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  1. howdy this makes me sick to my stomach … 2 million will get you slope side … it will ruin everything … landmark ...
  2. howdy joe closed the boarder another month ...
  3. howdy two new ones from rama … first one rama then some hardbooting from hiroyuki …
  4. howdy could have used it recently with my foot issues, but seems a pain to strap-on. an old man walker would suffice.
  5. howdy Eboot lucky you … that is a good deal on a nice soft carver … enjoy ... 25.5 is a bit much for me ...
  6. howdy come on who doesn't like carving girls … and some ground trick girls … for fun ...
  7. howdy takamitsu … on hard and soft boots with the same riding style … and next … hinano smooth goofy riding ...
  8. snowreport: wed sep 01, 2021 howdy all well, no snow yet, but much cooler comfy temps than the brutal summer heat. I would take a dip in the river after work to cool down. the days seem to fly by and we are already in September. I am having foot issues and it has been about a week and a half, it is not fun and I hope it does not affect my riding. got a new to me 160 donek incline that looks new and can't wait to try it. still need to get my pass and will work on it soon when my foot heals up. I am glad that Cuban and shred are coming again and I hope gunslinger65 makes it too. maybe others stop by on their way to MCC. now lets pray for a good winter...
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