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    Saint- Georges de Beauce
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    Le relais
    mont Orignal
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    OES Canada représentative and machiniste
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    OES sputnik 178 wide
    OES 185 GS vist plate
    OES 162 SL w/c
    And many others OES
    Coiler nirvana energy T+ 174
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    UPZ rc-10
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    F2 intec ti
    F2 race
    Vist plate
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  1. 2 pairs of F2 intec TI large bindings. - 155 usd for 0ne pair... possible deal for both.. - Burton spacer and shim kit 50 usd the buyer will have to pay for the shipping.
  2. 174 cm for 22cm waist 12/14m Built in febuary 2017
  3. Coiler ECVC 174 PROTOTYPE..... practically new ... was used only 5 days in total. FOR BIG RIDERS (185lbs and up) a unique piece. Base was wax $ 475 USD + shipping.
  4. No..only for 1 set. 280$ USD + shipping
  5. F2 intec Heel like new 65$ USD Burton Bail Bindings 2 Pairs 120$ USD each or 220$ USD and save On Shipping. Buyer paid shipping... I Do Low cost rate. Not able to upload pics... try later
  6. no problem .... For the IRON ROCK the future will tell us.
  7. Redia et claude.... firepopa non.
  8. "I love it. Also free Carver's love it. Those who not race. Is not so aggressive end of turn more smooth to next one and easier to go on other edge. Perfect for ice. Snowboard is so stable on ice course. On the beginning of the turn with carbon you don't need push so much pressure on snowboard like with aluminium. For me this is the biggest difference. " I bring here a conversation I had during my last order for customers with Rok Marguc about this carbon plate. So it's a great and user friendly plate. Patrice.
  9. WTB F2 race titanium in large ( the white edition )
  10. I am very happy that you like your board !! the more you use it the more comfortable you will be on it ... So you can take it out on all types of terrain. All you need is the experience to ride it thoroughly !! I am also sorry for your hand. Pat.
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