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    54/48 bomber TD3's (One standard, rear step-in)
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  1. I have every set made, all colors. What are you looking to spend and what color you looking for / what color you have now?
  2. I have one. What is your offer or price range for one in good condition?
  3. This is because anyone with a divergent set of data doesn't bother to post it. Why would anyone want the vitriol that would ensue?
  4. Flame on if you want to call me a conspiracy theorist, but the embedded nature of big pharma into controlling agencies within the US has had a detrimental effect on the food industry and health within the US. There are tic-toc videos showing the differences in ingredients in even simple foods like ketchup, and try to eat a meal without some form of soy in it (seriously, try it. Almost every food now has soy in it, including foods where soy has nothing to do with it). Even medications like simple ibuprofen now has titanium dioxide in it (banned in the EU do to being a carcinogen, and there is a class action skittles law suit on going) and more and more we are also seeing the words "bioengineered food source" in ingredients. The irony is, it costs so much more to get food with less ingredients in them. So, yea, ultra processed foods make you eat more, but this "new" phenomenon is driving a much larger pharmaceutical industry so there is little hope it will change any time soon.
  5. This one is fun.... Pay attention to what is in the background as she boards down the hill... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/137/562/307/original/4023a5fe5c5d951b.mp4
  6. Although the bindings are not a new design by any aspect, it looks like the board was the issue. These bindings are not the reason it failed, or it is unlikely these are the reason. You can get newer ones, but these were most likely not what killed your ride. I am sure you will find another board you love. Looking over everything, it most likely is the board could not handle the fun you were pushing it with. There are an awful lot of stresses going into turns when you power into them. Anyway, you didn't get hurt, which is the best part. best of luck and we will look for you on the hills man....
  7. Shall we assume (by the graphics) this is an old Rossi board? What bindings were you using? Reason I mention is, older boards and as board age, the fiberglass and composites do get weaker. An old Rossi board would be old enough to where it would be significantly weaker than when it was made. This being said, the bindings also do make a difference. A binding with a small surface area will put more stress on the board than one with a wider area. As an example, this was common with the TD1 series and was the reason they widened their base connectors. Although you will probably be looking at another board, looking to be sure your bindings don't stress your next board is a good idea as well. In either case, unless you really have an affinity to that board (like a first world cup win or something) it really is time to make some art and that being the center of your masterpiece.
  8. Ah, leave it to me to start a board war.... Guess I have been lucky then and got a good one.
  9. My son races FIS. For him this, the 162 Kessler "The Alpine", is the best board for SL, with edge hold and everything else one would want from a race board. But is this all one needs from one of these or any snowboard? This review is more than just "how does it ride" or "how is the edge hold". My son rides the Hexagonal rectangular Allflex (NOT H plate) on his board, which is one of the stiffest Allflex plates on the market. Due to his leg strength and his weight, this was deemed to be the best setup (From his coach), and has worked well. Where this review comes in is with the mounting of the Allflex to the board. For whatever reason (misplacement of screws, overlooking, whatever) the Allflex has been mounted this season with screws, but all the same length. We went to try an SG 185 and that is when I noticed the center connector screws were not correct, as these are supposed to be about 1mm longer than the end screws. When looking, all the screws, from all connecting positions, were the same length. What this means is, for most of this season, the center connectors to his Allflex were connected with maybe 2 threads or so in depth. This, to me, is extremely impressive. This tells me that along with being a world class race board, and riding with the finesse that has taken so many WC podium spots, these Kesslers are also a tank. They are so well built, even overlooked mistakes will not break them. Boards are more than just their ride. Like all equipment and tools, the quality of their construction, I would argue, is just as important as the finesse of their ride. When looking for a board, especially one you intend to literally torture with the stresses of racing, it is great to know there is the type of quality being built like this in a Kessler. I don't know much about their longer boards and how tough they are, but the 162 is a beast that will take everything you can throw at it. Take this for what it is worth as I hope this was helpful.
  10. Invited athletes for the 2023 FIS Junior Worlds Women: Iris Pflum Sasha Jansujwicz Grace Domino Lily Janousek Men: Walker Overstake Nicholas Pierce Michael Smith Taggert Carr 2023 Alpine Snowboard Junior World Championships from March 22-27 in Bansko, Bulgaria.
  11. Steven has been having a good year. He did a race where I was a starter, and I have to say, no one had a pull out of the gate as hard as him. Cody has just been a force of nature this year. His times just keep getting better and he is a very young rider. It will be interesting to see these next few years as I look forward to seeing his World Cup races as he is certainly top tier. Congrats to all of them and an impressive team.
  12. TVR

    Bindings and parts

    For whatever reason, it seems people have moved from the bindings being stiff and the boots flexing to very stiff boots and the bindings flexing. The MS 951 boots are very stiff vs UPZs and such. What I have also seen is this now makes the bindings more of a disposable or consumable item, as I have yet to find the front SG bail flapper (SG19 part number) and with many of the F2s, you replace the entire bail if something breaks. Love them or hate them, but those Bomber bindings are tough and they are easy enough to swap out the parts on. Unfortunately, there is a very cult mentality in the racing circuit where certain brands are purchased, due to everyone else running them, even though the outliers like Virus or some of what JJ ran still are proven to take Gold medals.
  13. TVR

    Bindings and parts

    OK, so if the front bail, that clips the tow is metal, it would still allow the binding to flex, but the front bail would not break..... I wonder if they sell just the front bail tow clip and if it would fit on the SG bindings....
  14. TVR

    Bindings and parts

    There seems to be a tendency to shit on the TD series bindings (Bomber), but the one thing that can be said about them is parts are available. Also, the metal tends to last... So let's look at the alternatives? SG bindings, as well as F2 front bails seem to break due to being plastic. I have looked to source the SG front bail clips, and they seem to be few and far between. Anyone have a good source for the front bail part, the part that clips to the boot, as it tends to break? SG18 as the front bail part, is asking. The latest trend is towards the F2 and SG due to flex, but has anyone made the plastic parts out of metal? This seems like something that would be a good idea if we are looking for flex in the plastic bottoms.
  15. Thanks, and unexpected. Amazing person and I am now blessed to know him.
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