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  1. ohhh... i'm still feeling yesterday. I had two favorite runs at IH. unfortunately I can't remember names. run shown in photo below... just before the bottom rolls down to skiers left but then when you get down near the trees it rises up. not quite a half-pipe. It was fun as long as no one was behind me. heard a few hollers from the chair. the other was the one the far lift that had the steep pitch. first time I took it on Coiler Nirvana (12-14 scr) I blew out on ice. I went back with Donek Freecarve (9-11 scr) and had no problem with ice. wish I was recording video... stupid-stupid bobble. gah! now while I was two states away in Michigan, ms. bobble went to see Parasite at the Zeitgiest Zinema. when I came back to the hotel she told me I have to see it. she liked the movie but found it very disturbing. after the movie she walked over to Carmody's Irish Pub to calm down and then overheard other patrons talking about Parasite. all in all she had a good time. we got home around 11AM. could barely get out of the car. it warmed down here. thermometer read 36F. it was sunny. there was a haze over st. paul from the snow melting. it already feels like end of season.
  2. Long day. I'm beat. Towards the end my front leg was too fatigued. Probably should've called it sooner. What's that German word for skiers that don't look, don't turn, and look like Wilford Brimley?
  3. coming up Friday evening... have boots to hand off to @rwmaron. what makes sense? Saturday > Spirit Sunday > Indianhead or vice versa?
  4. hmmm... have to work out the logistics. ms. bobble and myself are heading up Friday evening. staying downtown. she said she'd be fine if I take the car. the hotel has shuttle service to Banal Park. trent texted that spirit will be over run with racing. will Indianhead be over run on the weekend? found out that I have Monday off for presidents day.
  5. 2/11/20 over lunch... snow was better than yesterday. still soft but not digging in like yesterday. almost hero if it weren't for the slow. met a skier who talked about Snowcrest in Wisconsin. apparently its reopening. It's somewhere near Somerset WI. from what I gather, the place closed in mid 80's. turned into a golf course. I can't find much info on it.
  6. 2/10/20 rode at lunch break. snow was slow. couple times the board dug too deep and I slowed to a stop. otherwise.... END THE MOGULIST OCCUPATION NOW! when you see it! saw buck's instagram. in case they delete the post shown above, they show a photo of the chalet windows. people are commenting that you can see a swastika. its hard not to notice. they've already deleted a few comments.
  7. ms. bobble and I will be coming up this weekend. you have been warned.
  8. 2/9/20 powder day! not sure official total but our driveway had 5-6 inches. took one run on skis. i didn't feel comfortable. went back to my car and changed to board. rode till 11:30am. first hour the runs were great. sailor chute was off-limits but i would make turns into the upper part where the snow drifted. got a little bumpy towards the end. d-team was racing on warners. mr. spinny (the big short-board guy) decided to ride the trees along olympic and warners. he ended up down onto the course. one of the coaches yelled at him. there might have been a kid racing down. if so, then the guy passed through the timing sensor. as much as i admire mr. spinny for doing that thing that he does, he's a little daft. ran into kent, "damn snowboaders". he was on skis. kent, when conditions are better, bring your board. make buck hill great again!
  9. when snow turns brown i get depressed. i am less inclined to go riding. when i do go out its not about getting runs in, it's more about seeing it through to the end. i live only 2 miles to buck so it is not much of an issue. the fact that you drive an hour to a Paoli with the conditions you have posted is commendable. i salute!
  10. jeeeeezus…. how full was the parking lot? was it just season pass holders? I don't know how you do it.
  11. 2/4/20 went at noon. high school races. I had to park for away. bottom of milkrun was tents. crossroads was rough. snow was scraped down to the ice. I couldn't hold anything. however, it might be fun on softboots to get that surfy feel. olympic had cord but it was hard and unforgiving. big _ w i d e _ turns. chattered and fell twice. a few bumps. both chairlifts have glare ice from skiers skidding into the line. might be fun to set up a webcam in lift line to capture the beer leaguers plowing into each other... you know... for posterity... or something.
  12. yikes! that is a wee bit soft.
  13. 2/2/20 temps were 40's. soft snow but it was good. met a hardbooter, leighton (sp?), who normally rides at Spirit or Trollhaugen. buck was installing more Lyndsey Vonn propaganda on Olympic on the light poles. they really are pushing her image hard. i can't help the cringe. how much did buck pay to license half of her face? DIDN'T GET THE MEMO @BobD and i were stopped at top of Olympic near the dangling head-butt cable. they were installing a poster next to the ramp. employee: sorry but the run is temporarily closed for about 10 minutes... if you can wait. me: HEY! so what do you think of the posters? employee: uhhh... [smiles] … not... much?!? me: oh! so you're not a Lyndsay Vonn fan? employee: ummm….i don't know who she is... i'm from Oklahoma.
  14. 2/1/20 show up at lift before it opens there's a few regulars waiting lifty: hey everyone! I'm Brett and I will be servicing you today. I'm taking special requests. Me: what do you mean? lifty: music. Is there anything you guys want me to play? Me: play some Christmas music... for the irony. Lifty speaking into iPhone: find bad Christmas music
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