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  1. I have some in my basement that might be your size...I'll check and confirm. Might be m28, but I'll let you know. Raichle (Deeluxe) AF600 with BTS. I also replaced the instep strap with a clip as opposed to the ziptie strap.
  2. This is all I got...no lift line, no chair, not even a snowboard...mods, if this is in appropriate, you know what to do. on the fatbike today finding sanity in as much snow and ice I could find (and avoiding mud bogs)...and roll up to a big 'ole log across the main trail that someone had graciously put a smaller one in front to allow a nice rollover. Popped up the front and unweighted the back to clear it and got a "yeahhh, all right" and "cool" from the kids a good "social distance" away. I pretend the studs on my tires are my edges when I'm cruising the ice. I then hit the brakes
  3. The only tracks I can make right now...I was doing a lot of slarving today, given the softness of the snow and the postholes left by people walking on the singletrack...
  4. Is that a Christmas sweater top sheet???
  5. Just in time for the hills to close down I got a NOS EC 168 from Bruce for a price I could not refuse. 21.5 waist and 13/14 sidecut. He says not as EC as the ECVC, but still good for tipping it over. Now I have to be patient...
  6. I got that a few weeks ago with my Coiler BXFR...my thought at the time was that, even with a softy board I can't get accepted...
  7. Yep...showboating under the lift is how I get my best (worst) injuries...but that doesn't stop me.
  8. Ohhhh, I'll go third in line for the stubby (assuming a bunch of people haven't PMd you on it)...
  9. McDavid Shoulder Wrap: https://www.unitedsportsbrands.ca/collections/braces/products/mcdavid-shoulder-wrap For me it holds the shoulder together. I wear the strap lower than the stock picture shows to simulate the support/resistance I'd normally get from the tendon. Keeps it warm too. Gary
  10. I tore my tendon between my pec and humerus diving into a carve on my toe side (that was a *pop* I could have lived without)...didn't wait the prescribed time and added months to my healing on a minor wipeout. I waited 6 months before trying much of anything that put more than a minor strain on the arm. Since it will never heal and they won't fix a partial tear, I've learned to carve with my back (right) arm tucked in until I've engaged the carve on my toes and always wear a neoprene shoulder support. My first ride this year was without the brace...put it back on immediately...I still don't
  11. Heard it from the chair... finished carving a steep pitch that runs under the chair with my BXFR and stopped only to hear applause and a "respect!" from above. I'll take it!!!
  12. I have some Raichle AF600 that are still in very good shape and very rideable that I could let go for cheap...I have 28 liners in them now. I replaced the zip strap over the arch with a 'modern' buckle. Let me know if you're interested and I can shoot you pics. Gary
  13. PayPal is my tool of choice for anything outside of Canada.
  14. Sadly my quiver has reached a level of redundancy...time to diversify. What you see before you is a 2012 F2 Silberpfeil Carbon 172. Other than a few scratches and dings in the topsheet (see pics), that don't impact the performance, it's in great condition. Base is covered in storage wax in the pic but is in great condition as well. Bindings not included. $300 CDN + shipping...or about $230 USD. Would be interested in trade + cash for an EC board... Let me know if you have questions or want more pics. Gary
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