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  1. I always thought that was a 190 ink
  2. Thanks for posting that SBS. I saw Cody posted on his IG story that he had the fastest first qualifying run this past weekend then fell second Q run. He ended up 27th on the day. Ink
  3. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Yep, I picked it up tonight and will bring it Sunday.
  4. We, the LCI, do as much as possible to eliminate collisions/close calls. We wait for windows, first person dropping stops at intersections to hand signal if it is clear to continue and we all have our heads on a swivel. I was the downhill rider in my case and got blasted by a woman’s knee in my shoulder blade while making a heelside turn. I looked, our spotter looked and she entered my run in a merging lane from the next run over. Patrol called it “incidental contact”, even though I was the downhill rider, and didn’t think it would go anywhere beyond that. Several months later I was
  5. Liberation has 147 and 155 for $650. Shipping will be from CO. The Pocano Peak Team has been doing real well on them the last couple years in the USASA Midatlantic series. You can contact them for more info at bj@slatermfg.com
  6. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    If it dumps I may hike my back yard for pow turns ink
  7. He dug into that right away with Sunday morning breakfast like a beast! ink
  8. @Corey we have also told Petunia not to go for the nose initiating turns. Keep the weight centered on the short boards, especially on Thirst since that is how they are designed to be ridden. Not enough tip and tail to push back against if you make too large a movement in either direction. ink
  9. never said anything would/could go wrong? ink
  10. None of us have witnessed this, it should be interesting entertaining. Ink Will try to get vid of first run.
  11. Another excellent vid G!!! ink
  12. Yami, your going to love it. I love both of mine and just know... they get better as the snow gets harder. ink
  13. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Was good. Was really REALLY GOOD the cahr bahr was an awesome dessert today too. german chocolate cupcake imperial stout!?! Who knew? what the big man above said. ink
  14. You should make the trip over the pass and join the LCI tomorrow morning at Loveland. We can get buddy passes for around $70. ink
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