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  1. i had my 2nd pfizer and had no issues. i hydrated and just took it easy for couple days.
  2. that's awesome. thanks for correcting me. did you ever go to moon valley?
  3. @mwskiernot sure if this qualifies defunct ski hill but early 1900's there used to be a small ski hill in Savage. the location is Hidden Valley Park but not sure what it was previously called... maybe Egan's Resort. according to historical articles there were two runs. i've been to the park and seen one of the runs but not sure where the other was located. at the south east side of Hidden Valley is a steep hill. i couldn't say what the vertical drop is but the hill is not that long. it would've been difficult to climb back up. there are houses at top of the hill and no trespassing signs.
  4. i got pfizer. i felt extremely fatigued two days later. i couldn't think straight. took time off from work and slept all day. felt a little better next day. my 2nd dose is next week.
  5. @MN Surfer i was out in eden prairie near the defunct Cedar Hills Golf/Ski checking out Cedar Hills Park for ... other reasons. its just up the ways from the original Cedar Hills Golf/Ski hill. the whole area is developed with large houses. going back and forth between google earth and old map archives. i believe the Cedar Hills Golf Course club house was located off Prospect Road what is now Sohm Court. in this map view the location of the clubhouse would be the fourth house from Eden Prairie road. https://www.google.com/maps/@44.8265033,-93.4848019,377m/data=!3m1!1e3 if
  6. imagine being a driver and seeing that guy in rear view mirror? or cuts you off? there is one spot in the video where he almost lost it at 5:26.
  7. just looked at cedar hills again. this one is adjacent to Flying Cloud. it was up the road from Lions Tap. and there's a facebook group but its private. https://www.facebook.com/groups/49645772880/
  8. there might've been two of them Moon Valley Cedar Hills i never knew of there existence. i started looking into defunct ski hills along the Minnesota River Valley. i thought someone told me about one in Bloomington which i probably mis-remembered but it lead me to Moon Valley, and then Cedar Hills. Cedar Hills is directly west of Flying Cloud. it looked like it was just a small ski hill with snow making equipment. now its a small park. https://www.google.com/maps/@44.8296256,-93.4830369,896m/data=!3m1!1e3 Moon Valley is the one that intrigued me the most.
  9. 3/7/21 warm day. not sure i'll be riding much longer. for all i know, this could be it. supposed to hit 60's this week. snow has started to turn brown especially on the playa. snowcone conditions. crossroads was rough. olympic was just slightly better. some areas on warners had a surfy feel. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMIBixZAG6l/
  10. i'm getting a "to catch a predator' vibe from that webcam.
  11. 3/3/21 around 45F. slushy. no carving... just surf on top of the piles. actually kind of fun. railyard is close. looks like they have a boardercross setup.
  12. 3/1/21 conditions were confusing? there was 1-2 inch of new snow but the cord was icy underneath. it must've rained? mostly rode upright. i was chattering the edges a lot. this cracks me up... buck posted a contest of sorts. i blame erik. EUROCARVING HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? "win some swag" Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Area - Posts | Facebook "tag Buck Hill in your lowest eurocarve shots!"
  13. 2/27/21 race to the cup... geebus! crossroads was rutted up quick! so many doneks. CHAIR LIFT RAGE standing in lift line around 10AM. i watch the lifty tell someone to wear their mask. he then slowed the chair while the person put on the mask. when he restarted the chair he yelled "104!" when i slid up to the load area, "what's that count for?" lifty said "its the number of times i've had to tell people to put on their mask. when it gets to 200 i get to kick some ass!" i noticed that there were more people not wearing masks above their nose. saw a skier with
  14. 2/26/21 RTTC. course was setup. soft snow under the chair. fat ruts.
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