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  1. have a look here https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/49398-s5-hardboot-korean/
  2. Hi Wanna send me some pix on the Proteus ? How much edge is left I am most interested. Thanks L
  3. I can offer S5 boots for trade and take that virus off you... Waaaait that sounded strange...
  4. zipfit with sidewinder i think is the stiffest liner that I had ever. mind you sidewinder tech means that you have got a piece of thin plastic going around the whole outer side/around the back/inner side of the liner: thats the inner foot side the outer foot side: GP with sidewinder is stiffer then upz foam liner or that roxa liner that 951 initially has. in GP the addtional stiffness doesnt bother me - I feel like its actually better. I didnt ride without the sidewinder tech - it was recommended to me by a quite good bootfitter who said that for alpin
  5. which model did you use? If you have used one with sidewinder tech then you can be right. I am using sidewinder with no problem though.
  6. i am looking forward to trying it out though...
  7. I heat my zipfit liners in a heated boot bag before every outing on a snowboard, so I basically mold them each time to my feet.
  8. Patrice No offense but what else could he say. I am sure that Gloria would say the same about new Plastic allflex with springs. Regards
  9. Dont know. This is one of the test plates that were available in Italy
  10. here you go @pokkis happy now? the feedback that I have is that the board is a little more nervous vs what it was with alu plate. i did not ride this thing so cant comment what nervous means. Notice that allflex just presented a plastic plate with springs as well
  11. according to vids in the internet, OMFIT in zipfit expands by approx 10 % with temperature. Never had an issue that I had to buckle more in zipfit. I had your issue in injection foam liners though. not sure why some people are reluctant to try these. they cost more or less the same as injection mold foam liners, but imho work much better.
  12. slapos

    S5 Hardboot

    bump - 430....
  13. good to see zipfit reaching out to riders to hear some feedback. I am sure that most of the guys are busy with MCC event right now, but I am sure that there will be some valuable feedback coming shortly. For me the most important things in the liners would be : - uniform heel hold with zero heel lift - indication of liner being compatible with certain shell - i.e. Gran Prix fits Mountain Slope 951 shell well or Deeluxe or UPZ shell - Cuff height - not sure if this is relevant but :some of the guys have huge calf muscles - would be great if there was an option in t
  14. What sort of springs did you run on tracks ? Maybe the movement available fore/aft is smaller. Maybe you need a touch more forward lean as a starting position? Notice that 951 offer a stepless adjustment of the forward lean as opposed to deeluxe or standard upz
  15. Zipfit grand Prix sidewinder 285 mp height in the 951 C shell. @bigwavedave
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