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  1. Yesterday was day 16 at PM. Decent snow, decent groom. Went early, left early. The crowds were growing... After last night's snowfall they should be 100% open, even the typical roped off areas. The ice fishing jump started this weekend... seems winter is in full effect. We got 6" of wet snow last night here on the coast. Mahalo
  2. Flakes were flying at Perfect today. The Summit triple is still down but they filled in a couple of runs so you can take the Sunnyside Triple to the top. If you made an error and went to the west side they have shuttle buses doing laps between the two base lodges. I lapped the east side most of the day. Fun day full of freshies... 6"+ at the start and it never stopped snowing. Rode the Soul 159xt with softies all day... it's like a lil' go cart. The drive home wasn't pleasant... definitely more snow near the coast than they got at PM.
  3. Pleasant had said the Summit Triple (currently the only way to the very top) would be fixed Friday... now they are saying January 4th. Bummer but more an FYI in case anyone's in the area. Looks like I'll be surfing more than snowboarding until then...
  4. Been to Pleasant 4 times since the last post. They really did dodge the worst of the rains. Unfortunately the Summit Triple is broken, likely won't be working until sometime Friday. It was drizzling today, warm... Still had fun.
  5. @Loon The words of the day are soft and wet. Visibility can be low at times... Boarding through the clouds. Rode the hard stuff to start... Going to get softies out of the car after lunch. Happy Xmas all. Mahalo
  6. Rode Pleasant for the first time this season 0830-1100 today. Not as rusty as I expected, hooray! One issue did crop up... I was feeling pressure in my toes like they were pressing on the shell. I initially wrote it off as first day back in shells... But it did worsen throughout my session which was a lot of fun. Really good conditions for the recent weather events. They don't have a lot of terrain open hopefully they'll get some more snowmaking weather soon. So I get home and do some investigating... Nothing pops out. While walking the dog I told my wife about my session and she says maybe your feet have grown. Well as usual she's right. I guess all that time in slaps and surfing* has allowed my feet to spread out. They are half a cm longer and almost that much wider! These shells do not have anymore room to be ground or stretched... And my zipfit liners are thin. I also do not want to loose my toenails! I have a backup pair that are longer and softies. Will be working on a long term solution. *I've been surfing a lot, everyday there is waves I'm out there once and sometimes twice.
  7. I want to be empathetic... and tell you I feel your pain. But that would be a lie. As the kids say, "Git' Good!"
  8. I walked over there at the end of last season... they opened up a lot. The shredded chunks were huge. https://imgur.com/mJy6ac3
  9. I told myself that last week was the end. I lied. Went back to the loaf. Early was fun, later was soooft, so soft. Still was fun. Run of the day was Candyside. Largely unridden, except for me. The banked slalom course was fun too. Saw another hardbooter in the Super quad line. Scarpas and a narrow board. He makes only my third hardboot rider I've seen this season. We're an endangered species. Mahalo.
  10. Dude... Don't keep me hanging, you know I've been looking for a board made of pure vegans for years... Freakin' unobtainium...
  11. I was planning to bookend my season by going to Sunday River today. But read their report just before I left. West side separated from central and Jordan side closed due to mechanical issues with the Jordan 8. So I went to the loaf. Super soft, push piles developed early on runs with any steepness. Afternoon went back to the car, eliminated any extra clothing, and finished it out on softies. Sitting at the Rack as I type this... Great season. Man it's great to live near a mountain like Sugarloaf.
  12. Took my son to da' Loaf today. He hasn't been to the loaf in almost ten years. It was a very fun day. We rode everywhere. Conditions were fantastic, the weather was fantastic, reggae music filled the air... Heck even the Jerk Pork was good at the beach. Definitely one for the memories...
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