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  1. As I was doing after-season maintenance, it occurred to me that I don't have a good idea what our equipment actually weighs. Time to grab the kitchen scales and see for myself. Here are the results, in case you are interested: Pure Boarding Bastard 168, glass board, 24.5 cm waist: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) Coiler Contra 166 (plus off-piste nose, so actually more like a 172), 24 cm waist: 3.66 kg (8 lbs) F2 Race Ti bail bindings, size L, pair: 1.58 kg (3.5 lbs) Jack-up plates (pair): .4 kg (.9 lbs) UPZ RC10, 278/299 mm, shells only, DGSS, pair: 3.78 kg (8.3 lbs) same with D
  2. Not too bad a season, especially considering that it didn't kick off until January for lack of snow. Went out about 25 times, I believe, many of them very nice days. It looks perfectly wintery now here (we had a few days of snowfall until the day before yesterday), but the gondola closed after Easter, and my season ended on Thursday before, due to Covid.
  3. I just googled Korean Snowboard Carving. Helmets all over the place. Your Google must be different.
  4. Mine was done by a designer colleague who likes to dabble in comic art in his spare time. I can put you in touch if you like.
  5. Aracan

    Start em young

    Too cute! Should have thought of that when ours was small.
  6. Which is exactly the point of mandates. I remember but cannot find an article about the helmet mandate in professional ice hockey. There were all manner of good, solid arguments for wearing a helmet. But the players, being, as a type, young and, by the nature of their profession, not adverse to risk, just wouldn't wear them. As a consequence, they kept getting their skulls cracked, being hospitalized and, in some cases, crippled. Until helmets were mandated, upon which everbody wore a helmet, many players who would have been injured without a helmet did not get their skull cracked and did not
  7. The Phiokka H-Uno looks to be designed along similar principles. https://www.phk-italia.com/prodotto/h1/
  8. I don't usually do days, because, truth be told, my endurance doesn't support it. At least not if I am actually carving. I know skiers in their 80s who will do double digits on that hill, and my wife tells me she used to do the run on skis in about 12 minutes as a kid. Factor in gondola time and you can do at least two runs per hour. But we all know that relaxed skiing is very different from committed carving. Myself, I do 1-2 runs if it is my lunch break, 3-4 leisurely runs if I have more time, and call it a day. It's only five minutes from my house, so most of the overhead time goes int
  9. Makes me appreciate my local hill even more. One 11-km-run. One 30-person gondola that takes about 15 minutes up (usually 60 persons, but in these here times …). Means I would have to be VERY stupid to get hit.
  10. Sorry for chiming in late, but is that really a problem? Personally, I usually pull my rear knee in automatically. However, this past season I have tried letting it trail and only pulling it in when necessary. When I remember to that, it gives me a kind of motional reserve to be used when needed.
  11. I have only a few days on the Contra, but I tend to agree: If you weigh the tail of a Contra towards the end of a backside turn, it may become difficult to change edges.
  12. Hell, how many carving outfits do you own?
  13. Skiers (and many snowboarders) seem inherently unable to sense that someone who has already made two turns across the fall line might add a third one. It usually comes as a surprise to them.
  14. I notice I haven't posted the board Bruce built for me to replace the Nirvana I destroyed after only five days last season. It's a Contra 166, 24 cm wait, 11 m SCR. Topsheet is the same as the Nirvana (second board from the right in the pic). I have already had it out a few times - one sweet ride, and edgehold feels noticeably superior to the Nirvana.
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