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  1. For everyone's pleasure !!! Postponed to February 29 / March 1 in the same place ... so spring sessions ...
  2. The session is CANCELED due to bad weather .... (rain) we are sorry !!
  3. for me the only negative thing that extreme carving brings is holes in my coat and my pants. But a bit like a little pride ... that have it went down and up without breaking the mouth.
  4. Good morning all !!! It is my pleasure to invite you to the 7th edition of the Carving Session Quebec CSQ2020 which will take place on next 11/12 January at the tourist resort STONEHAM 15 minutes from the beautiful city of Quebec. An event that brings together carvers from all over ... Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and even the USA. The goal is to come together and live an epic weekend. Saturday night, a dinner is also organized in a microbrewery nearby to make more and more knowledge. As for the cost of the event it's free !! The only expenses will be the regular expenses (ticket, meals and lodging). There are several hotels in the area at affordable prices. New details will follow. Come in large numbers !! CSQ 2020 THE BEST CARVING IN QUEBEC !!
  5. Bonjour a tous !!! Il me fait plaisir de vous inviter a la 7th édition du Carving Session Quebec le CSQ2020 qui aura lieu le 11/12 janvier prochain a la station touristique STONEHAM a 15 minutes de la belle ville de Québec. Un évenement qui rassemble des carvers de partout... Quebec, Ontario, Nouvelle Ecosse, Nouveau Brunswick et meme des USA. Le but est de se rassembler et de vivre une fin de semaine épique. Samedi soir, Un souper est aussi organiser dans une microbrasserie des environs pour faire plus en plus connaissance . Pour ce qui est du couts de l'évenement c'est gratuit!! Les seuls frais seront les frais réguliers ( billet, repas et logis). Il y a plusieurs hotel dans les environs a prix abordable. De nouveaux details suiveront. Venez en grand nombre !!
  6. Cest vraiment dommagecombien pour tes fix..? Je serais preneur pour un client a moi...
  7. Yes i have some 167 AM nice board.
  8. Hi VSR, i have many demo board for sale. I have someting interesting for you.
  9. Hello everyone. the summer season is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. For me it's time to put my demo sale online. Most of them have not taken more than 2 days of use. They are all between 9/10 and 9.9 / 10 on the general condition. If a board interests you communicate with me by private message only. I will send you photos of the board that interests you. The buyer pays the transport costs. There is no deal left. Bonjour a vous tous. la saison estivale bat son plein et J'espère que vous en profitez au maximum. Pour moi c'est le temps de mettre en ligne ma vente de démo. Ils ont pour la plupart pas plu de 2 Jours d'utilisation . Ils sont tous entre 9/10 et 9.9/10 sur la condition génerale. Si Un Board vous interesse communiqué avec moi par message privé uniquement. Je vous ferai parvenir des photos du board qui vous interesse. L'acheteur paye les frais de transport. Il y a des deal a ne pas laisse passé. RACING -185 GS w/c hard (12/21m) waist 19.7 -185 GS w/c medium (12/21m) waist 19.7 -180 GS w/c medium (12/19m) waist 20.5 -162 SL w/c medium (7/12m) waist 19.5 -157 SL w/c medium (7/11m) waist 18.9 820$Can or 620$USD each CARVING -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -185 FC kevlar (13/21m) waist 22.9 -169FC kevlar medium (9/13m) waist 19.2 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -175 Bulat fiberglass Hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 320$ Can or 250 $USD -175 Bulat titanal hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 -175 Wide titanal soft (12/16m) waist 21.2 TITANAL= 730 $Can or 550 $USD BORDER CROSS -165 BX med kevlar (10/15m) waist 24.5 -158 BX med kevlar (8/13m) waist 24.5 -154 BX med kevlar(7/12m) waist 24.5 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -145 BX med fibergass (8/15m) waist 24.5 320$ Can or 250 $USD FREESTYLE 162 FS hard (10/12m) waist 25.2 (for big guy or agressive soft boot carver) 550$ Can or 415 $USD Bindings not include...
  10. Hi do you find your board? I have a 162SL OES snowboard W/C like new Patrice.
  11. hi b shep i think you must be keep it.... is a good board. And next year when your technic was better you may love them. Dont be afraid about camber... when you ride it you dont feel it .I know it because when i do my OES snowboard demo ride there are 2 comments that always come back... 1 that board was very grippy ice or not and they dont feel the camber during the descent.... at this lenght you may have very funny carving ride.... my opinion.. keep it... but is mine. Patrice
  12. réservation faites au resto microbrasserie la souche de stoneham pour le samedi soir le 23. ambiance décontracté et en plus la bière est excellente. n'hésitez pas ajoutez vous a la liste pour avoir doit a un fun d'enfer !!! reservation done at the microbrewery and restaurant '' LA SOUCHE ''at stoneham for the Saturday night's 23. Casual atmosphere and besides the beer is excellent. do not hesitate add you to the list to have a fun of hell !!!
  13. INTEC heel 45$ + shipping the sheath of a cable has been repaired.
  14. SIMS BURNER 188cm and 162 cm in great condition. No crack or other things... See pics. TOP shape board. feel free to ask question. 188cm 475$ USD 162cm 275$ USD + PAYPAL fee 40$ OFF if you take both . SHIPPING INCLUDE.....in USA and Canada.
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