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  1. Alright Ladia!! I hope you have tried out your body armor this last month. I will be at Kirkwood 3/9-3/11. Hope you can make it. Carve On
  2. Jim


    Three days of clear skies and excellent grooming. Killer conditions to figure out new HBs. No other hardbooters, but it was good to see the softboot carvers doing their thing.
  3. Jim


    Heading over to June 2/22 to 2/24. Looking forward to sharing a few runs.
  4. Hey Ladia, I took this season off at Kirkwood. Hope you make some big gains to stop any early gear sale. How an entire chairlift did not see a skier hit you from behind on Flying Carpet is hard to imagine. The entire run is to the left or right of the chairlift. And we know from years of carving that run that most skiers/boarders coming back from the backside bomb Flying Carpet to keep enough speed to barely reach the main run back to the lodge. Skier attitude at Kirkwood is bad right down the liftlines. Hope to see you at Kirkwood next winter brother
  5. Crowds were nonexistent. Watching you two carving deep top to bottom on an empty Gunsmoke top was impressive. Had to put the HBs on for a few runs at the end of the day.
  6. Thanks for all the interest, the Coiler RC II is sold.
  7. Planning on riding at June from 1/6 to 1/10. Hope to see some carvers on Gunsmoke.
  8. Thanks Blah, You can reach me at toofarr68@hotmail.com
  9. 180 Coiler RCI glass - 12m scr - 17.8 cm waist - 2004 - $100 - SOLD Has had one pro race tune. Shipping paid by buyer
  10. Interested in the Gecko Stealth. pics? Oops, looking for the plates too
  11. Weekdays are less crowded at Kirkwood. The drive can be worth it.
  12. Jim


    I almost had plans for that week. Ron T. should be there on the 27th.
  13. This board is the same as the Custom 162 SL I purchased from him a couple years ago. I have ridden 4 different Kesslers and this model is my favorite. It's softer flex is perfect for tight freecarving. Edge hold is awesome and I can open up my turns at any time. Torsional stiffness and flex are ideal for me. I would consider it for a backup, but my 162 is still in great condition.
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