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    36.702398, 137.832246
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    Hakuba Valley
  • Occupation?
    Statistics Research
  • Current Boards in your Quiver
    Oxess Custom SXR182
    Oxess Custom SXR174

    Coiler Contra AT 171

    Coiler Nirvana VCam 178
    Coiler AM-T 176
    Kessler The Alpine 168
    SG Full Carve 170
    SG Soul 164
    Donek Custom Nomad 164
  • Current Boots Used?
    MS .951 WC
    ZipFit GP Liners
    Sidas Custom Footbeds
    G-Style Hyper Hold Strap

    All Mountain:
    MS .951 ST
    ZipFit GP Liners
    Sidas Custom Footbeds
    Intermediate Booster Strap

    Deeluxe Track 700T
    UPZ RC10
    Burton Driver X
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    F2 Race Ti
    Allflex Super H

    All Mountain:
    F2 Race Ti (Titanflex mod)
    Apex Gecko Free

    Vist Tech Vistflex
    Apex Race V2 UPM
    Apex X-Plate 4x4
    Catek OS1
    Flow NX2-GT
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  1. Ha I thought you were switching teams!
  2. When did the Slapa start softbooting?
  3. @scottishsurferI hunted down macca setups from some of the mclaren drivers for every track if you want them I can shoot them to your email
  4. Dunno mate, better talk to Alexey from OES.
  5. Yep. Can you carve on your current board to some extent? Have you looked into OES? Oxess? Coiler? Size 14 is a pretty gigantic boot. Might be worth sussing out how much width you need before locking in any manufacturer. You might find it difficult to find a titanal board wide enough. Maybe a carbon top oxess would be good. But $$$$
  6. These days, I wouldn't consider a board unless it is titanal. What angles do you run?
  7. Ah man that monitor must look amazing. The panels Apple use are so damn good. Lucky you, I'm jealous. Oh wow you got up to speed super quick. That's a good effort. I put $2 kids' basketballs sliced in the middle around the rear office chair wheels and that essentially held it in place. So I could hammer the brakes and I wouldn't go flying backwards into another dimension. My pedal softened a bit over time, maybe yours will too. I'll hunt for a good setup for macca/monza. In the meantime, feel free to set this to 1080p and watch me struggle to not inadvertently drift the entire track. Not the best lap but super sketchy and a laugh to watch.
  8. how is the wheel btw? looks awesome!
  9. @scottishsurfer I can hunt down a decent macca setup if you like . Which track is it? Is that..........an apple monitor?
  10. Wow that was fast! Let me know when you feel the vibe for a few laps and I'll spin up a server! Word on the street is that @Corey might be down at some point also! I'm going to start going around Kyalami tonight for about 1 hour in the Audi most likely.
  11. Ah man does that bring back memories!
  12. I'm sorry are you forgetting literally every turn of zandvoort? Because that can go right in the bin.
  13. Baz you could try ACC and we could make an ASB group
  14. @scottishsurfer Nice! I guess GT Sport and ACC should both have kind of similar physics. But I don't really know, just guessing. I'm using a second hand thrustmaster wheel. I got the wheelbase, wheel and pedals all used. Bought the cheapest cockpit I could find and that's what I'm currently using for it There are lots of guys using xbox and ps pads and they're super fast. Way faster than me. I'm garbage. But I have more fun doing this than any other hobby recently!
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