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  1. 1/17/20 went out late lunch. it started snowing around 1:30pm. it was impossible to see the moguls on Crossroads. I stayed on Milkrun which was decent. it looked like they placed bamboo poles up higher on the Crossroads for the mogul field. the distance between the moguls and the snow ramp is very narrow. went down Crossroads only to take this photo. it's just … weird. Buck Hill really pushes hard on the LV angle to cringe-worthy lengths. super fun fact: they renamed the rope tow on Olympic to Kildow's Climb. what will you do with this new information?
  2. 1/16/20 i went at lunch. cord was good except that on crossroads its a little squirrely from last nights ski ruts. spent most of the time on milkrun. i spoke to a woman in the ticket office to voice my concerns about the moguls. she said they have been compiling complaints about the moguls. they've got it both ways -- they've received complaints about their presence as well as not having any. they even have complaints about the terrain park (red tail). she said the moguls are temporary and will be taken down. i asked when. she said she didn't know but the managers will give about a weeks notice. i told her that the main issue isn't so much the moguls but the way the ski club just takes over a run when they have space on Olympic. she told me to send an email to tickets@buckhill.com and they will review them. last season there was a ski race and a girl ended with nasty face rash. good times.
  3. 1/15/20 went out in the evening. I didn't last long. it was brutally cold. my hands and feet was cold only after half hour. milkrun had high school teams racing. at the top it was rutted but down a ways where it opens up its fine. I ventured over to rail yard where the cord was still present. that felt good. ski club has set a course on skiers right of Crossroads that was closer towards the center of the run. I couldn't ride it. there's less than 15 feet between the moguls and the edge of their ruts. @DonPablo it was worse then Tuesday evening. again, my issue is the ski clubs using up all the runs but their own. re: poke eye out. they still have those sticks in the snow. they're black and impossible to see when you're moving down the run. maybe if they run to Home Depot they can buy some strobes and mount them to the sticks. while they're at it, pick up some paint. how's indian head?
  4. 1/14/20 BIBBLE DISINFORMED!!! moguls on crossroads!!! JFC!!!! race practice on Crossroads, Olympic and Warners. it was terrible. the course on Crossroads narrowed the run. one of the gates pinched the run near the bottom. milkrun was a bit crowded. those bamboo poles are a nice touch. for safety! don't poke your eyes! BIBBLE DEMANDS RIGHTFUL RETURN OF CARVERS PARADISE I was going to write some snide comments on Instagram and maybe send an email but thought let cooler heads prevail. I know what they're going to say. they'll probably say that people have requested moguls. its funny because I have yet to meet anyone on the chair that said good things about a mogul field. its a tough pill to swallow. previous evening the snow was great. then come to find out buck borked the place up. my biggest issue however is how the ski teams take over the place. why can't they practice on Olympic? there's plenty of room! if they hadn't taken over skiers right, then I might have had an okay evening despite moguls. heavy traffic forced onto rail yard. on first run I saw two kids (8-10 years old) laying on the snow with skis scattered. one of them was crying loudly in pain. I asked if they needed ski patrol. one of them said they went down Warners and cut across to rail yard but didn't know that its a steep drop-off. its maybe 6-8ft drop. the one that was crying said that his head hurt. I went down to the ski lift and had lifty call ski patrol. I later saw the ski patrol helping the kids. it never occurred to me that someone would take off in that direction. the kids are lucky they didn't break any bones. seriously, they need to fence off Warners and Railyard. while they're at it, put up lights on Warners. also get buckets of paint for the lift house.
  5. I went back in the evening (great snow!) and I took a trip down red tail back to my car. there was a teen walking up the upper portion. I guess we should expect more foot traffic to dodge. i'm waiting to see complaints on Instagram about this. few days ago I was riding the chairlift with a snowboarder who said he worked at buck ("... always see you here"). I asked him if he knew if they were going to put a jumps/moguls on crossroads or milkrun. he said the plan is to get moguls on crossroads but their first priority is to build up the snow base because its lower than normal. they are planning on end of January for moguls. he wasn't sure about a big-air jump.
  6. 1/13/20 I went out at lunch. snow was grippy. I wish I could've stayed longer. might go back this evening. I went down the backside and went over a ramp. light was flat. I'm torn on whether this is a good idea. just think about those beer leaguers who come down red tail unaware that there's a grind pipe around the bend.
  7. Buck was getting compared to a garbage dump "Burnsville's city council advanced a hoty-debated concept by Waste Management to make an existing landfill taller than Buck Hill" https://www.kare11.com/article/news/burnsville-council-advances-plan-for-taller-landfill/89-d4bd6724-ce39-4c62-812e-139b1b858c5b "With a peak elevation of 1,082 feet, the top of the mound will be higher than either Mount Gilboa, Bloomington’s highest elevation in Hyland Ski Area, or Buck Hill. However, the mound will read as much taller than either Mount Gilboa or Buck Hill as it will rise from the low elevation of the river valley rather than from the much higher elevation present at the base of Mount Gilboa or Buck Hill" https://www.bloomingtonmn.gov/sites/default/files/Burnsville Landfill - Bloomington Comments 2-14-19.pdf seriously, whenever I drive hwy 13, I can't help think why not turn the dump into a ski hill or terrain park? what else are they going to do with it? many years ago someone told me that top of buck has landfill at the top of the run. not sure if that is true but from the looks of the following photo things were quite different 60 years ago. doesn't the hill look shorter? http://burnsvillehistory.org/cpg/displayimage.php?pid=4238&fullsize=1
  8. bobble


    1/12/20 conditions were sub par. I started out on Lookout. I was on there for awhile. first couple runs were okay. the snow started breaking up into marbles at the first pitch. the last pitch was better. met up with randy and patti (both on skis). I tried dan's, duds, etc. unable to carve. loose snow. marbles here and there. I ended up switching to skis. from the chair, we could see skiers/snowboarders hitting the ice on duds. jon jon had snow mounds and was closed off. some runs looked a little narrower than normal. Erik's Bikes this woman on a snowboard rode with me up the chair. she had a power board, black with a gray nose. she asked about my Donek and commented how the conditions were great. I said "mmmmhh… not really... this is the wrong board... thinking about switching to skis". I later said the snow was better at Buck. she said she was planning on going to Buck in the evening. I asked "oh, do you have a season pass there?" "no, I have an industry pass" I thought it was strange because both randy and patti were there with industry passes. thought maybe there was a Pierce connection. "really? where do you work?". "i'm a business developer at Erik's Bikes" she replied. "hey!!! I've got an idea for you to develop! start carrying alpine snowboards!" "... uhhh… they look fun... but you're like the only person here I've seen on one" crap. I didn't know what to say other then they're a blast to ride. later I thought if I saw her again that I would mention Donek and Knapton videos.
  9. 1/10/20 out at lunch. snow was hero. no ice. the wind chill is bitter. I wish I had a gator. my hand were cold.
  10. 1/9/20 went riding in the evening with @DonPablo. wish I could ski half as good. snow was really good except for the crowds and warners. there's rollers on rail yard. something is going on with red tail. randy here's that pump track.
  11. bobble

    MES 2020

    roll call!!! trent mnsurfer me ??? remember: set binding angles to stun.
  12. we had a large group show up on a weekend morning at Buck. i had jumped onto the webcam at 7AM and the lift was running. I could tell it was ski patrol. by time i got there the cord was already scraped. why can't they do it in their training in evenings and leave us the good snow???? what pissed me off was that day was I arrived early at 8:45AM and the chair was already running. in times past the lifty would people board early. this lunch lady in the red coat would not let ANYONE board the chair, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION" was all she would say. i just lost it. i complained to the woman that no one was going up the chair, no one was coming down the run, and let us on the chair. there was at least a dozen or more ski patrollers standing around the lift line just talking. some even had taken off their skis. so she yells to them, "ONE MORE RUN!!!" and then "THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION" to everyone else in line. it took ski patrol several minutes to get ready, to pair up, figure out the toboggan, and then board the chair. when it reached way 9AM I told lunch lady the lift should be open. she just said "THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION". I replied "...but i don't want to cooperate". I think I got on the chair several minutes past 9AM. took one run. Got to the bottom about 6-7 minutes later. there was another ski patroller blocking my way telling me the lift was not open to the public. I said "nope... its past 9AM so its open". So the ski patrol calls to the lifty "IS IT OPEN??? IS IT OPEN FOR BUSINESS???". I pushed past him. the lifty told him "it's open!!!". everytime... LEFT TURN CLEAR!!!! RIGHT TURN CLEAR!!!
  13. sorry to hear this news. your far too young to be experiencing back pain. i know from experience back injuries take a long time to heal. have you been to a doctor? hope your seeing a physical therapist. i have age related disc degeneration and arthritis in my lower back. when i was in my 30's, a doctor told me to give up snowboarding. obviously that didn't happen. i would throw out my back every couple years. I don't recall if i was diagnosed with bulging disc but I had an MRI and I definitely have degeneration. i would experience back pain just getting out of a chair at kitchen table. i met with physical therapists to work on core strength. more recently i joined Lifetime gym and had a trainer go through mobility issues. as they say, your mileage may vary... fwiw... I have a stand-up desk for work. I bought it at Costco for $300. best thing ever. i've found that i have less back issues when i stand most of the day rather than slouched in a chair. again, really sorry to hear you're selling your gear. perhaps you'll reconsider after your back has healed and have strengthened your core?
  14. 1/7/20 At lunch snow was decent. A bit fast. No ice underneath cord. I misjudged the temperature. I thought it was going to be warm. Didn't realize the windchill would be in the teens. I was freezing. I saw buck posted that the warners and railyard are closed for snow making. jumped onto Milkrun webcam at 6pm. looked like races going on. going to sit this one out. … I'll never know if you brought out the MK.
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