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  1. off to a fine start... burnsville got 9 inches of snow. took paddleboard out. getting to the lake was tough. my wheels kept getting stuck in deep snow. visibility on the lake was bad. i couldn't see much but awhile later it improved. the return trip... it was a struggle. i had to push through snow piles from cars. had to take a couple breaks to clear the wheels and reset the cart. when i got home i was drenched in sweat inside my dry suit. my heart was pounding. so moira says, "so ... you want a beer?" hmmm.... so i had a Badger Hill Loyalist. the effects were immed
  2. i've been on chairs where i can smell people's breath from sore throat lozenges. i'm a little worried that i'll be having fun and drop my guard. got this from trent ski jammers are going to come out with their covid policy on 10/20. might be the year i try cross-country skiing.
  3. check out https://rasterbator.net/ and make wall art from your snowboard photos
  4. have they come out with a covid policy? bottom of 4-pipe will be insane.
  5. just checked the website and it looks like they've changed opening time to 10AM. ticket office opens at 9:30 AM. lots of rules that make sense. i'm not exactly sure how they'll enforce chair lift "Parties that arrive together can ride together". i predict the ski teams will have early access for 1-2 hours. say goodbye to first tracks .
  6. and the possibility of male infertility? https://www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/can-covid-19-cause-male-infertility/ this scene gets me every time.
  7. or standing in the lift line? if social distancing rules are applied, the lines will be too much. anytime i come to spirit, the line at the bottom of four pipe cuts across the run. will they make the multiple queues wider so people aren't standing side by side? I want to believe that outdoor risk is low but that all depends... one of the factors is sunlight. on sunny days (strong UV), I would think it would be lower than overcast days. i don't know how buck will handle COVID. i just assume that i'll be majestically screwed over by the ski teams in a new diabolical way under the guis
  8. buck is building what appears to be an additional deck in front of the bar facing south. not sure why but they were posting on Instagram about it. maybe they want to encourage people to stay outdoors due to covid? otherwise... no news.
  9. saw this https://www.startribune.com/spirit-mountain-director-resigns-as-duluth-ski-hill-faces-uncertain-future/572071072/ what infrastructure are the talking about? the water? or that chair lift that always feels like the seat is tilted forward and I have to wrap my arms around the frame?
  10. I've been checking out https://efoil.builders/ I love their diy community. unfortunately I don't have the tools to build one; e.g. 3d printer, cnc, etc.
  11. paddleboard standup... jetski . i'd love to try a standup. I have a '96 Seadoo. even though its not a standup I can get a nice workout from it. I do a lot of standing and jumping. hoping efoils come down in price.
  12. i don't understand the mentality of people thinking "flights are cheap now". it is completely selfish. there are people out there making sacrifices by staying home to flatten the curve. we're not doing it to enable people to have cheap flights. really bad optics. a friend of mine had the similar situation occur. even though there were two reported cases of the virus in his town, his wife was "oblivious to the reality that life may change for a while". he was frustrated that wife's friend was traveling to their town and his wife wanted her to come and stay in their house. when he suggeste
  13. @SunSurfer one thing i'm not clear on... does the virus ever leave your body?
  14. i am doing my part in all seriousness. i am fortunate that i work remotely. ms. bobble is between jobs and has eased off her job search since everything is in flux. we are taking this seriously. no more eating out at restaurants. no takeout. i wear gloves when we have to run errands. I wash my hands all the time. we order groceries online from two stores and pick them up. there's a backlog with our preferred grocer that it takes more than 2 weeks to pick up our order. this week i had to drive twice to check up on my mother. along the way i saw numerous people in the
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