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  1. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    i was hoping to invite you all down to Taos, but they have closed too. keep it safe. pcogan
  2. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    February, 2020, year 2 in Albuquerque. second season, and now i have a gang to ride with. the folks are mostly on skis, good riders. fun folks, super inclusive. great vibe. i'm riding mostly ski sante fe and sandia peak. quality grooming, excellent carving at ssf and very good carving at sandia peak, just not as steep. will get in a few days at taos of course, just not yet. anyone coming down to carve just let me know. i'm carving. you will not believe how good it is.
  3. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    2 month hiatus? take a road trip to Taos / ski sante fe. i was carving at SSF this AM and it was excellent -
  4. Boots got here in great shape.  Thanks  Charlie

  5. and, for the record, arne(burner) absolutely rips.
  6. the deeluxe liner reads M27.0, UK8, EU42.0, US9 on the black shell it reads 295 mm. again, these are not my boots. in addition, these may be in plastic, but they are not new. they are slightly scratched around the lower foot, but the base of these boots is fine, not worn down. i would say very lightly used. cheers -
  7. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    selling paul miller's donek proteus - 170 cm, 19 waist, 11m, $300. price will drop every two weeks until sold. also, i plan to be at ABasin nov 25, nov 26 (have Ikon pass) all the best.
  8. donek proteus $300 in very good shape: edges and base care clean. i'm selling this for paul miller, and the price will be dropped every two weeks until sold. thanks.
  9. pcABQ

    Yo Lci!!

    bindings are sold. doneks are down to $450 each, and price will drop every two weeks until sold.
  10. preteus $450 razor $450 both belonged to paul miller, approx 5'10 and 190 pounds. i do not know the history of the boards, but they are in excellent shape. paul was an excellent rider who carved at beaver creek -- ie, no rocks, no ice. i tune my boards, and these boards did not need tuning on the edges or base. i put summer wax on them and can scrape them if you like.. paul died this past summer of a malignant brain tumor, and i am selling them for his wife. i will be dropping the price every two weeks until they sell. thanks.
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