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  1. Softboot carver and soon-to-be hardbooter in Flagstaff Anyone get a pass for the 20/21 season? I'll be up there on some weekday mornings for an hour or so.
  2. Agreed. My soft boots are a US 10. I used to wear 27.5's when I skied so I went with a 27 in the 325's. Thanks! I'm 160 lbs, so it sounds like I made the right choice with the 325's.
  3. Yes, I'd say I'm a good carver on my softboot setup. I'm a smaller guy (5'8" 160 lbs) but I usually ride stiffer boards. I ended up going with the Freecarve! Conditions are usually iffy in AZ. Our storms are great, but they can be few and far between. I haven't thought about plates yet... I think I'll learn without them and give them a try if/when I get the chance. I ended up going with the Freecarve so hopefully that will last me a while. I used Heads and Technicas, but I never had them professionally fit (broke college student). I'm going to look into options to
  4. Thanks for the comments! I ended up going with the Freecarve after talking to Sean. I also went with the 325's but I plan on doing some modifications (BTS kit and maybe snugging up the heel). I might swap out the tongue too if I want to change the stiffness.
  5. Hi all! I just joined after lurking for a bit and figured I would introduce myself and ask for a bit of advice. I'm a 30 y/o guy living in Flagstaff AZ and I'm getting ready for my 22nd season of snowboarding. I'll be up at AZ Snowbowl on weekday mornings this season, hoping to avoid the weekend crowds (especially with COVID restrictions). I'm also hoping to do a UT/CO tour in January if it is safe. When I'm not snowboarding, I am an endurance runner and a climate scientist. I've always ridden a softboot setup but I've been interested in hardboots for a looong time. My dad even got his ha
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