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  1. For real, who the frig looks for cord at Jackson? Love the shit out of that place, might be my favorite
  2. Yup, this is common and it seems they never solved the issue. The old sb series did the same stuff.... not the end of the world but annoying
  3. Awhile back there was a thread with softboot cants from Japan, can’t find the thread and google is not revealing what I’m looking for on Japanese websites... can anyone help?
  4. I have no idea what the shape of the Kessler 162 is other than perfect! Mine is ancient, beat to hell and has thin edges and I’m gonna ride it until it breaks. This contra though.... it’s got some of the same sauce..... just very different at the same time. Both want me a little more centered than my other boards. This is the thing though the contra took a few runs to like and to feel comfortable on where as the Kessler it was literally the second turn. The contra is easier to ride all round just.... different and weird at first
  5. Okay, so I just put a couple mornings on one of these. It’s really good! I have some reduced mobility these days but the damn thing allows for it and gives me a massive amount grip and I can really adjust the turn size without laying into the nose all that much. Was slightly twitchy at first but once I got used to it really really easy to ride. basically has what I like about my Kessler SL but in a way less tiring package
  6. Title says it all, shop insisted that the 275 would work for my foot, it just won’t work. Too narrow had to jump up a size. These are unused. Paid $475 yours for 100 less than that, free shipping CONUS ill entertain trades such as wide snowboards like a tanker wide or the extra wide SG or BX boards or if you have some really nice bindings like Ride El Hefes
  7. Okay, so, I’m running zips in softboots, best setup I’ve ever had.
  8. What angles were you running? Any other relevant information?
  9. Yup, that’s the rumor! I have no experience with those. I do have Driver Xs, the stiff K2s, and Insanos though. The insano has more rigid tongue than the K2. The boots while different all give about the same performance. the insano and drivers are pretty close in flex and the K2 are a notch below. while the burton lacing is a little annoying I wouldn’t write it off as it’s never failed..... I have dealt with boa failures soooo there’s that. same liner in bothe ride and K2, the burton liner is close but not the same. I replace the liners in softboots usually.
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