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    Paoli Peaks
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    Donek 179 FreeCarver with secret construction 24 cm waist 10-13m VSR.

    182 Coiler Nirvana 24 cm waist 12-14 scr Powder nose

    And a whole bunch of others!
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    TD3 SWs on BPP bases 3* lift front, 6*rear, no cant on Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates

    Or F2 Titaniums 52.5/47.5

    Stance width 57cm
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  1. Am I wrong or does the nose look different than the others?
  2. That looked fun... I like fun...
  3. I got to ride them on two short days at Vail. The conditions were bad both days. I used my UPZs the rest of the days. I was riding with my son (a very rapid skier) and I wanted to be less focused on my equipment and just focusing on making good turns and keeping up. Also I setup my Nirvana and F2s for the S5s and my Donek (TD3sws and Geckos setup for my UPZs) was the board for conditions (highly variable). What do I know? The toe buckle is not required for me, I removed it. They are more stiff than my UPZs. I kinda' wished I kept my BTS springs. So much easier to adjust than the stock springs as Slapos mentioned in the first review. I actually went down to softer springs (first time ever for me). I felt confidently held by the shells/liners (Zipfit WCs). The rubber sole is waaay different than UPZs and the boot can be slippery. That said the heel actually being back towards the heel makes up for it a bit. (Definitely walk differently than UPZ boots!) I need to work on: -cuff angles -the right springs ( I think I went too light) -a little more room for my big toes My hats off to anyone who does this kind of fiddling at big resorts. It is sooooo much easier to make adjustments at my little bump. I walk 50 feet to the car, make changes, and right back out. I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to dialing them in next season.
  4. Ooo lawd... the FUD in this thread. Let's look at some reputable sources: https://www.racewax.com/base-structure-theory/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/41719850_The_Ski_base_Structure_Analyser_SSA https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/52098978.pdf As a person who spends a large portion of my sliding time on wet snow, structure is very important to my enjoyment of sliding. A stone grind from a reputable shop can add performance to your board. It can also undo defects. Do I do it every season, no. Have I ever regretted it? No.
  5. Was at Keystone today... I've ridden Keystone ~10 days in my life. It's a fantastic carving hill. On this recent trip I've ridden Vail, Beaver Creek, and Breckenridge. Keystone's grooming spanks them all and not by a little but by a lot. I'd still be out carving Prospector if the lifts were still running and I had the legs for it. Met some carving softbooters late in the day. Maybe a new forum member? Epic day.
  6. ~30 days at the local bump. Out here at Vail co. picking up some bonus days with my son. I'm immunized but he's not yet so the weird solitary masked season continues. I've never considered LASIK or the like as strongly as I have this season. I'm thankful for this forum. I've lost family due to the pandemic. It's been awful. I would've lost my mind this winter without boarding. Mahalo.
  7. I just looked around A Racer's Edge no tanks... I must be in the wrong kind of shop. The pictures on the walls are pure adrenaline though.
  8. A stop at the Racer's edge tomorrow then Breck. Might have snow, might. Where's my oxygen tanks...
  9. Hit Vail today. Oddly empty, then we made it over to Mountain Top express... Oh, this is where everyone is... Bikinis, speedos... It was HOT today. Whew the sun felt blazing. We bailed from the crowds... The elevation kicked out butts today. Some colder temps tomorrow, yay. I didn't pack my speedo.
  10. Arrived late, hit the BC Sunday. Carvable patches push piles everywhere else. Still fun.
  11. I've got a GONG HIPE 5'8" with foil and 6m Superpower wing. I've used the board behind a boat and with the wing. Haven't tried to pump it yet... Like this-
  12. If you're talking about @softbootsurfer. He lives nearby Buttermilk. He's there at open. He goes a lot (100+ days per season.) He knows the runs (and sidehits) like the back of his hand. I'm not cyberstalking SBS, I've just read his posts for a long time. Mahalo.
  13. I hope she exceeds expectations! If you want art from her, don't delay. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-raffaella-vaz-breath-easy-again DECEMBER 19, 2019by Crispin Lipscomb, Organizer A massive Thank You and Happy Holidays to you all! Sending gratitude for the much-needed support this year, the year of all battles. Raffaella is doing well, we seem to have reached a plateau on her healing. Raffi is still on full-time oxygen supply and must continue her 3-times daily heart meds and will be injecting daily blood thinners for the remainder of her life. We are extremely grateful for our family, friends, supporters and our amazing medical team of specialists who truly saved our lives. Because Raffaella’s illness has only been studied for 15 years we do not know much about her future. The Doctors last told us that Raff’s stats are putting her in a group of the 12% of patients that will make it 5 years or longer. We do not know much about her prognosis but we are living our life with joy and love, every day at a time! Hug the ones you love, love the ones you need, and open your heart to others, Thank you for all the support, Raffaella, Crispin and Billie.
  14. Yeah man... I just started winging last summer. Hoping to take it up a notch this summer.
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