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  1. howdy jack well the seller states name your price... need pics and condition... and info...
  2. howdy what is the max stance width on the pilot? and weight range?
  3. howdy a link to an auction is still an auction so why no auction here. sounds two face. I don't get it. anyway, why not just sell here first as a good standing member.
  4. snowreport: wed dec 02, 2020 howdy all have not reported lately cause nothing good to report. it has been mild and above average and not much new snow. we had a good dump about a month ago then a few dusting in-between. not really psyched yet and a little apprehensive as I don't know what to expect with the new. got my first rock board and the factory prime ready, but haven't pulled out the good stuff yet. aloha, Cuban the snowbus will run and mask are required and you need to enter through the back door. the snowbus will not run thru ce
  5. howdy yeah! I brought this to attention and now the buyer will donate to this site now what about the seller? your welcome...
  6. howdy the eu wants to close all ski resorts ... schengenvisainfo … dw … cnn ...
  7. howdy dan yeah! I agree... ski magazine rated wmr no.3... 10% more season pass sales this year... gonna be a bull crap year... i'm gonna be a jerk to everybody... and I hope they never come back...
  8. howdy if you cut it down the middle it would make a great pair of skis... hehe... shred doesn't ride much so I am sure this thing is mint...
  9. howdy jack m I just think if you are going post here you should sell here... kinda bull crap not to...
  10. howdy brush up on your Korean... lead with your shoulders... haha...
  11. howdy a good slowmo showing where your body needs to be... get that inside shoulder down and forward...
  12. howdy OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS Official Channel ... playlist ...
  13. howdy was that ogasaka board named after this guy?... shin
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