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    Apex SL 164
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    Mountain Slope 951 WC
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    F2 Race TI/FG Plate
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  1. got for sale Apex 164 SL. 2 titanal layerz radius circa 10m edge 2mm flex medium to hard has a small plate rash on the topsheet - otherwise very well kept here is a little demo how I am able to ride it : I am pretty sure you can squeeze out more out of it. would consider an exchange as well.
  2. whenever I say to my softbooting friends, that the carving tech is mostly the same, they want to rip my eyes out...
  3. Mine lasts for a season at least. Even repair broken gloves with it. Maybe you didnt put a layer thick enough? and I do like to touch the snow...
  4. I usually do this before season https://youtube.com/shorts/32Bxj-XALAQ?feature=share
  5. Hi Eboot I was looking at Googles the other day and came across julbo aerospace. They have a tech where you just press a button and you get a cm of space between Googles and lens. https://youtu.be/MQ4XvhXJbho I think they could possibly help your case. Snowcountry.eu had quite a good price for them some time ago Regards
  6. slapos

    Tomahawk 185

    maybe putting a plate on it would fix some torsion stiffness issues? i rode the board once and it felt quite nice - however that was a long time ago so my memories might be obsolete... i would give it a try again though
  7. Hi Looking for Upz shell size 287mm. Can be without liner
  8. not sure if you are aware - but elan before going bankrupt, was producing all boards for SG. Elan Ballistix rides very similar to SG Full Race, mind you I found it a little more stiffer, so requires a wee bit push more. With regards to Vantage - this is more extreme carving board - will be wider then standard race boards. Is extreme carving what you want to ride or you aspire more to race style or bomber?
  9. I potentially have an fg plate for sale. If you are interested. Modus operandi same as vist just simpler design
  10. Bump. This sexy beast is still available!
  11. Mate i would love to take this board off you. It's the damn shipping that got in the way. If the deal doesn't come along I am happy to try again !
  12. sorry maybe that wasnt what I was looking for. Someone posted a while ago a angle/cant calculator .... damn what an abyss
  13. Can you repost the links mate ?
  14. Or go with zipfit liners that have an adjustable instep and tongue. You can choose how much material do you actually need there. In the upper left pic the blue window is the instep area, where you can choose how much material you want to have there.
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