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  1. hi @Jack M, I am sure the shipping to US would be no issue. mind you i can be around 100 - 120 bux. here is a few pix. price is 300 euro plus shipping.
  2. thank god... it was tempting...
  3. Price drop to 300 EUR. Don't let it sit and an awesome Board to ride!
  4. 600 eur
  5. willing to listen to offers...
  6. Loginov airlines. that guy loves to fly...
  7. SG Full race 170 close to mint - 10 days in total on that board. asking 650 euro plus shipping.
  8. hi all, selling a mint Donek MK. 2mm edge left. Barely ridden. would consider switch for Proteus 180 - like state. Asking 700 bux plus shipping
  9. you welcome. Nobile actually comes from my hometown. They make great quality boards - they are making not only their own brand, but many other brands like - swoard (yes that swoard) - dupraz - monck custom - used to make burton back in the past - pathron and many many others. Also I think they are the last company that makes camber only raceboards in Europe. Everybody else is using camber/rocker setups. i got some vids riding their boards too - mind you I dont think I would categorize them in the worth watching:
  10. This is the new version with lighting on top. Carbon titanal setup. Elan, before they went bust they produced all SG snowboards lines. Trust me it's a really fun board to ride. Grippy and snappy.
  11. Hi all Buddy of mine is selling an Elan ballistic SL. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarketplaceHardbootersM365/permalink/778572599631887/?sale_post_id=778572599631887 Maybe somebody will be interested ?
  12. i got a blue allflex if you are interested.
  13. have a look here https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/49398-s5-hardboot-korean/
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