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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/winter/snowboard/snowboarding-world-cup-pgs-psl-1.5476981
  2. Left foot has 1 finger without liner and a thin sock, right foot has about a 1.25-1.5 finger space without liner. Where does everyone get their intuition liners from up north in canada? Nobody seems to stock them for test fitting before buying.
  3. I have some new RC11 upz boots, with the stock flo liners. Tried them out and had excruciating pain in the heel area. The dense foam around the heel is not compressing and putting too much pressure around the heel and Achilles tendon. had the liners heat molded and same results. Should I have the boots punched out around the heel pocket or get new liners?
  4. My buddy just picked this up from the Coiler factory. 158 MFS reg asym
  5. Bruce built me one last year. His hieroglyphics calls it the "MFS" (Mark Fawcett special?). Mark coaches the canadian Paralympic team. Pretty sure Bruce is/has supplied the team with boards....
  6. Looking for a softboot board for my son. 140cm Let me know if anyone has anything kicking around. Have smaller boards and kids softboots for trade as well
  7. I just started riding an alpine board 2 seasons ago. Im from st.catharines and ride at kissing bridge. Since we live and ride at pretty much the same location, and I just went through the same process, this is what I would do, if I could do it all over again. My suggestion would be to get boots first. Since your so close, go visit Andrea at yyz, and try on the deeluxe boots and watch for heel lift, to get properly fitted for boots. If they dont work, get some upzboots. Get binding after boots, as the sole length is drastically different between upz and deeluxe. Sole length dictates
  8. Never used them, but Corbett's in oakville has an automated wintersteiger grinder/tuning machine
  9. Looking to trade my nearly new white F2 intec titanium large for a pair of medium. Bindings were purchased in Feb 2018 and have about 6days of riding on them. Switched from deelux to upz boots and am at the minimum adjustment points to fit the boot Located in ontario canada, prefer canadian trade to avoid duty and taxes..
  10. I have size 26 upz and the large titanium Intec. I am at the minimum adjustment of both heel and toe blocks to fit the boot. Not ideal as I am not centered on my front foot. Medium should fit fine
  11. Picked up my, as Bobdea calls it "kid chasing stick" today. Complete with coiler graffiti done by my 12yr old son. He is ecstatic for it. Did a few laps with Bruce today too, he makes it look so easy, like he is not even trying...
  12. Looking for a girly board for my daughter. Prefer a beginner style board, convex base with upturned edges, like the burton chicklet. I have other burton chicklet boards I could trade... Located in ontario canada. Thanks
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