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  1. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Looks like Loveland emptied out there food services to hook up their employees with take-home boxes. Pretty rad.
  2. Mr.E


    I'm sure they sell plenty of boards, but their camber profiles just generally turn me off (again, for my tastes and use). Sean is making some pretty sweet boards, so I'm cool.
  3. Mr.E


    I've not ridden it, but looking at that board I thought it would benefit from a standard camber. I'm really not interested in rockered decks for my main uses.
  4. No plans, but I'll let you now. Hoping to get some runs on it, frst
  5. Ah. Yup, a big heel or toe lift is going to be similar regardless if it's above or below the base plate.
  6. The sliders are longer than the TD bail block alone, but most of that mechanism is over the base plate. I don't think they are any "higher profile" in total that a TD as far as surface area under foot.
  7. 180x 21cm T4 Contra, custom long sidecut freecarver. With some juju and special requests. Nominally a 17.8m (16-26 Contra shakerupper). Ready to cruise into next winter.
  8. Yup. Knit pattern with a textured top sheet.
  9. Might be time to start NBP 20/21
  10. Mr.E

    20/21 pass

    To be fair, the pricing structure was announced when they still expected two more months of the season (including the spring break rush). I'd prefer a cheaper and more inclusive pass, but I knew what I was signing up for. Compaired to the east and mid atlantic it's still a heck of a pass.
  11. I'd love to grab these, but I'm sitting one a bunch of new boards at the moment. To anyone reading- the JJA system is amazing, and these prices are killer.
  12. I'm 95kg/ 178cm, and for me the Fischer are fine for a freeride deck, but a bit anemic for pushing 185gs sticks.
  13. Mr.E


    Yup. Stuff is already getting cheaper. It's going to be pretty damn hard on small buisnesses.
  14. There are plenty of caviots in that artical about it being an opinion piece based on her scope of riding. If anything its a bad title. But meh, whatever.
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