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    Donek 179 FreeCarver with secret construction 24 cm waist 10-13m VSR.
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    TD3 SWs on BPP bases 6* lift front & rear, no cant on Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates 50f/45r
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  1. Specs? Waist width? More details, please.
  2. @svr what's the flex like? 7/10? What made the forward lean complex? Thanks for the info! Mahalo
  3. I agree. Been using my bpp lowers with my td3sws and geckos. Good stuff with a low stack height.
  4. Fun hill great vibes from the local crew... Good groom and nice conditions. Did need to warm up a little and that happened. Great views @bigwavedave reminded me of Lutsen. I had a great season and was lucky enough to get this extra day while all the resorts are closing/closed. Stay safe out there. Mahalo.
  5. So surreal to be out boarding in Camden right now knowing this is it for a while.
  6. I've owned both. Corey's list above ^ is a solid comparison. If your resort is often icey think twice about either. Slippery!!! I had failures with both while traveling. Broken cable to broken plastic lever arm mechanism. Both are plastic inside. After I counted time lost on the hill I went back to standards. I need those hamstring stretches anyway.
  7. I'm in Bar Harbor, ME. The corporation I work for is in a pre we're going to have everyone WFH panic. I don't know if I'll get to make it out this weekend. If I do it will probably be Camden.
  8. You should go... Everyone should go to a nearby resort if it is still open!
  9. Vail Co and Ikon both just announced closures. It looks like an earn your turns for most folk at most places right now. http://news.vailresorts.com/corporate/update-on-coronavirus-from-vail-resorts.htm
  10. lonbordin


    Just made it... I'm certain after Vail Co and Ikon both announced closures it's earn your turns for the rest of the season.
  11. F2s come with the ability to go 0-3.5 degree using shims. If you want to build your own you can achieve higher than 6 degrees. There's a whole thread on 3-d printing shims on this website.
  12. A little addendum to the SCR discussion from Ryan and Sean. Skip to 8:13 in the video.
  13. I know a couple of hardboot patrollers that don't seem to have any issues. They are great riders mind you...
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