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  1. OES is located in Espana - Sii?
  2. Very good to excellent condition Virus terminator 165. Topsheet has some minor lift blemishes but base is like new. Tons of camber and ridden about 10 days This board carves like a scalpel - quick and excellent grip. I'm 200 lbs and it handled with no problems. I'm guessing ideally a strong 180 pounder would rip on it. To many boards and this should be enjoyed by a new owner. Its time to get infected PM me for more details or better photos 170 waist. Ridden with mondo 29 boots at 60 / 55
  3. Sounds like a solid plan
  4. Sorry - I forgot to update post. These are sold
  5. Don't know if someone might be looking for a set. 3 abd 4 hole compatible. Used and in good condition Make reasonable offer https://www.saltypeaks.com/products/40/Burton-Elevator-Plates.html
  6. Bryan Just emailed you at webmaster. Let me know if you don't get my message
  7. 20 waist width. I'm guessing sidecut is in the 12.5 range
  8. I'm not sure the right place to post or price to ask on this one Excellent condition, carbon fiber and custom hand painted topsheet, split nose and tail with tinker power rods / snow sticks Email me for more photos or offers or advice Here's some added information about snow stix https://www.snostix.com/
  9. As new Volant SL I've been sitting on this for several years and have not ridden. Excellent condition and if it was ever ridden by the previous owner, it was only for a day at most. Additional photos available upon request
  10. For the record - this board rips!! Yes it's a medium flex feel but snow grip is outstanding for a 200 lb rider Thanks for the sale!!!
  11. That's the plan Have a excellent new years and hope all is well your way!!!
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