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    Paoli Peaks
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    Coiler 182 NFCB 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Coiler 164 VSR TC 9-13.5 23.5
    LibTech Grocer 180 second gen (powder board w/ F2 RCs)
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    F2 Titanial standard (47.5 lg block/40 lg block +1/2 block one cant)
    55 cm Stance width

    Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates (orange bumpers)
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  1. A GoPro made the trip... Imagine that.
  2. Is that the same Patroller who's entry into Bindle Stiff is something of legend? so smooth.
  3. I'm going to do this in the hotel this week in prep for this weekend. It's so freaking warm in Denver?!!
  4. Overhang isn't a preference... It's a constant. If one can get away with a lot of overhang then one isn't angulating their board a lot. I don't believe the LCI would give up on a fellow hardbooter unless that person won't listen... You can't help someone who won't help themselves... I look forward to meeting all the board members that I'm lucky enough to! I don't expect everyone to enjoy my company nor would I choose to spend my time with all that I've met. I will bring my binding adjustment tools!
  5. How can you get 45 degrees with a 19 cm board? What size are your boots? You ride with possibly on of the most advanced carving crews on the planet, what do they say? Look forward to meeting you Sunday.
  6. BTW they are noticeably lighter. I really do think they are a perfect soft snow plate binding for lower angles.
  7. lonbordin

    Yo Lci!!

    We need other people??? Not sure Loveland is big enough for the both of us. I'll be there... If Carvin' keeps me alive at the Beav the day before!
  8. No worries. I bought it knowing it was "special" and I hope I represent it openly and honestly. Heck it'd be easier to understand if there was something visible in relation to the rise but alas there is not. If I rode a resort with more vertical I wouldn't have dreamed of selling it to begin with... It's just not that much fun only getting a few turns before you're at the bottom. I wish I had some additional insight... If I ever break it I'll do an autopsy.
  9. I'm certain it will detail the rise of a 60 acre pig farm into the latest Vail rising star.
  10. There is no visble damage to the Kessler I was selling. The rise is very subtle and disappears when weighted. I notice no difference when riding it. If we were to swap boards at say a MCC event you likely wouldn't notice it at all. Unless I hear back from the next in line I'm planning to keep it. I want to work on my 55/50 riding anyway plus I've never tried it with the Geckos.
  11. I've never seen one. I'm 6'4.5" 245 (naked) and I haven't broken mine... Yet. They do flex quite a bit. Enough that my son noticed and asked me if they were broken. They will only be mounted on my pow boards from here on out...
  12. Well @trailertrash doesn't have to mount an argument or change his mind... The defense seems hell bent on proving his case. $2000.00 for new gear. Get. The. F. Out. In the last couple of weeks we've seen: Kesslers go for $300 Boots go for <$300 And bindings for <$200 That's $800 or less! for a setup that leaves all the equipment in all these rose tinted photos in the dust. Mahalo
  13. Looking at those pins... It looks like a Bomber BTS might fit... Awfully similar to a DeeLuxe. How does the fit differ from Backlands?
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