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    Paoli Peaks
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    Coiler 182 NFCB 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Coiler 164 VSR TC 9-13.5 23.5
    LibTech Grocer 180 second gen (powder board w/ F2 RCs)
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    F2 Titanial standard (47.5 lg block/40 lg block +1/2 block one cant)
    55 cm Stance width

    Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates (orange bumpers)
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  1. Sorry @barryj I sold my 425s a while back.
  2. No one forces you to visit or read the posts... Thinking people don't look to censor others... sorry to be so blunt.
  3. It's more a den of antiquities... down by the river. Worth a visit! (PM @Beckmann AG for the treasure map)
  4. Perhaps it's not about either of those points...
  5. Back at the Peaks... They got to blow snow! Was it fantastic? Nah, but I had fun. Here's a different run with white snow to mix things up a bit! How about another?
  6. Yeah... To get close to boot shell center on 28.5 RC11 shells you need to adjust the rear sled of F2 titainiums and TD3sw (both bail) to their maximum forward position. So if foot center isn't the same as shell center you won't be able to adjust forward to compensate.
  7. You commit early and aggressively to your heelsides... You are late and easing into your toesides. You aren't looking where you want to go on the toesides as well. Good luck.
  8. Had a window to go for a few hours during the day yesterday, w00t! Empty white ribbons. It was nice early, the cold air moved in and made the slow runs faster. It was a great day. Apparently I'm the liftie's entertainment... I'll take it.
  9. lonbordin

    board sleeve

  10. I'm going to hazard a guess that it contains two keywords: Ryan and softboots? You guys know how to make a mention, right??? @Donek or @Donek Josh Loving that Donek I got off Nitro! Fantastic board. I'm a raving fan, btw.
  11. You want what we can't give... have you been fanatical about your PT? Can you do everything that you used to before injury? Can you glide down the hill? Most likely without issue... Can you sustain a direct fall on the affected area? Only you and your doctor might hazard that guess.
  12. They have some generators but it's not enough... Hoosier energy has admitted it's their issue. They've apparently been replacing transformers but have not been able pinpoint the issue. Apparently it wasn't old lift motors that caused the issues the last couple of seasons but the voltage spikes burning out the old lift motors. I also don't want to be on another broken lift, no bueno. You're right about costs. Paoli Peaks becomes the biggest user of electricity in the area during the winter surpassing a couple of large Mills and area quarries. Make friends with your Mountain Operations folk!
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