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  1. Who is your son, as mine is/was part of the weekend program at the Loaf. Mike (my son) certainly likes his gates....
  2. I not only purchased the pass for my son and I for 20/21 season, I also already purchased lodging for the 20/21 Nationals at Copper for my son's racing. If you pay with a card, it makes no difference what the policy is for cancellation. The Fair Credit Billing Act (https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/credit/fair-credit-billing-act) is a law that regulates the credit card industry, but moreover, also regulates those who accept cards for payments. Rocky Mountain Management Resort company and specifically Jeffrey DePaola attempted to keep the moneys from my reservation for this past cancelled Nationals at Copper and I simply processed it through my card and received 100% of my funds back. He did the typical strong arm tactics of threatening I would receive nothing if I didn't accept a 50% voucher and I simply know the law and stated no, and have since ensured all know his companies practices. No one can be charged for either products or services they are unable or unwilling to provide. It makes no difference if it is from a pandemic, and makes no difference if the provider is legally no longer able to provide those services. It also makes no difference what the cancellation policy is, providing it is the merchant that cancels, and not the card holder, and the card holder is still willing to accept goods or services paid for. Anyway, I am also not worried about a resurgence of COVID, and the pass for the loaf, Sunday River and Loon have thus far been a very fair company to do business with.
  3. While others find a burger to put on the grill at a lake somewhere, Jack finds the snow....... I like Jack's way better....
  4. You bought a T Bar? Specs on your hill? If I had a few hundred vertical and a T Bar, I would set gates every day for the kid and I to just have fun....
  5. UPDATE TO THIS TOPIC: Since I had no good correspondence with the property management company, and since they attempted to strong arm me by threatening to give me nothing if I didn't take a 50% voucher, I did the charge back with my credit card company. I figured it was a 50/50 shot when I did it, but with them unwilling to satisfy the accommodations, I figured it made sense. As it turns out, I was right. According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, ( https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/credit/fair-credit-billing-act ), their company being unable or unwilling to satisfy the terms of the rental creates a situation where I was entitled to the 100% refund of my moneys. It didn't matter that I went through Hotels.com (also unhelpful) but rather, I was not liable. It also mattered little if there was a clause stating no refunds, as the no refunds policy only kicks in if they were willing and able to provide the goods or services and I didn't want them any more. Their clause does not remove their responsibility liability to provide the product or service, if I was willing to accept it as defined in the contract. I have since been permanently refunded the moneys, and anyone who has anything from USASA Nationals 2020, or any other venue that have not accepted a partial refund should look into this for themselves. I hope this was helpful, and I caution anyone from using any property managed by Rocky Mountain Resort Management moving forward, as they certainly don't have their client as their first priority.
  6. Resurrecting the two year old topic with awesome footage.... very cool man...
  7. Interesting take on it...
  8. Don't understand the comment, but it is just a matter of predictive analysts. H1N1 caused drops, and the MIRS before that... the housing bubble was obvious with people buying interest only mortgages and this was and is no different. Once I saw oil get to 20 a barrel, I went in heavy, even though I missed the real bottom a few days earlier. Then I put limit buys in place and when they hit, added those. I have been watching this now and experimenting with it for a while now. Stocks are an interesting way to gamble. As an example, I bought $34 worth of PSEC back in 2017. To date, my PSEC has lost 58% and my account looks very red for that stock, all $93 worth. One might ask how I have tripled the money in 3 years while losing almost 60% stock value. The thing is, this stock pays a dividend. Since I set the stock to automatically reinvest every dividend, every month the dividend is played, my share increase actually outpaced the stock valuation drop. See, it isn't what you make so much as what you get to keep that is important. Needless to say, the stocks I bought this time were energy and not capital. So I watched the other energy long term stock portfolios, saw which ones at the bottom now, could still lose valuation and yet the dividends reinvested would bulk it up past the loss in valuation and went with those. I don't understand the meaning of the last comment, but I hope that explains how my thoughts work in these interesting times.
  9. Sorry to do this, but I bought heavy on 3/23 and am up more than 23% on that investment.... All the energy stocks are at a 70% discount right now, as oil is at historic lows. The world will not stay this way, and people need to look global when investing, rather than local. With the emerging economies of countries like India and China (Even with the threats of legal actions due to COVID-19), the world will need energy within the next 18 months, as Gretta's best wet dream will not bring the globe off of oil for at least another 8 years. Also, they pay good dividends.... With this aspect, regardless of whether the US economy grows, falls, or stays stagnant, I am predominantly into energy stocks, only investing moneys I could afford to lose, and will get out once these stocks are back to 55% of their originals. Like all other gambling, I will get out when I have made money to the point of the risk becoming a risk again.... which I figure to be at about 55% of the original stock prices from back in February.
  10. So, wait... Stay far enough apart so the skier who is constantly clacking his skiis together will finally stop pucking my board unless I hold it way over to the side?
  11. TVR

    Car nuts thread ?

    Today's paddle shifters are the reason why. I modern computerized transmission can shift in .02 seconds vs the fastest human with a clutch, at about .15 seconds. Where naught to 60 or 100 times are now in the sub three's, this makes a difference and is causing people to have to make a choice. Do they want the feel of speed, or truly be the fastest. I suspect there will be clutchless manuals at some point to bridge the gap here (full tree, and not just paddle in a different place), but I still like my manual transmission.
  12. I will, respectfully, disagree, as Jack and I find and get more young kids into the hardboots.... The hardbooting community is growing where we are, in New England up north...
  13. I will be buying mine early. If the resorts are closed and cannot honor the passes for next season, most all of them will go into foreclosure as they all expanded their snowmaking, etc, recently and all have debts related. I think the rest of the country would be in the same boat, so I am betting on them being there and open, because if they don't, there will be nothing to open again.
  14. Unless there is a huge mutation, I am positive a huge number of the humans whom go to the slopes will have already been exposed by next year. Due to this, and with the numbers being less deaths than expected (less than 1/3 the number that die from opiod drug deaths), I see next year being affected, but not cancelled. I will put my money where my mouth is by buying my next years season passes by May, as usual, and booking next years Nationals, by June, as usual.
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