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  1. Seems a bit more snug in the heal and mid foot, where the Atomics felt pretty much the same width all the way for me. This of course is with no liner molding in either. The cuff channel is definitely too narrow to fit a BTS without serious mods. I think that's more material than I'd want to remove.
  2. Other than the cool top sheet, what do you have there?
  3. I'm curious if the Phantom one will fit. If anyone has a stock Backland, I'd be interested in the width of the link and pin center to center measurement in the locked position. I won't get them on snow until next week at the earliest (depending on conditions), but in carper surfing they seem pretty damn flexible fore/ aft and side to side locked. I'd say stiffer than and Alien, but nothing compared to most HB's. I can't imagine the are fun to actually ski in
  4. Oh, and 16mmx 38mm is 5/8" x 1.5" if anyone is looking. Doing some quick math, it looks like blue metric is a touch softer than blue imperial, and red imperial is a touch softer than red metric. RM(221 lbs/in)->RI(190lbs/in)->BI(108lbs/in)->BM(104lbs/in) Greens are not comparable- Green Metric is extra light, and Green Imp. is extra heavy.
  5. In my experience with the Roxa tongue liner, it would have been impossible for me to use them regularly with how hard it was to get my foot in and out. I have a flat, low volume foot that is pretty non-flexible. An Intuition wrap liner made them relatively easy to get in and out. Out of curiosity, what do you weight, and are you bottoming out the greens? I'd like a hair softer boot, will probably try some reds and maybe blues (I'm 205lbs in the WC, recreational rider).
  6. The Backlands are interesting, but the fit wasn't quite what I was looking for. After poking around some it looked like the Fischer Travers series had a similar set up, but seemed a bit more appealing to me. Picked up a set, and dry fitting into some bindings seems promising. I'll try to get some days on them and share my impressions.
  7. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    If it snows, it's going to be busy.
  8. Mr.E

    Phiokka PH1 bindings

    Looks like these are gone. If you want Intecs I have one more pair of Phiokka s with a very narrow profile that might be perfect on a Skwal. If you are interested, shoot me a message.
  9. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Weekdays have been great as far as relatively few people. If it snows I think the weekend might be swamped. Or just hit chair three if it's busy. I rode P/6 for about an hour and a half today until folks started getting sloppy, then rode laps on three for another hour and a half. I essentially had it to myself.
  10. If the F2's are sold to me, just shoot me a message with details. Thanks!
  11. I'll take the bindings. I can meet up to pick them up if we can arrange it, too. Thanks.
  12. Mr.E

    Phiokka PH1 bindings

    Ah- the one I am holding there is a toe bail for Intec. I'll look at my stash of parts and see if I have any spare bails for you.
  13. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Good carving conditions. Firm and reasonably windblown, but not iced. Today definitely lived up to the windy reputation
  14. Sounds right, and the colors match the soft/ medium/ hard iso colors MS uses.
  15. I mostly ride by myself. Just looking for another feedback tool.
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