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  1. Isn't foot porn banned here ? Edit:what an awesome app. Wonder how many of you are just scanning your feet.
  2. @TimW I have S5 shells that I wanted to try. I have a foot of 285mm and i have an S5 shell that without a liner has 1.5 fingers behind the heel to the shell of the boot. They currently sit in my closet Thats bigger then what I have in my 951 C shell. The only drawback of S5 was bigger footprint then 951 requiring me to go from med to large f2 bindings. The gentlemen from Korea has made a recomendation for me on this size, however I think i could easily go one shell size smaller.
  3. Its not a contra. It's a Donek proteus However it does hold a sssserpent not only in the grafix but also in the ssssidecut.
  4. since you are in poland why dont you talk to Shaman snowboard team? I think they got some pretty good gear setups for snowboard carving : https://www.facebook.com/shaman.snowboard have a look and have a word with them if you dont know them yet.
  5. I heard some good feedback on these bindings : https://www.phk-italia.com/prodotto/mix/ on the boots I would take those talons. Ankle movement - do you mean heel lift or ? Heel lift is never good.
  6. Poland is about to lock the slopes again meaning this is end of play for me for this season. Shout out to mr Donek for the awesome proteus. Really fun board to ride even with my poor form. Hope you consider this worth watching
  7. that looks pretty insane. How stiff is that tongue? does it bit in the foot when you're leaning in? thanks
  8. so I met this guy last year on one of the local hills and he asks whats the difference between softboard and this thing you ride? Did you ever ride a Vespa? - (he nods eagerly) so I am riding a ducati whereas yours is a vespa.... I think i stole that from Beckmann but cant recall from where. Funnily enough next year I see him on hardboots asking for advice and setup help!
  9. right so i am going to off top a little : https://www.mountain-slope.com/schuh-und-bindungseinstellung/ what do you guys make of this then ? regards Lukasz
  10. i use a site : http://livetv.sx/ has streams in various formats - acestream being my fav as you can stream it to your TV. regards
  11. @Dex You may also look here. http://www.snowboard.no/oss/snowboard_bindinger.htm#snowboardbindinger They sell hardboots, bindings and boards Probably closest to you
  12. my proposal to you then for bindings : F2 race ti - easiest available in EU, ton of spare parts. https://wsm24.pl/twarde/f2-bdg-race-titanium-white.html - i can get you a price around 160 euro without knowing the size of your boot its difficult to determine the size of the binding. UPZ has smaller footprint then Deeluxe boots. For the bindings get an extra set of lifts : https://wsm24.pl/czesci-i-akcesoria/f2-kostka-podwyzszajaca-wiazanie-twarde-black.html - 12,5 euro. for boots start with UPZ RC8 or RC10 - maybe somebody has some boots from past seasons. Fo
  13. there is a ton of gear to choose from - it all depends on the budget you wanna spend. Probably for start a slalom board or short GS board would be great. Something that doesnt require a lot of speed to carve.
  14. same here. I had a ton of pain in driver x boots. not only arches but whole feet on fire. Going hardboots solved all of it for me. here is a tutorial how to measure your feet : it should give you the baseline for the size of the footbed. instead of going via bluetomato I would much rather look at there shops : wsm24.pl truesport.cz if you need help with that polish site I can help - i got a very decent discount there for both Boots and bindings. In Sweden you might also try to reach out to Mats Drougge - Stranda snowboards owner -
  15. Funny you mentioned that. My fam from my mothers side is also coming out of Vilnius. Mind you Vilnius is 900 km away from me.
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