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  1. Back in 1983 When teaching snowboarding at Magic Mountain VT and we needed A high strong nervous student to relax We would hand them an oil can of fosters lager. We called that “the fosters challenge“. You had to finish the beer before you got to the top of the 1500’ vert. Lift. That Fosters slowed down jerky reactions just enough and gave enough carbonated courage for them to be a little more aggressive with their snowboarding while simultaneously being relaxed and less frustrated if they fell, because they could blame it on the booze and just laugh it off. Worked every time. Th
  2. It’s like midwinter in Aspen , getting snow at night pretty regularly . Very good carving, though sunnier skies would be welcome . It’s usually a melt out freeze thaw by now, but it’s been cold and being overcast much of the day has preserved the snow. I can only think of a few times in previous years after March 15 when it hasn’t been mashed potatoes by 2pm. It’s certainly more like winter skiing than spring skiing , Ajax tavern was a chilly late lunch yesterday. I haven’t been able to break out any spring skiing wear and my feet have been cold like mid February. I’ll probably lea
  3. We got a ton of snow . Monday was some pretty good fluffy stuff like Aspen used to get in the 1989s very cushiony. it didn’t firm up much today as temps have been cool, it’s staying like winter 25 degrees this morning . This late the snow is typically hard in the morning, but now it’s like February snow! Usually I have to wait for Ruthie s run to get sun to soften in March, but today it was perfect at open. snowed all afternoon and tonight. don’t miss this.
  4. I dunno , I’m at the beach right now. But ask me tomorrow after I drive there. Friends say the snow is good now.
  5. O okOne thing I’ve done since the very beginning of Teaching snowboarding this to tell people to try to divide the trail up into five lanes and stay out of lane one & lane five. One reason for this is if for some reason something goes wrong at least you’ve got a 20% buffer before you’re in the trees. The other reason is that if some person does try to pass you, he’s got 20% of the width of the trail on either side to try to squeeze past you and if you should happen to overshoot your turn by 10%, he still got 10% to go past you without hitting you, he doesn’t have to time hi
  6. I also learned that there is an ideal boot tightness to look for in regards to the inner boot, and overtightening the inner boot can lead to liner deformation and less evenly distributed pressure from the outerboot and that leads to more foot movement not less and warmer feet. And premature inner boot failure if your inner boot laces. i learned that striving to paralel your shins super Early to the snow prior to,pressure ,toe side results in less ankle overload more ROM for the ankle and better bleed of speed. i learned how to coach people without so much cortex and more ins
  7. Jan 25 my car was in an accident. It's Feb 21 and Costco car insurance .....American Family insurance "Connect" hasn't even begun the repairs thus wiping out most of my season as the repair will take at least 3 weeks. I have been off snow since Jan 22 Tomorrow I replace one Banff Carado 2018 solar lithium ion battery adventure van ( for sale $49k never used the stove or bathroom 11k miles) with a brand new 2921 Thor Sequence 20a that has Gel cells , solar, and all batteries and water inside for colder temps. Super nice looking and bigger . So Aspen in a few days If that wor
  8. I just spoke to some of my Aspen local friends and Aspen is now completely open No more restaurant closures, Andno more restaurant closures, And they got about 2 feet of snow in the last week or so
  9. I had deluxxe , and UPZ . They don’t work well for me I kinda liked the Northwave fit of the lower foot but they were Too high . These are problems I have had, we can easily determine others have not had issues or they wouldn’t spend most of their time in hardboots . I like hardboots that work well for me and allow me to toss myself all Over the hill without feeling like I’m wearing clumps of inflexible plastic . I feel a comfort fit with intuition liners but not a performance fit because of the foam density and I “bottom out” their liners. I thought the dual density liners were be
  10. If a picture is worth a thousand words... instruction is worth a lot more. I’m taking Dredmans. Montucky as being BETTER THAN XGAMES. Hope to teach some of you there
  11. When I started as the first East coast Sims rep, there was nothing that even remotely resembled a modern day soft boot. I rode in L.L. bean boots as a rep for the first season. Burton sold moon boots that were worse than using a construction boot. Quickly I found Sorels were only good for keeping your feet warm, and since bindings did not have high backs the Sorel was useless for a heelside carve on ice. So Tom Sims told me he was using a Koflach Valluga Lite randonee ski boot. I immediately became a dealer for those and was the ONLY person on the east coast pushing hardboots telling peop
  12. Holy crap! The whole mountain reserved...I never knew. Amazing. Aspen is so empty it's almost like the Mountain is reserved . But to truly have place to have for yourself is awesome,.
  13. I would make a series of videos on how to do this if I could avoid editing and them. I should be sleeping instead of posting at 4:30 am because I have to work ripping around on snowmobiles for ESPN tomorrow and that requires good sleep.
  14. So yesterday he had 3 runs on hardboots at Aspen Highlands. Let's see how he does on Aspen Ajax, a Mountain with no beginner terrain. He is a runner, but dies not do squats, so fatigue limits him to 2 runs on Ajax Express, and one on the Gant lift " the couch" a slower lift which I chose to give him some rest. Last run was a top to bottom run down Copper A pretty steep relentless carving trail. It was icy in the shade so he just carved the top. Total riding time about 1:45. Now there is a lot to criticize here, but YOU MUST keep in mind how did you ride your first
  15. so this is after the starfish carve to stop. Forget the Heelside it is not taught at all yet. The rider has to become familiar with a deep toe side carve first. These are his very first moving carves learned after 1 run. I hate editing video even more than fixing my typos.
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