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  1. What angles were you running? Any other relevant information?
  2. Yup, that’s the rumor! I have no experience with those. I do have Driver Xs, the stiff K2s, and Insanos though. The insano has more rigid tongue than the K2. The boots while different all give about the same performance. the insano and drivers are pretty close in flex and the K2 are a notch below. while the burton lacing is a little annoying I wouldn’t write it off as it’s never failed..... I have dealt with boa failures soooo there’s that. same liner in bothe ride and K2, the burton liner is close but not the same. I replace the liners in softboots usually.
  3. Do you still have the Driver X boots for sale?



  4. most of them are custom so you tell them the stance you want and they place it where they think it should be (I think!) also, I have been told by a few builders that inserts add a lot of labor and interfere with bonding and all sorts of stuff. so, there’s a few reasons! Tomahawk usually only had one or two packs. i have a Kessler with no 4x4, just hangl So, just buy this thing before I do!
  5. bobdea

    Jay peak ???

    Idk, for me, jay is where I go to play in the woods... carving there is just okay
  6. Okay, so the zips run a touch long so a boot fitter insisted I needed a 275. for my 282 foot. The sizing he suggested is generally correct. I have an exceptionally high volume foot. I don’t want to return these as I don’t want to be that guy... I should of insisted on the 285s $400 plus actual shipping. this is a small discount and at the moment it’s a fairly hard size to get....
  7. Obviously I’m gonna keep the td2s Yeah, it’s kinda hard to keep up with all this stuff!
  8. Yup, thus far it’s been treating me very well for a variety of projects
  9. This is the regular plate Not the light version. I have both the UPM and 4x4 mounts for it. Let me know which ones you want. the plate was my spare, MAYBE four days of use. $215 plus shipping. if you have a set of td3s in the intec flavor or a set of SG bindings we can work out a trade. I can post pics if anyone is interested.
  10. Mine is a 163 I think, tighter sidecut 275 width. It’s an animal
  11. I have one too mine isn’t asym though, regardless, best softboot carver I’ve been on that comes in a small package
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