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  1. Anyone got 2 sets? Kid blew out the stock system going ape at a race and looking at the design, it will happen again with the travel and him going ape.... The DGSS looks like it will solve the plastic parts issue.
  2. If any hardbooters are on the Loaf Sunday, there is a USASA GS race gonna happen. Always good to watch the next generation and my kid will be racing it as well.
  3. TVR

    UPZ Intec heel

    I put my heels from my rachie on to my UPZs... so they are the same
  4. TVR

    alpine robots

    I also fear a bit of lemmings mentality in the racing circuit.... all riding the same gear and all.... Having seen the huge difference in the height, weight, styles and all from all the different riders, I suspect it is the mentality of taking the safe route over the chance of equipment slowing you down....
  5. Man.... sorry man... I feel for you... it has been too warm this winter by far....
  6. Not a park guy, but this is just some kind of ridiculous... Thanks to Atom Ant for turning me on to these...
  7. It is worth it to add a little axle grease to all these type part start of season on everything you own... every season I start by taking apart my stepin heels, and replacing that grease, greasing and t-nuts that are exposed, etc.... I just do it as a ritual... I still get failures due to my kid just absolutely hammering the equipment, but at least they are less often and more manageable... All the synthetic axle grease of today is water resistant...
  8. I like softer hard boots.... switched to UPZs and have red tongues, with (from UPZ) the softer springs... these ride like the Deeluxe with BTS and feel comfortable now... But I am an amateur here....
  9. I have a set of Deeluxe mondo 28 ... if interested PM me an email and I will take pics and send them to you.. they are in good shape...
  10. Not sure what they look like, but I have a set of the rear UPZ ATB heels I will never use.... so.. got pics of what you need?
  11. Sorry if this affects your posting man.... I just am noticing the decambering on my board and was looking to see if it was something others see.... I am not a good enough rider to know "how it affects the board ride" but I cannot imagine mine and it's new more rocker shape can be helping me. One of the thing I noticed when I see the best riders is they load the board, it bends, and then that energy is released in the transition. I just cannot see how rocker on my tail would do anything except have less energy to release.... Anyway, sorry if this hurts your post, as that was not my intent man....
  12. I thought I would have noticed.... I will just ask Sean his thoughts... ask if its normal...
  13. I tend to load my tail a little before the initiation to toe side, but as anyone who has seen me, I am no Jack or my son.... just seems a shame as I have enough trouble looking OK not to have a board that now engages late... will take a pic today to show it
  14. I saw a post for a Kessler 185 with the tail decambered, and now my 2 year old Donek 180 is seeing the tail decambered... why does this happen? If I am just pressing it, fine, but it should rebound and not be mod'd from hard turns, so is this a storage issue from summer? Is this my car is too cold driving to the mountains? Any thoughts and anyone else with similar is welcomed....
  15. My son and I are at the Loaf most every weekend, and at least my son is at Shawnee most every day after school... he is the only person on hard boots ripping imaginary gates every run... I sometimes am at Shawnee, but more at the loaf... and I am the old guy with weird goggles who is doing his best...
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