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  1. I am sure everyone has read this: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31335753/. There is not much on the subject. I believe there is other reputable information to suggest that helmets would protect against certain minor injuries, lacerations and potentially skull fractures that may occur from the head actually hitting something without a helmet. My opinion for myself is that a ski helmet isn’t really going to do much for a more dramatic injury. I would hold more confidence in a DOT helmet, but depending on the weight a Leatt brace would come into play then. And then similar to with DH bikes, the DOT helmet may be too much for very low energy impacts.
  2. Coca leaves do work and there are some studies about it as well. But it cannot be bought or shipped in the US. Any of the leaves I found online were not actually from the coca plant but guayusa/graviola mostly after doing some research.
  3. Up for sale is a pair of Burton Driver X size 10. I believe they are 2006. They are in very good shape with very few days, upper liners feel new (when used they get clumpy). There is one spot where some material was scraped away on side of sole/mid-sole (shown in picture). These are a decent amount stiffer than 2009 Driver X, not sure compared to current Driver X. Asking $75 plus shipping. Money order or Paypal friends and family.
  4. This can be true. It gets a bit murkier when your mortgage has been sold, particularly on the secondary market to an entity other than a bank or typical mortgage holder. From what I have seen, a number of the larger banks have said that they are allowing the payments to be added onto the end of the loan. In cases where they are not owned by a bank that has made this decision, the payments would usually need to be made within 3 months after the deferred period ends.
  5. No, the numbers do not line up with what other countries have experienced. Particularly with how long this was known to be a problem in China before they even acknowledged it publicly. On the subject of China, interesting how people that were critical or first sounded alarms have now disappeared.
  6. Open to reasonable offers on this.
  7. I have the following left: 1 Used 4 hole cant 1 New 4 hole cant 2 Used offset center disks
  8. You mentioned Mountain Green twice... was there another location? By fitting in, do you mean views or activities? Or cliques? Eden is an option, all of these are fine monetarily, but complaints on Eden are higher property taxes in Weber county and seems to be a bit further from most things... restaurants, stores, etc. It's good to hear from other people in the area, we are not mormon. We won't live in SLC valley due to potential for poor air quality. Another thing we are a little concerned about... how hot will summers be in Wasatch Back areas? We do not love hot hot weather.
  9. As the title says... Does anyone live in 'Wasatch Back'? We are considering a move out west from PA and we have it relatively narrowed down to Utah (Wasatch Back) or Montana (Whitefish / Kalispell). I just wanted to pick someone's brain regarding some locations such as Eden, Mountain Green, Midway, Francine, Coalville, Oakdale, Kamas and Heber City. Any conversation/help that can be provided would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. I have my paypal up and going again. I would still take a used 4 hole cant if you still have them.

  11. Just checked my email. after I posted the previous message. My address is BOX  1395  Granby Co 80446

    Thanks steve taylor

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