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  1. I spoke some time ago with Andrej when I saw the boots. If memory servers me right He said that one boot will weight approx 1.5 kgs without liner, which was half of what my upz weighted at the time. The boots have been tested in Europe and Asia by both carvers and racers. All reviews are super positive. Slovenian snowboard team has tested them, advised minimal changes and I would not be surprised to see these in world cup next season. As soon as I lay may hands on them I will post more pix. There is a few options to test these in EU at one of the carving sessions. Peace
  2. Currently mountain slope sells the world cup boot at 1k euro. I am glad to see further development and competition in the hardboot dept. For sure I will try them boots
  3. I have grand Prix with sidewinder. Mind you I use heated boot bag night before snowboarding. So I kind of mold the zipfits before each ride.
  4. slapos

    S5 Hardboot

    Ok i AM just going to copy and paste the notes from the facebook page: Right, I had a chance to test out the S5 hardboot. I am pleasantly surprised how they ride. In comparison to 951, the main differences are : - heel sits much lower due to different heel placement (more deeluxe like) - heel above causes increased sole length Vs same size upz or 951. For 951 and upz I used M size F2s, for S5 I would have to use L size. For me a major drawback. This is true for shell C in 951 and 302 shell in S5. Liner 285 mp - spring system Vs 951 is little less user friendly. Requires a bit of creativity to get it adjusted. Takes more time to adjust on slope. Probably impossible without taking the boot off. - I found the standard spring too short and had to exchange to something different. They are super reactive and comfortable. If 951 shell is too narrow for you S5 might be your choice. As a standard they come with 3 tongues and 5 different springs. I am selling these only due to the fact that I would have to increase binding size and change angles. I was really pleasntly surprised about how they ride. I like the flatter feeling due to lower heel pocket placement. What I am looking for. I keep asking myself. Not sure. Just see how it performs and if it better fits my style or not. When the carbon boot will come out I will test it too. For sure. Overall I much prefer the 950/951/S5 shell shape and they way it works over UPZ or deeluxe. Especially the tongue design (cables over tongue Vs assym placement of tongue fixation point) Mind you this doesn't mean that upz or deeluxe is a bad boot, cause it's not. Everybody is a little bit different and look for different things on the boot.
  5. Roxa liner was the first liner they used. I couldn't use them. I found them extremely uncomfortable. I use 951 with zipfit liners now and I could not be more happy
  6. slapos

    S5 Hardboot

    Hi guys For sale S5 hardboot Shell only no liner. Fits liner 275/280/285 Requires F2 Large bindings Come with 3 tongue sets soft/med/stiff and 5 springs set. If you wish to read about the differences between these and 951 have a read here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HardbootersMountains365/permalink/471155063527157/ Sell for 500 bucks plus shipping. Located in Poland Ridden once. Selling only cause I would have to switch to L size binding over my C shell mountainslope They are roomier then 951. Heel hold the same. Heel sits much lower then in 951.
  7. They say price will be approx 1.5k euro. There is people that pay that for board or plate. Why not for boots ?
  8. Hi guys These boots most likely will be available next year from Sense snowboard maker Andrej Cerne Who is curious?
  9. Sigi is still deep in with red bull. All his camps and events are sponsored in some way by red bull (i.e. tons of different cans of red bull free for all). his pro team boards carry red bull logo type, only in olympic years they carry a resemblance of bull see below: non olympic years:
  10. Brand new Nobile Race 166 Ti with Ptex top 10 meter radius, little more towards a stiff side. will be riding that with Allflex plate and 951 WC
  11. Nobile makes really good quality board with high fun factor imho. They press for a lot of people around the world. Swoard is made there, dupraz and many others. Nobile had a pretty decent black Friday, but if you need any Nobile boards let me know I might be able to hook you up. Nobile Factory is in my hometown As an alternative Drop a note to SG they might have some boards from previous seasons that they sell at discounted prices. I never know what I want out of a custom board. They only custom I have is the oxess 164 only with flex optimization for my weight. Cheers Lukasz Edit Was looking at Nobile just now, @Lifeform not sure what size you are looking for but Nobile has got this for sale https://shop.nobilesports.com/snowboards/nobile-snowboards-race-titanal-sl-medium-standard-2018-3033.html 640 euros for a board full of tit ( sg full carve starts at 689 eur). This is stiff version so approach with caution cause it has a lot of pop if pressed. Titanal construction, 166 in Nobile equals 163 in SG. 11m radius so very decent free carver that doesn't require light speed to carve This is camber only board no tail or nose rocker. Nobile has this tech called autorocker I am just not sure if I buy it I got a short clip from 2 yrs back riding 166 no titanal though
  12. Well I had a few things coming from US to Poland and worked the following: If you buy from a company the risk of VAT and duty is very high. If you have a private person shipping direct to you can be lucky. American boards are for sure nice, but Europeans have got nothing to be ashamed of and if you are considering purchasing a titanal board why don't give a try a SG, Kessler or Oxess ? Even Nobile in Poland makes now boards with titanal and ptex on top
  13. If you are coming to Poland why don't you pay me a visit in Szczyrk? Bring your boots I got ton of gear I can lend you. I live 100 km from Krakow in the Beskidy mountains.
  14. Hi Zag, I would be suprised if you could not try an Oxess or Kessler in the country of manufacture. I was looking at Kessler dealears list and there is one in Zermatt and a few dealears close by: http://www.kessler-swiss.com/en-US/dealer check the list and get in touch with one of the dealers, dont waste your time on softboots , especially if you get a chance to test Oxess or Kessler. If you wanna try Oxess get in touch with Heinz Rigaux if you have facebook - I am sure he will try to help. cheers
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