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  1. Lol, flatland really made me laugh for a while, but thanks for your detailed reply. Next season I will join you guys at pine knob. Let’s have finger crossed this COVID thing will soon be over and the boarder will be open again.
  2. So pine knob is better for carving, among A.V.and Mt H.?
  3. Guess Alpine Valley and Mt Holly will be routine rides since they are 1.5 hr drive. I can enjoy small bumps too that’s where I started learning. And now I have little kids, guess big mountains are not sth I can regularly go to for some years until they are old enough. where do you ride BTW,I mean the small resorts near Detroit?
  4. Thanks for the info. Definitely will try MSLM, way to meet all the legend carvers in Ontario
  5. Thanks bro. Waiting for @Chouinard
  6. Hi, I am an experienced alpine snowboarder and recently moved to Windsor, Canada. Been told no big mountains in Ontario so I am wondering if there is any big mountains near Detroit, or at least easy to get to? Did some research and found Boyne Mountain/Highlands been the biggest in the area but still relatively not steep enough(haven’t been there but info from their websites tell me they are with 500 ft vertical. Places I used to carve are 2000 ft and higher). Or maybe some slopes are steep and wide enough? Any info will be much appreciated. Thank you guys.
  7. hi, would you accept 600+shipping?
  8. Hello, looking to purchase a 163 board. Model better be SG full race(or pro team) or Kessler the Alpine. Please PM thanks Jeff
  9. hi I'll take it if it did not work out with the other two guys
  10. Hi Mike C, you are saying which and which is a race binding and a carving/freeriding binding? To me, I think F2 is more suitable for racing while Bomber is a carving monster, right?
  11. hey guys, thanks very much for all your opinions and shared thoughts. did not know a noob like me could get such attention, LOL. I could not reply to everyone of you, but truly thanks to you. As I was posting this I ordered a new piece of F2 ti race binding and it is now coming to me. I will try to give compare the two and leave some words here. However, I do not think I could feel any difference as a starter:P BTW, I live in Beijing China. And to oldsnowboards who wanted to trade, haha, sorry it's too difficult and I don't think I will give up bomber anyway. Well, Olympic 2022 is goi
  12. hi all, I have just started hardboot this season and am having great fun with it. My current setup is SG full race 185+Bomber td3 SW+upz RC10. I enjoy racing and free riding, and I am preparing for GS competition among amateurs. I am now having doubts over choosing Bomber as from time to time I saw worldcup racers tend to use F2 race titan as their bindings. The reason why I choose Bomber was that it was fully metal and it allows less movement of the boot. However, after a few talks with some professional racers, they told me that these two advantages I believed are just the disa
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