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    Donek 179 FreeCarver with secret construction 24 cm waist 10-13m VSR.

    182 Coiler Nirvana 24 cm waist 12-14 scr Powder nose

    And a whole bunch of others!
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    28.5 (312) UPZs RC11 Stiff orange spring, black tongue, different liners.Blue.
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    TD3 SWs on BPP bases 3* lift front, 6*rear, no cant on Apex/Kessler Gecko - free plates

    Or F2 Titaniums 52.5/47.5

    Stance width 57cm
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  1. If the width is in the forefoot the UPZs are the widest hardboot. I'll report in a couple of weeks how the S5 compare. As far as AT boots go Phantom now sells a completely tweeked out Atomic Backlands, the Phantom slipper. As I understand, and you should do the homework to confirm, the entire boot (shell and liner) can be fitted. Yes the shell can be tossed in an oven (242f if I remember correctly) and fitted. https://www.phantomsnow.com/collections/boots/products/phantom-slipper
  2. lonbordin

    S5 Hardboot

    The die is cast... I look forward to putting my feet on the A4!
  3. 292 but it's tight. Less than a finger of space between heel and shell and some work up front to widen for my toes... And work for my high instep. Thin liners... Old worn out DeeLuxe liners. Nice insoles though! Could 295 fit in the 312? Yes, but your choice of liners will be limited and you should bring the bootfitter snacks. The 324 would be a lot easier.
  4. I've since found out the available twin measures 201.5cm, waist is 20.8cm, and has black sidewalls. Inserts are 4-position set at 20" (min 17.5" to 22..25" max 2x4). Sidecut CA-SCR is about 11.8m. Since I'm a 57cm stance that's too tight for me. I'll have to save my $ and go custom. Sweet whip.
  5. I drove right past that, thanks man! [Facepalm emoji] Thirst TS 202: 202 cm 169.5 effective edge 22 cm waist A slightly wide Thirst... My interest is peaked. What kinda angles can you get on it @Keenan
  6. We have a photo, thanks @Lurch. about those specs... I was hoping for a link to a hidden Thirst page I couldn't find...
  7. You got a link to this board? Couldn't find it on his site. Love to see a picture. Any specs?
  8. @TimW I don't know your size but big feet are often connected to larger people. I'm 292mm myself. I broke my 425 Pro buckles twice while riding, once lead to a break in my malleolus and the second a refracture of the same bone. There is no heel pocket in the DeeLuxe line... An noted boot savant compares it to a missile silo. I won't wear DeeLuxe again. UPZs have a great heel pocket but crappy liners and ok plastics. They do accept intecs but it is kind of hidden under the boot which can be a PITA. The .951 has followers and most of the PGS tour folk are using them. Yeah no
  9. What's the waist width and scr on those beauties?
  10. 6 C to 7 C at start today. Slipped out to the peaks today for a mid-day invasion. Fantastic. Warm. But the snow still held an edge... and all the tweaks realized. 20 to 30 people on the runs... gorgeous skies... OMG. My tracks in foreground and background- more- MOAR! everything is working... the flux capacitor is online... the warp drive is aligned... engaged... make it so.. what... f*cking... ever... it's all working.... I'm done. The tweaking is over...
  11. I know one builder who doesn't put them in his boards anymore unless you force him to and another that will council against getting them... Why? Failure at the inserts.
  12. If you go @bobble bring supplies! It's a bit remote for you big city boys.
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