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  1. snowreport: fri feb 26, 2021 howdy alI I was expecting soft groomers from yesterdays pow, brought the softies and thought it was going to be a fun day, but this morning it was firm groomers with a dusting of heavy cream. a hardboot board would have been good today. the classic fog was down low to mid ed's run and kinda thick. the big reported 3 inches overnight and that brought out the crowds. it was super busy on chair 2 first thing in the morning and the crowds kept coming. did two runs on chair 2 and waited 14 minutes on my third ride
  2. snowreport: thu feb 25, 2021 howdy alI started like most cloudy grey day and classic big mountain fog above chair 2 and just a tiny bit of snow falling on opening with very little wind. then as the lifts open the snow starts dumping really hard and the wind picks up from the south and it dumped hard all morning. it dumped a a couple inches an hour of super fluffy champagne powder and it was easy to carve thru it. the groom early was a bit icy crunchy, but as the new snow gets mixed in felt better. as I got used to the donek 163mfc, I kep
  3. howdy wow! bummer … I hope kram is ok? … that looks like a serious hit … ouch! ...
  4. snowreport: wed feb 24, 2021 howdy alI wow! a good powder day yesterday then a good groomer day today with blue sky sunshine. it was bluebird in the morning till noon then some puffy clouds and mostly sunny. ed's run was kinda bumpy from bad grooming early. met dredman in the morning then purist and johnasmo and we rode a bunch of runs down the front. my carving falls apart when trying to keep up with the boys. groomers was good all day and the sun put a little moisture in the snow which made it better. I was pooped by noon, but didn't w
  5. howdy what year is the donek? any metal in it?
  6. snowreport: tue feb 23, 2021 howdy alI stayed home yesterday cause got up early and it was pouring rain so went back to sleep, but then it got nice when I woke and I should have gone up. windy and raining last night and this morning it was nice with classic big mountain fog above chair 2 and moving around. firm groomers on ed's with a lite dusting and grooming was not good, lots of dips and bumps. did two runs then waited on chair 1 which was not too busy. about 5 inches of good supportive snow and felt bottomless and made about a half d
  7. howdy so I need to double up on my meals?
  8. howdy from January 20, 2021 ... Ptarmigan Bowl … somewhere in the U.S.A. ...
  9. snowreport: sun feb 21, 2021 howdy alI looked and felt like a nice spring morning on the slightly humid side. birds were chirping like it was going to be a great day. classic big mountain fog just above chair 2 and lighting was flat. got to chair 2 early and got first chair and was scanned first for the day. ed's had bumps in the seams and was not groomed very good. mully's is always good and the very lower ed's. first couple runs was good then it starts to icy/snow then the rime builds on the goggles and the fog gets lower. the groom wa
  10. howdy new beanie day with the tags still on … I guess it's a thing … check out this channel 닭죽대왕 ...
  11. howdy the Koreans having an 80's throwback with the music and funky film … would love to have any of those boards …
  12. howdy my new favorite rider to watch … Minyi Choi … so smooth … she is posted above with the long intro ...
  13. snowreport: fri feb 19, 2021 howdy alI a really nice comfy morning and lightly snowing with an inch plus maybe two of new snow over groom. was second chair on chair 2 and did two runs, first run flew down with little pow over firm groom, second was the same. then waited on chair 1 at the back of the gates then ripped one run down toni matt to bench to toni then headwall. went back to chair 2 and did a few more and just missed the 10:45am down so went to chair 3 and it was better for carving with no push piles. that one run on chair 1 dow
  14. howdy 2021-2022 OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS Official Promotion Movie ...
  15. snowreport: thu feb 18, 2021 howdy alI wow! what a beautiful morning … blue skies and nice cool normal temps. great groomers early then as the sun heats the snow it gets a little moisture in it and makes it better. super fun carving all morning in the sunshine and comfy temps. again just stayed on chair 2 and avoided the crowds on chair 1. chair 2 got a little busy then kinda empty by noon as everyone seems to go to lunch. it was such a nice day I didn't want to leave, but then clouds rolled in and lighting got flat so called it at 1pm.
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