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  1. It’s a 2017-2018 156cm Jones Hovercraft which replaces my 2016-2017 model. The one I am on has a spoon nose. I never would consider going this short... the last pow board I rode was 168cm. But it has enough float for my 173-180 lbs. it works reasonably well in tight trees. And you can carve on it . Nose needs a ton of detune or it will catch. The bindings are some 2015- 2016 union force FC 1st gen - but with 3rd gen highbacks which as more compliant to the calf and taller. Boots 32 binary boa.... really like those boots flex- a bit stiff at first but perfect once broken in unlike so many boots which turn to mush after 2 weeks. you could run plates in this board and it would flex like a freecarver . But like Neil says , that’s overkill. The hovercraft has some chatter and soft boots help with that more than hard boots but in icy conditions Hardboots might help. Then you might ask yourself carving on a pow board is silly enough , but on ice? Get on your hardboots in an alpine deck and smoke everyone . The board doesn’t have much o-Tex on the ground and is easily out run by any 160 snowboard on flatter terrain - going up in size you get less edge hold , going down you get less turn imitation so the 156cm is the sweetheart of the Line- the Ultracraft doesn’t flex the way I want a board with carbon to flex.
  2. I used to hunt for carving photos in ski resort catalogue photos - seemed more mellow to see a snowboarder on the ground . 2/20/2020 I’m a local ? Just a Manhattan/SoCal transplant Just living in a van down by the Gondola.- nice to be claimed as one. https://www.aspentimes.com/news/local/aspen-skiing-co-says-ikon-pass-use-is-up-local-pass-use-down-so-far-this-season-2/
  3. Going faster will help. Also I should make a video of fitting bindings and how to properly “buckle in” for The best combo of performance and comfort.
  4. I have a set of Old Rome David Bowie bindings. I was t very happy with the ratchet quality, the retention, or the hard edges of the aluminum foot plate – nor did I care for the HIgh backs ‘s, the only thing that attracted me to them was the smooth somewhat over slim heel cup band. I haven’t ridden every soft boot binding , But I do remember the first week I wrote the union force DLX it was more chatter resistant than all the other unions I have ever ridden . The union force at the time , offered much more chatter absorbing ability than the Catek soft binding . My current Union FC forged carbons cica 2017 have about 35% more chatter than the 2009 Union Force DLX and about 25% more than the standard Union Force. The Union carbons offer lightning fast response (When cranked down and boots clipped in properly) about 15-20% less quick than hard boots and of course walking about wearing boots and carrying your board is relatively easy because the bindings weigh so little . But after the turn is initiated ... in harder snow conditions or at very high speeds you might miss the much much much chestier Union Force binding . I sorta miss my old DLX which were left in a Locker on my old Rossi judge powder board in June Mt. A few things ... I haven’t ridden the NOW bindings and no recent FLOW bindings Slopestar loves nor the F2 eliminator binding . I was a buyer for a shop , and I most of my predictions on how a binding MIGHT RIDE have proven to be pretty close to what I expected. I only bought the Bowie Rome bindings for the Graphics and because they were on sale- I never use them. The now binding is interesting in concept as it offers some sort of isolating suspension and turn commitment (like the old Funky hard binding ) but at a huge cost in weight . Still there are times I sorta wish I was off the fancy Union FC and back on my heavier FORCE DLX. So maybe the Now bindings are like that ??? Anyone ridden them both at speeds over 40 on hard snow?
  5. 7 seasons , that’s really probably the issue . The plastic has toughness lifespan and U V LIGHT doesn’t help. The plastic gets brittle with age
  6. Probably there is something you could modify in your riding style if you are having so many unintentional base plate failures . It’s one thing to break gear - but it’s another thing to have that force transfer to your frame. I mean I break stuff to test gear through intentional hard abuse before manufacturers release a product - (like I hammered the Catek protypes at Brighton UTAH they were strong enough, I was the initial tester unbeknownst to me at the time) and later bent that Catek base plate - but that was really trying to stuff the nose....And I “potato chipped “An aluminum base plate disc after a crash where I hammered it through the 6 layers of carbon on a favorite Madd 170 Prototype board . Or I busted 3 Madd Snowboards in a single run trying to delam then to prove that we needed a different tyoe of rubber nose core instead of closed cell foam. But that’s no way to ride all the time as you body bears at least 25% of that stress force . but of course some stuff is just flimsy - like Emory bails , snow pro bails , and junky bindings . I would Like to see a nylon cord reinforced injected plastic base plate since though would likely never crack. When it comes to base plates better to be tough and a little more for you than To be tough and shatter .
  7. When it comes to selecting a soft bindingThe things that matter to me most: 1. Traditional toe straps as opposed to toe cap. 2. Fantastic wide distribution ankle strap with really good pressure distribution, removing pressure from the hinge point area of the ankle. 3. Hibaks that both cup the shaft of my leg, and track the motion of my leg forward and back during the turn without slipping off the highbak. In my humble opinion, the boots now offer enough Forward lean support that three straps are a hindrance to ankle flex as opposed to helpful. 4. SLEEK heelside clearance . it’s extremely important for any design that nothing really should protrude much beyond the end of the heel and he’ll backstay of the boot And that the forward lean adjustment is also slim.. As close as you can get the Highbak assembly and heel cup band to the heel the better. Anything that sticks off of that assembly, any extra ridge, any protrusion for high back adjustment lean, is a negative. And anything that is in that area will cause you to “binding out” when you really increase your heelside angle . Bindings that are in the way in this regard will prevent you from doing any quality euro carving on your heelside and result in ABRUPT AND NEARLY UNRECOVERABLE HEEL EDGE SLIP. ie deadly Repeat ...super ****ing dangerous . Unfortunately this excludes a great number of bindings- like every single Burton binding. Even the step-on binding with Ions... sadly. 5. I also avoid microdisks, because they concentrate too much force into too small a place- AND they don’t allow for “Gilmour Bias”. 6. Generally I do not recommend snowboard bindings that are too stiff, You should be able to exert some minor flex domination over your binding. But the binding should not dominate you. And of course a bonding shouldn’t be so floppy either RELATIVE TO YOUR BOOT STIFFNESS. Err..so the soft bindings that I like for high edge angle heelside are the Union Force , and the Union Forged Carbon . The union binding forged carbon, well they’re nice in terms of response on the right board with the right boots that are stiff enough, but the binding itself doesn’t flex very much, so a tremendous amount of force gets transmitted to the disc, which is not carbon fiber - which is actually a blessing because you wouldn’t want that to shatter. Over the course of a few seasons – I have broken the plastic disc, which is more prone to breaking in very cold weather. However the disk did not shatter and eject me, Instead it cracked and made a clicking noise, with two of the screws still intact. The disks are relatively inexpensive at five dollars apiece. Certainly cheap enough to change out each season. I have cracked the highbaks on the early forged carbon’s, but the new ones seem to be better made. A little shoe goo on the metal fitting pieces or nylon washers , would go along way to making these last forever because the “ sacrificial “ nylon witll deform and wear faster than the carbon fiber. The 32 binary Boa for me at least is an excellent mate for the Union forged carbons . I have a 9.5 foot , have Custom molded super feet cork insoles , ride 45/27 on a 156 cm Jones Hovercraft . I ride the inner mounting holes with near maximum “Gilmour bias”. Front footplate all the way back rear footplate in middle setting , more forward lean in rear highback than front to allow for traditional carving and EC style heelsides so I can change the SCR at will at speed. I also use medium Booster straps which completely eliminated shin bang. Jones 156 Hovercraft. That set up works great for tight trees in powder- open powder field carving and hard groom . Works shitty in piles of corn snow and bumpy end of day conditions. Still manageable, but not really fun. Catchy… But then there’s lunch and Early après , hot tubs - for 3pm onward anyway.
  8. I had been riding .. carving on old swallow tail redux designs like the Rossignol 159 Judge and 168 Judge . And while that 168 gave me some edge ( about as much as a 160cm deck to play with) I disliked its versatility in tight pow situations and the 159 did not have enough edge. I enjoy the hammer head shape and spoon of the 156 Jones Hovercraft because I can lift my rear foot in a heelside carve to reset the nose. i can’t EC as fast heelside as with my 169 ( about 8-10 mph slower) but the tight tree powder versatility and enhanced toeside from the magnetraction more than makes that a worthwhile trade off. Keeps my speeds to around 45-55 mph laid over which is definitely safer. I tried the 152,154,156,162, 166 hovercraft and 156 ultra craft and preferred the 156cm greatly . The design doesn’t stretch well. 156 gave tighter turns ( when pushed) and more edge hold ( when pushed) than any other size. I think this board shape suits most snowboards best . The Jones HC needs better materials and better dampening and a fine tuning of SCR. I’d like to design one of these shapes to better suit what I like to do .The Ultracraft IMHO is not the correct application of CF and just adds stiffness for skidded turns and reduces carvability. when I need to reset a tie edge with a conventional board I get More or less point contact of the nose with the snow, what I like about the hammerhead shapes as I get more of a line contact feel ( larger area to reset with and once it’s reset I can lift the tail to dig in the nose to ploughing it into a tight nose SCR to either slow down or pop back up from EC ) for resetting the nose. and MiG... how do I twist your arm to finally get a pavement carving brudda onto snow in Aspen with me?
  9. Ikon base gives you 5 days . Aspen passapolousa is dec 13,14,15 so if you want to make a week out of it you can combine your 5 free days with Passapolousa days either in front of or after . Thinking about Jackson later in the season as they need a bunch of snow to be fully operational and a bit of steamboat too
  10. The move would be... if you had Ikon. Is not to show up the Dec13 and stay until the 18th... but to show up on the 5th 6th or 7th (cheap airfare no crowds, cheap lodging , have a day of rest 4 days into it and leave on the 15 th so only the 14th is high season . so your 8 days of riding at Asian Costs you $177. In tickets . $208 RT airfare and $79 a night hotel
  11. Aspen conditions are AMAZING right now! They got several feet of natural. Hey East Coasters! All of these flights allow you to ride with your IKON or EPIC pass the day you arrive. Then after that- it will be about a 1.5- 2.5 hour drive to ASPEN. I got these prices on Goggle flights. You can get these prices even lower by booking late at night or early in the morning. Cars on Cheaptickets.com are insanely cheap. I have reserved the $6 a day car and gotten bumped for free to a full size SUV before. Denver International Airport DEN United Economy Boeing 737 UA 2214 Average legroom (30 in) Wi-Fi In-seat power outlet Stream media to your device 6:10 AM – 8:53 AM JetBlue 4h 43m BOS–DEN Nonstop $335 round trip 11:45 AM – 2:21 PM United 4h 36m BOS–DEN Nonstop $335 round trip Prices are currently typical for your trip.Details Other departing flights Prices are not available for: Southwest. Flights with unavailable prices are at the end of the list. 9:45 AM – 12:28 PM United 4h 43m BOS–DEN Nonstop $335 round trip 3:20 PM – 6:02 PM United 4h 42m BOS–DEN Nonstop $335 round trip 6:20 PM – 9:05 PM JetBlue 4h 45m BOS–DEN Nonstop $335 round trip 1:00 PM – 5:47 PM American 6h 47m BOS–DEN 1 stop 34m CLT $342
  12. Thought carving Aspen was unaffordable? Now carve Aspen for less than SES pricing! https://www.aspensnowmass.com/while-you-are-here/events/passapalooza This should become a Mini SES
  13. @Jack MPretty much. EPIC and IKON need their own forums. There is no reason for carvers to carve alone anymore. Also Power Alliance and Mountain Collective. Particularly since those are limited days passes... silly to miss riding with someone because they came for their only 2 days of use a day or two before you. Some sort of Calendar Sign up thing would be the best so people could post up if they were thinking about riding on a. particular day or group of days. Also IKON/ASPEN riders get some free passes (I think 2, plus they get discount days.) .... I am wondering if EPIC does? It might be nice to swap an ASPEN pass day to someone with a Beaver Creek pass. We could even do a sign up by resort. I think some EPIC and IKON riders would be more willing to visit each other at their respective resorts. Also it is silly to not leverage the 5 or 7 free days of IKON at Aspen to do SES mini type events. Riding Aspen alone... I did that for years.. no reason to do that anymore with the internet and IKON.
  14. Well, even though this is a SoCal thread. I do have to say that at times, after traveling to and from Mammoth sometimes I ask myself after 20-40mph winds, fog and short runs.... huh? Why did I go through all of that trouble? I should have gone to Colorado. Why did I put 750 miles on my car? even at 30 mpg thats about $100 of gas. which is the same as a round trip ticket to Denver and depreciating your car at .a paltry .25 per mile for maintenance ($187) and value lost... you can see its a losing proposition quickly. That's $287 and two days of no riding lost to Mammoth. or 1 day if you are driving back after your last day at Mammoth leaving at 4 pm, dinner in Lone pine, and home by 11pm or midnight with gas fill up and pee breaks. (I never make it before 1:30 am) . I do like the back of Mammoth, as it seems adventuresome, but after the 5-6 hour drive (longer for me with charging) it always seems to take a full day there and back, sometimes longer......(as I have fallen asleep at chargers) and well the drive ears a bit. A quick jaunt to Snow Summit after a store seems tiny in comparison...like even shorter runs (though I have fun at the wall and the far side) but the drive is so much more manageable. Sometimes after a day at Snow Summit I think, hey it's not Mammoth but it is so much less hassle and time lost to driving. Mammoth food is well, ..- expensive and not very good. EXCEPT you MUST to get the Hot and Spicy Shrimp at the Merry Go Round Chinese restaurant in Lone Pine on the way up....I always time my trip for this. So in season.. I just pulled up a non stop flight at 6:45 am to Denver from John Wayne. $49 one way. You land at 10:20 (but often by 10:00) Using cheaptickets.com, you can get a rental car for about $11 a day. Unlimited mileage. Using your Ikon Pass you can hit Winter Park same day. you drive only 90 minutes. The miles you would put on your own car and maintenance are on your rental car. So even traveling solo $60 gets you to a mountain. In 2 hours less travel time than Mammoth- the gas alone to Mammoth is about that! The tickets are much cheaper in Colorado. The snow is way better, the 5 best days of the season in Mammoth are like an average sunny day in Colorado. So it's hard for me to justify Mammoth until Colorado is melted out. June is fun for Sure....but lets say you compare Buttermilk to June, well there is no comparison at all- and thats Aspens least appealing mountain. Ok so that's Aspen right? Airfare at the cheapest is $138 one way. You land IN Aspen. AS in No rental car required, and no parking hassles- free bus system everywhere. The free bus runs every 20 min. from Directly in front of the airport. its 5 minutes to Buttermilk where you ride for the last half of your first day. American Airlines flight via Phoenix also leaves at 6:45am You land in Aspen at 11:36. (usually 11:25) Hustle and you can catch the bus. Be at Buttermilk at 11:40. (I suit up on the plane ride- and put my boots on while waiting for the bus). Last time I flew in for my godsons Nationals boarder cross race... I put my bindings in my jacket sleeves- wore my snowboard boots on the plane, put my shoes in my personal item. And tried various boards at the demo tent with my boots and bindings ..... couldn't have been easier. But if that $49 airfare is tempting (like Aspen airfares ...you waited too long and they went up) , you could still take that and take the bus from Denver to the scenic train a couple of hours to Glenwood springs, and the RFTA bus about $6 to Aspen 75 min ride. OK so you did that... its still a dy of travel like it would be to mammoth ...but you are on some of the worlds best Carving snow. not...the so called glorious "wind buff" of Mammoth. So there are all the tricks. And I figured out how to crack a certain airlines pricing algorithm allowing me to get cheap fares (2nd lowest fare tier offered) within a few hours of travel. I won't post that here. Cheap place to stay in Aspen is the Mountain Chalet- also best location, and unlimited fresh squeezed OJ from one of the orange juicing machines, heated pool jacuzzi etc. newly remodeled rooms breakfast included. much cheaper than Mammoth. Oh Aspen has about 350 days a year with Sun for at least 4 hours, so expect a few bluebird powder days. Beaver Creek is also great but EPIC deadline passed. Its only affordable with a. Full EPIC. and you fly to Denver and drive the cheap rental. No cheap lodging anywhere- so You take an afternoon flight and stay in Frisco or Silverthorne. Just plan a trip this season before you end up kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. There's a reason the World Carving Session gave up carving at other resorts. Those flights were for Jan 8th or 9th.
  15. Totally agree, Last year I was going about 55mph, Hit a big heel side to scrub some speed and some 20 year old with shit skills hits me from behind and he literally had 3 seconds to react and just move left . He flew about 30 feet and landed on his nuts- unable to breathe for a bit. My knee got tweaked for a week or two and my Back Troy Lee D3 had to be retired. So Mammoth straighteners are another reason I prefer Colorado because the skill level there of the average person midweek is much higher on average than SoCal. (except for holidays),
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