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    SG Full Race Titan 175, Donek Proteus 170
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    UPZ Virus
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  1. Adding a Donek Secret to the quiver for this winter and need a TD3 second board kit. Let me know if anyone has one kicking around they would like to sell!
  2. blahblah

    I'm Out!

    Are the Head boots still available?
  3. I purchased these UPZ Virus edition boots from this forum a couple of months ago and they are a tad too big for me and my 19cm GS board. I believe they are size 29.5. Heels are new and all buckles are in good shape. $125
  4. Board looks fantastic. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks Jim!
  5. just waiting on the PM response. Will make payment ASAP. I’ve been looking for this exact board for nearly one year.
  6. I’ll take the Donek Freecarve pm sent. FIRST!!
  7. Did I really just miss this sweet deal?!
  8. The SG arrived and it is in beautiful condition. Took it out today for a couple of runs and I’ve decided I can’t part with it. It’s incredible how smooth the edge hold is and I was surprised that it made tight fast turns nearly as easily as the big fast ones it was designed for. I’ll be looking for a newer donek or coiler Freecarve 170 to round out my quiver, but I’m keeping this deck for sure. Thanks for the interest
  9. The board is 2011/2012 production year and was used only 4 days total. The specs are exactly the same as the current Full Race Titan 175 on the SG website.
  10. If i discover there is wnough general interest in this board, I’ll make the purchase and post plenty of photos. Just seeing if there is a market for an SG Titan 175. Looks pretty new and is a 2013 model year
  11. I’m trying to work a deal with a guy who has a SG Full Race Titan 175 in near new condition. It is too much board for me, but he’s selling them with the bindings I’ve been looking for and won’t sell them separately. Wondering if there is interest in the board if I were to purchase the package and snag the bindings? Not looking for commitment, of course, just gaugeing interest. I’d, of course, post photos and give the board a full condition review before posting, but wouldn’t purchace it if there is not much interest. Would need around $550 for the board to work out.
  12. what is the waist, scr and rider weight the Coiler is suited for. Very interested in purchasing if the specs check out. Thanks!
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