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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like it's dumping everywhere..... Might as well stay local and save a COVID test. @JBSwe will definitely drop a line when we come visit Blue. Hopefully before season ends. @Kneel We will see you at MC! Or Big snow
  2. It was a lot of fun! Look forward to ride with you in the near future @Tddragon .
  3. We already got the tickets to go Berkshire East on Monday. I thought I remember there was a picture from a few years back showing decent emptiness and reasonable line there on president day. As for Friday, we were deciding between Montage and Elk, but leaning heavily towards Elk base off of the pictures of the mountain layout online. We have been to neither, what is your opinion between the 2 and how does it compare to blue? I have been to Blue more than a few times, it could get crowded, and it does get dangerous. As for MC, I got tired of getting up early, hassling there, s
  4. Possibly, we are hoping the crowd won't be so bad. It is going to be frigid though according to the forecast.
  5. Just got the tickets for Monday the 15th. Hope to see others there.
  6. Need advice on PA ski resort on president week that could be quite with decent wide slope. Any recommendation? Currently thinking of Friday the 19th at Blue. Where would you go on president day if you have to?
  7. Yes, I am planning to be there Saturday.
  8. Good day Beast crew, I was talking to @jtslalomand we are planning tentatively to ride Jiminy peak Saturday the 9th and may be one of the weekday next week as schedule and weather permit. I am looking to confirm again, probably sometime Thur. unfortunately, it seems the snow storm somehow missed our destination, with only a little less than 2 inches Sunday night. However, the temperature looks cold enough to perhaps preserve the goods until this weekend. Sunday was another possibility, but it seems like the rain was going to ruin the plan the last time I check. May be that will change the
  9. Thanks for the locals for showing me around, and also thanks @Jack M for keeping the site running and helping like minded people ride together. It was a very fun day, meeting old and new faces, very friendly crew! Take care Brad, I did not witness the collision, but glad you are OK. Condition was good firm grip condition in the morning and late afternoon, soft and grip as the temperature comes up. Matter of fact, it was great condition given the weather. The best thing was the lack of crowd on the hill. None of the 10 minutes wait for 5 turns before hitting crowd sort of thing, and i
  10. Same here, hurt my ankles last week. I'm hoping to be at the Thunderdome rally if I recover.
  11. When JT said first lift, he meant 8am with the season pass holder early access. I'm usually there after the first wave so I don't have to wait in line. Generally speaking, MC is very crowded on the weekend. Either way, see you all Saturday.
  12. Hello:

    I am interested in the F2 binding Lrg for sale.

    Does the binding have 2 holes for the T-nut?  Is the picture showing the slider in small? 

    I am trying to fit a pair of boot with size mondo 22, sole length ~250mm.




    1. skategoat


      You won't be able to fit a boot that small in a large binding. You need small size.

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