own good. I gain nothing from this and instead gather considerable condemnation. I am presenting this information as it is being suppressed and people should have all the information so as to make informed decisions. Some believe people don't have the right to make decisions about their own health, and for those people, I just disagree. I presented that information so people could see how much information they are not seeing. How many stories go counter to the narrative. How much is being censored and kept from the public. I don't like or trust FB. But even FB now has many people speaking out. Take any info I present and just be informed. That is all, and I too want everyone to be safe and healthy.
  14. Since this is now the FB generation and "trusted" sources are outlets like FB now: Channel 7 is doing a piece on those who have lost someone unvaccinated to COVID. Here is their request to the comments: After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you're willing to share your family's story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we're working on. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/wxyzdetroit/photos/a.461583946134/10158207966696135/?type=3 Read the posts. Read what everyone is saying. I don't think FB will keep this up for long.
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