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Found 9 results

  1. hand tuned edges at 0/2 never ground ridden 6-8 times asking 5hundred CONUS only
  2. ALMOST new SG 185 ready to go. only three days on snow $800
  3. 2015 Donek Rev 185, 20cm waist, 12-21m SCR, used for about 1 full season. The board is in great shape with no damage and plenty of edge life. Allflex, UPM and 4x4 insert patterns. The board currently has an Allflex plate mounted and included. Would prefer to sell as a combo, but I'll split the board and plate if I have a buyer for each. I'll work on getting pictures posted this weekend. Or, I am happy to send the pictures directly. $800
  4. Mounted up and ridden just once, never raced or trained on. The base of this board is pristine. No other board has won more medals or titles at international events than THE ALPINE. Snowboarding professionals around the world highly rate the steady edge grip and the control provided in all conditions due to the Kessler Shape Technology. THE ALPINE provides easy handling when competing and racing, as well as during freestyle carving on icy terrain. Feel at ease from the very first turn, no matter what level you are at. Ambitious carvers love the THE ALPINE! FEATURES Clothoid Sidecut Sandwich Titanal Construction optimized K.Tec BP woodcore ABS Sidewalls sintered Base P-Tex Topsheet UPM hole pattern 185cm Asking $850 + $65 (S&H) (free local pick-up in Las Vegas / Southern Utah)
  5. Unfortunately, I need to empty my collection of alpine snowboards. Please send me a message if you're interested in any of the boards listed below. Kessler 185cm GS Board - $400 Coiler 161cm Slalom + Bomber TD3 Bindings - $600 (Preference is to sell as a package, but can be sold separately) Donek GS 185cm - $275 Throwback Coiler 185cm GS - $100
  6. I am selling my Donek Rev 185cm. It has 4x4 and UPM hole. I really love this board because this SCR like to finish the turn more than stock specs (better for freecarving) and it is a fast board. I got this board from GeoffV here 2 months ago but I already bought new board for next year and looking to buy another one so I need to let this go..... probably I will regret it... Note that when Sean from Donek put the topsheet on he accidentally used the stock spec sheet. It is 13.5-17m SCR. Made for 175lb+ riders. It has cosmetic scratches and chip at top sheet (I mounted boiler plate) but the base is in perfect condition. Before I got this board all the tune was done: Base has world cup structure tune with side bevels at 3 deg and base bevel at 1 deg. I rode it 4 days on it. Price: $500 shipped
  7. 2017 F2 speedster titanal 185 15 days on it. Always had APEX plate on it. 3 degree side edge 1 degree base edge. Original grind. $500.00 plus shipping.
  8. Thirst Snowboards is a builder in north Idaho, and they brought their demo fleet to the North Idaho Carving Event (NICE) at Schweitzer, giving me a full day to ride the 8R Warp. Conditions were near-perfect, with mostly sunny skies and firm but grippy snow. The day before, I rode my primary carving board, a Coiler Monster 182 (the mini Monster), so I naturally compared the two when I was riding the Thirst. The first thing that I noticed was that the Thirst board felt substantially lighter than the Coiler despite being about 3 cm longer. I noticed the difference on the chair (not many lifts have foot rests at Schweitzer), and when riding, when the board felt livelier and more "flickable". Another major difference between the two is that the Warp doesn't have a metal layer like the mini Monster, which probably contributed to the feeling that I was getting more energy back out of the Warp - it was much readier to do an airborne transition than the Monster and generally felt poppier and more energetic. The biggest difference between the two for me was in initiating carves. I feel like the Monster is very forgiving of lazy / improper riding (the metal probably plays a part in this) and it hooks up pretty well if you just tip it over without actively pressuring the board into a turn. The Warp was still friendly, but wanted more dynamic / mindful turn initiation. I was riding it with my weight pretty much centered, but felt that some pressure on the front foot was needed to get the board hooked up. I don't mean to suggest that the Warp is excessively demanding in terms of technique -- it's not -- but I did feel like it rewarded more mindful turn initiation. But - having said that - once you get it hooked up, the Warp is grippier than the Monster. At 185 cm, the Warp might have a bit more effective edge than the Monster (though I didn't measure), but I felt enough difference between the two that I think construction and geometry also play a part. The Warp has some black magic in its design -- for instance, it's asymmetrical, with somewhat complex geometry, and feels soft when you hand flex it even though both myself at 155 and NWboarder at (I'm guessing) north of 200 lbs felt like the flex worked perfectly when riding it. Thirst builder Mark Miller (BLOODTYPEZX10R here on Bomber) explained how the flex and the board shape worked together to me, but frankly it was over my head. At any rate, I felt like it all came together to make a great board and the next day when I went back to the Monster, I realized that I wanted the Warp back. I'm pretty tempted to pull the trigger on an 8R, but first I want to demo the shorter Warp (the 7 Warp) and see if I can get that same grip and liveliness in a slightly turnier board - if so, that could be an even better daily driver. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good closeups of the board, but it's what I was riding in this photo.
  9. This year the season was strange - lots of snow for a short time (mostly too soft for carving) and now it seems that the season is coming to an early end. So there is not much carving video material, but here is a short clip from this season. I´m using an SG FullRace ProTeam 185 2012 with a BBP 5mm and Sidewinders low assembly. It´s a pretty fast and fun setup! http://vimeo.com/38169465
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