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    Holiday Valley, pknpk
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    Coiler BX 165
    Sg soul 159
    Ogasaka FC-X 162
    Oxess BX 159
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    Salomon Malamute
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    Ride El Hefe
    Now recon
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  1. I would look at the SG Soul, SG Soul titan. I have the SG Soul 159 and reall enjoy this in all conditions. It has a 9.75 scr, 25.5 cm width. I'm running 33/21 with us 8 malamutes and ride el hefe. You can get new old stock on sgs website under store. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Nice ride, good luck with the build.
  3. That X-Carve is one sexy looking board!!!
  4. I'm a big fan of the malamutes and el hefe combo. I also use strap ins around the ankle and one for the shin. I cant speak for the new malamutes, they got away from the lacing system in the liner.
  5. Hey softbootsurfer, just curious to what angles your riding. Nice looking rigs!!!
  6. Salomon malamutes with ride el hefe binding. This has been my go to setup for many years.
  7. Just my 2 cents, I have been a softbooter for 32 years. My go 2 angles 33-36f-21-24r. Bindings, ride el hefe, now recon. Boards, oxess bx 159, custom coiler bx 165, Ogasaka FC-X 162.
  8. Thanks boardguru, it's always good when you can get a board from Shred. It also helps that we live 15 min. apart. I got to try out the mini monster last year in Montana, great board.
  9. Here ya go, got the idea from Redman last year at the WTF 2020.
  10. Hey Dave, I met you and John last year. We all had dinner together. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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