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  1. The box included longer screws for the heel lift for the heel shim, but not the toe shim. Lesson learned - check every screw!
  2. I think I should start keeping track of comments in an Excel sheet... right now, the "monoski" comments are definitely the most common, but I want some statistics to back that up. Yesterday, a skier followed me into the lift line and said "You snowboard beautifully". I'm not sure if he was complementing my snowboarding or my looks?
  3. Agreed, I was lucky it was the back foot. I'm not sure if the screw was simply too short (canting + heel lift shims on that screw) or, as Corey said, the screw had actually loosened out to two threads. Yes, I am on the smaller side. But regardless, going fast on plastic bindings is not the best idea I've ever had... I bought these as "new old stock", only used four days so far. The screws should still be fine. I think it was either too short or it had loosened, as Corey said. I though of both of those possibilities too. All of the other screws have plenty of enga
  4. Today I had a binding failure (Nidecker Freecarves) on my last run. My GPS watch had me above 40 mph when my back foot came loose. I slid a few hundred feet on my back but I was 100% fine, luckily. I saw that my toe piece wad sliding around and figured a screw had come loose. I just took it apart to add loctite to each screw and was surprised to see that the offending screw had actually had a few threads sheared off. It looks like it was too short, despite coming with the bindings. Anyone see this happen before?
  5. Earlier this season, I had a teenage-ish snowboarder say to me: "I don't know why you would want to wear ski boots on a snowboard."
  6. I got a Tranny Finder in a 157 this year and so far I think it's great. Like the two posters above, my board does have wrap around edges and seems sturdy. I'd say it's not amazing in any particular area except for plowing through soft chunder. It feels rather heavy and damp, which helps in that area. I do think that it's a "good" carver on groomers - one of the better soft boot carvers I have been on. But not as good as my SG Force, or the Burton Vapor that I owned a long time ago. I rode it in waist-deep champagne powder and found that I did have to lean back a bit, even with the la
  7. I have a weekday pass this season so I can avoid the crowds, so some early weekday turns sound great. I'll also be there for the USASA races on Feb 5-6. Glad to see they are almost 100% open. Tuesday was easily one of the best powder days I have ever had. Consistent waist deep turns all morning!
  8. Donek Freecarve! My first alpine board. 5 days on it so far. BTW, I changed my angles after this photo so there is no more overhang.
  9. Softboot carver and soon-to-be hardbooter in Flagstaff Anyone get a pass for the 20/21 season? I'll be up there on some weekday mornings for an hour or so.
  10. Agreed. My soft boots are a US 10. I used to wear 27.5's when I skied so I went with a 27 in the 325's. Thanks! I'm 160 lbs, so it sounds like I made the right choice with the 325's.
  11. Yes, I'd say I'm a good carver on my softboot setup. I'm a smaller guy (5'8" 160 lbs) but I usually ride stiffer boards. I ended up going with the Freecarve! Conditions are usually iffy in AZ. Our storms are great, but they can be few and far between. I haven't thought about plates yet... I think I'll learn without them and give them a try if/when I get the chance. I ended up going with the Freecarve so hopefully that will last me a while. I used Heads and Technicas, but I never had them professionally fit (broke college student). I'm going to look into options to
  12. Thanks for the comments! I ended up going with the Freecarve after talking to Sean. I also went with the 325's but I plan on doing some modifications (BTS kit and maybe snugging up the heel). I might swap out the tongue too if I want to change the stiffness.
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