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  1. I'd also be supprised is Backalnds were an easy fit with wide feet. I have very narrow feet and was supprised at how they seemed pretty decent on me. That class of lighter touring boot is good for all mountain riding, but not beefy enough for my tasted on a race style snowboard. Most of the 4 buckle AT boots with DIN style ledges (so not Tech/ Dynafit only) will work with most bail bindings. I'd tend to go for something in the 120 or less flex number range as they are typically already pretty laterally stiff compaired to alpine SB boots. On the plus side, there are quite a few different
  2. A hard shell upper makes it into an SBH like the 325. I tend to agree that might be a step in the right direction.
  3. For folks following along at home, that 14mm is for the Apex X. The V0-3 are in the 24mm ball park depending on the layup. Bomber, Virus, JJA, SG are all withing a couple of MM (22mm-24mm).
  4. What's the Allflex height off deck? (That is, the top surface/ binding mount off topsheet).
  5. I think mine are pushing 60 days or so, and no isses at all. I did tighten one of the buckle screws a month back maybe.
  6. I'm painting tomorrow, but I think H&K are up.
  7. I have a JJA listed in the classifides. I'd prefer to sell it with the plate, but if you are interested in just the board, let me know.
  8. Vist is different than Allflex is different than UPM. Some boards have a combo. Allflex is the current king of the racing scene, so it's what many of the top level boards are coming with. Apex is out of buisness and Bomber is no longer producing plates. There are still a few smaller Asian and European makers of UPM style plates, but with Apex gone and Allflex/ Iron rock racing darlings, the money isn't really there for stock board makers. That said, smaller companies are still prodcuing UPM boards (some only on request). *Not sure wh
  9. Still available for the bargain price of free.
  10. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    If you want a pick up text me your address.
  11. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Th's more work. I usually have 1 or 2 in the car.
  12. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    How's the weather up there? Just rolling around what board to bring up.
  13. Im selling my 185 JJA GS board with plate. No interest in splitting them up. I love the board, but am interested in trying some other types of decks. Its in very good used shape. A couple of normal light scratches (can't get good photos), but no edge or top sheet damage. Its in riding shape, but I'd be happy to put on a coat of travel wax. $650 shipped in the US (other places at my costs). If you are in CO and want to pick it up we can meet.
  14. Glad you are ok. Not sure when you bought those bindings, but they haven't been made in many years. That screw may have had an exceptional service life.
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