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    36.702398, 137.832246
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    Hakuba Valley
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    Statistics Research
  • Current Boards in your Quiver
    Oxess Custom SXR182
    Oxess Custom SXR174

    Coiler Contra AT 171

    Coiler Nirvana VCam 178
    Coiler AM-T 176
    Kessler The Alpine 168
    SG Full Carve 170
    SG Soul 164
    Donek Custom Nomad 164
  • Current Boots Used?
    MS .951 WC
    ZipFit GP Liners
    Sidas Custom Footbeds
    G-Style Hyper Hold Strap

    All Mountain:
    MS .951 ST
    ZipFit GP Liners
    Sidas Custom Footbeds
    Intermediate Booster Strap

    Deeluxe Track 700T
    UPZ RC10
    Burton Driver X
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    F2 Race Ti
    Allflex Super H

    All Mountain:
    F2 Race Ti (Titanflex mod)
    Apex Gecko Free

    Vist Tech Vistflex
    Apex Race V2 UPM
    Apex X-Plate 4x4
    Catek OS1
    Flow NX2-GT
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  1. Yeah mate that sounds about right re time window.
  2. surely the flames are optional? well i hope so!
  3. Wouldn't mind trying one of those!
  4. Not sure if you noticed, but he got a tattoo.
  5. Spoke to Marcel about this when ordering mine, it's not actually a single sidecut, just the variations are more subtle.
  6. Welcome to Japan. A lot of these guys/girls ride both hard / softboots btw.
  7. Fantastic video. One of the best I've seen. Skilful and smooth.
  8. @Workmans sorry you lost me at goofy. Just kidding. My experience with Deeluxe could be summed up with the term "heel lift". No amount of work fixed it for me. Had more luck in UPZ, but my foot seems to fit perfectly in Mountain Slope boots with Zipfit liners + custom footbeds. Trip to a bootfitter was necessary. If you get the chance, it may be worth trying on another boot.
  9. Right, well I've got one sitting at home I'm yet to use. 3 or so months to go!
  10. @Jack M on that note, did you end up riding the super h much? Any feedback?
  11. Nope. After a base grind, sure.
  12. When I had UPZ RC10, I used the UPZ Power Strap SHOXXTER Plus straps (which have a ratchet instead of buckle) for a short period of time. But I found them too locked for a top strap so I gave them to my friend in Japan who wanted a set. Then I switched to a WC Booster, which was great, but I ended up giving that away too because I switched to a G-Style top strap, which I prefer because it offers the same little bit of give the Booster does, but I can unbuckle it on the lift. Now on my carve boots I run a G-Style top strap and on my softer all mountain boots I run an Intermediate Booster.
  13. 0deg base edge angles can be super catchy when riding flat. Many years ago on my old Coiler, it caught me out a few times before I realised what was happening. If you want it 'sharper', you can just increase the side angle.
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