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  1. sorry maybe that wasnt what I was looking for. Someone posted a while ago a angle/cant calculator .... damn what an abyss
  2. Can you repost the links mate ?
  3. Or go with zipfit liners that have an adjustable instep and tongue. You can choose how much material do you actually need there. In the upper left pic the blue window is the instep area, where you can choose how much material you want to have there.
  4. I really wanted to go but Poland has been put on increased risk of covid list, so I can't enter without quarantine ... Next year maybe
  5. A salad. Thanks for asking. I can't wait for my gravel bike workouts and skip rope.
  6. beer, wine, big mac large fries and a coke?
  7. Hi John o Are you planning to make a standard bail one to fit mountain slope 951?
  8. More times i watch it feels like the skier is coming a little from behind. Both are not looking to the sides. Feels also that the lady on a snowboard overreacted a little and maybe if she has done another heelside it could have been avoided. A lot ifs.. Doesn't matter. Hope that everybody is ok!
  9. I am sure that most of you have a eyes in the back of your head... I had a recent near hit experience that led me to make this vid https://youtu.be/3_220NlD3JU
  10. Not sure where I got the greens. Must have come in the box, as 951 greens are finger bend soft. World cup did not exist when I ordered these, mind you they came with super stiff tongues and stiff springs. I judged them to be stiffer then upz rcr If adjusted properly. Now you got me wondering whether I should get another pair but smaller this time.... How am I supposed to save any money with you ?
  11. It came with short ones only i think. Are green springs soft or stiff ? I decided the short ones didn't give the right feel. since i had few sets from 951 i though it will work...
  12. Damn. Our season here is coming to an end as well Btw the red springs come from my 951s...
  13. Have you managed to try them on snow yet ? I am super curious what your impression will be.
  14. If you ever wondered how apex snowboards ride, don't hesitate. Go and grab one! https://youtu.be/i4K7zXqf0L8
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