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  1. This guy has been around on the internet for decades. He spent a looong time building up the persona and that's what makes him some money. A lot of the stuff he says is tongue in cheek and to generate discussion, and well, this thread exists, so it's working. Don't expect him to change his stance on his "views" any time soon and definitely don't take anything offensive he says personally, that's just what he does. Good on him I say. Page 2 .. longer than a lot of threads have gone
  2. This is literally the specs of my board in my profile photo, except mine has allflex inserts. Just sayin... Marcel told me a few years back about Nevin's favourite board specs for free carving (although he said he preferred carbon top, I still opted for titanal/ptex), ever since then I wanted to try it, so got one delivered. Nice N has his name on a board now though. A pro model hardboot board is something pretty cool. Can't wait to never actually be allowed to ride mine, that's gonna be awesome.
  3. I thought el_snowboardo disappeared into his angry snowboarder blog once snowboard.com disappeared, but to my delight I found him active again on his youtube channel recently. To be honest, I love the guy & respect his work. He worked hard to build up that persona, good on him. I remember he gave me advice on a Salomon Burner about 20 years ago or something and it was an amazing board.
  4. Personally, I've only had extremely negative experiences with Bola at Allboardsports and I've only had positive experiences with Ivan @ i-carve, so I know where I'd buy from if I were buying Mountain Slope boots, in particular. Ivan also stocks many other brands like UPZ and Deeluxe.
  5. I am going to restore my old race BMX to its former glory. Either that or just give up before I start and split all the parts and sell it as is. Should look something like this.
  6. I dunno but I've seen the same dude riding the guy fawkes soul on the same type of slope. I used to be able to embed those Facebook videos, dunno why it won't work now.
  7. not sure if this will embed: https://www.facebook.com/muska.gominoyouda/videos/3837876846339052/
  8. Please don't apologise! I can recommend Bauerfeind based on my perception that they make high quality stuff and the return policy is definitely good. Can share my experience and vibe about each brace but can't really recommend them because I honestly don't know if it actually does anything or if I'm just imagining it. In saying that, the Genutrain Sport, to me, definitely felt the most supportive and made my knee feel most comfortable compared to the other braces, and definitely feels better (in my mind) than without a brace when doing activity. Add on that it stays up perfectly, breathes well, is reasonably priced (compared to others), is quite compressive but doesn't cut blood flow like my Rehbands. But I'm someone who kind of wears knee braces as a safety blanket since I had my first ACL reco when I was 15. Yep, that's the correct one in the link, that's the one I found is best for me but might not be good for you (I don't want to be responsible for you buying it and hating it Hahaha). It is the same as the "NBA" one just without the cool branding. I think for now my testing is done regarding the braces because I'm really happy with this one, although I will test out a Stoko K1 once they refine the product and release the gen2 model. Always sceptical of buying the first generation of something and they have already revised the stitching since it was released just a few mk the ago. Bauerfeind has a great return policy, that's one of the reasons why I tried so many from them! I have read that people get blisters from the silicone on the inside of the sport one, I haven't experienced it but apparently it can happen if you happen to be allergic to that. This seems perfect to me! I'm liking kettlebells, exercise bike and skipping rope lately, too... I find synthetic football surfaces to be great to run on. Helps with impact absorption. The inner grass areas at most our running tracks are synthetic these days. But I still run slowly on the street also since my area has a lot of hills I find this is best for foot strength! I ran 5 x 150m in my Prios (wouldn't recommend it vs proper track flats but it can be done) with my nephew not too long ago because he was being a little wimp at his football training so I had to destroy him in a few runs to show him he has no heart and hopefully getting killed on the track by an unfit, injured old man might inspire him to put in a little effort. It was a mistake, though, knee pulled up sore for a few days. Still worth it, though lol.
  9. Hey @pow4ever mate! I think the S in the Genutrain S might actually stand for "Support". This is a hinged brace, which I kind of avoided after trying 2 other hinged braces and found them to be too intrusive for my particular preference. The Genutrain Sport is actually the cheapest from all the Bauerfeind braces! It is more compressive, lighter and breathable than the regular Genutrain line of braces (Genutrain (normal version), P3 (patella issue specific version), A3 (arthritis specific version), S (hinged support version)). It also has silicon strips on the inside, which aid in it staying up. My perception of the regular Genutrain line was that it was a little too "unsupportive" for my likings, but that could be because I'm used to using reasonably strong sleeves while I squat (Rehband 7051) and I've even used knee wraps. Funny you talk of barefoot stuff. After a whole bunch of research into my knee and consulting with a former ortho surgeon who is a mate of mine, at the start of 2020 I decided to start with barefoot/minimal/zero drop shoes with wide toe boxes. I've since either binned or sold pretty much all my shoes except for my pair of crampon compatible Scarpas. Now I have: Lems Primal 2 Lems Boulder Mid Altra Lone Peak Hiker Topo Trailventure Xero Prio Xero Z-Trail The Prio is the most minimal and I use it exclusively for jogging. I jog slowly only for about 20min. I might get around 4km or so. I do this for the sole purpose of strengthening my feet. Just once or twice a week. Now I wear barefoot shoes, my walking biomechanics have changed- I walk wayyy softer and don't strike with my heel. And my jogging/running biomechanics have changed- I absorb way more impact with my feet. I also wrap my knees when I squat anything at or over say 100kg, just so I can protect myself from the bottom position. I find knee pain will occur if I'm at full collapse. So anything at 100kg or over and I wrap my knees so I can't get into a full collapse- it protects me by probably 10 degrees or something I'm guessing. Plus I never go to exhaustion or anything. I also started to power clean again in a pretty high catch position just so I can absorb a little impact in a controlled environment. Nothing heavy, though. I'm also dragging myself to my TV and doing 1 follow along yoga session from the youtubes per week because I can see some value there also. But really I should be doing it everyday if I'm going to see any benefit I guess. So I figure this (which could be completely wrong): somewhat corrected walking/jogging biomechanics + way stronger feet + strengthened hammies/quads/glutes/calves/abs + ability to absorb impact efficiency in my feet/legs = more stability everywhere so my knees and knee cartilage aren't getting rocked and shocked from every day life.
  10. I love that final shot. Very cinematic.
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    The Economy

    Yes. Sorry wait I mean no.
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    The Economy

    I'm no expert, but here, last year the demand for houses dropped because not many people wanted to buy during COVID uncertainty and now there is an excess demand for property since all the people who would have bought last year but didn't are all backed up and competing for houses now. I believe it is the same deal for cars (increased demand due to backed up potential buyers) and the supply of manufacturing has been reduced to covid and other environmental factors. Which is great, because I just put one of my cars up for sale . Here, we have a lot of foreign investment and over the past couple of decades it has driven the house of prices up ridiculously, especially when compared to the wage increase. Where we bought our houses has gone up apx $300k in just 5 years since it is between 2 universities and a lot of foreign students attend and reside close-by and end up competing for property in this particular area. They just have more money than local Australians and they're willing to pay way over market value, essentially shifting equilibrium market value up. Not sure if it is the same as where you live, but our house prices are essentially directly proportional to the land size upon which they are built. There could be an amazing architect designed house with all the best fittings on a 500sqm block, which would sell for less than an old rundown dump which would be knock-down only, on an 800sqm block.
  13. Definitely worth watching! What is your softboot set up comprised of?
  14. What might the price be of the board you're selling?
  15. I've been seeing turmeric come up in my reading lately, too. I just started glucosamine and chondroitin, though. I did try a number of new knee braces recently with the intention of returning the ones I don't like and keeping 1 for snowboarding.. Really liking the Bauerfeind Genutrain Sport so far, ended up buying 2 pairs so I can rotate them. These are the ones I tried. In addition to my Rehband 7051. Bauerfeind Genutrain Sport- offered best comfort, compression, perceived support and ability to stay up. Bauerfeind Sports Compression Knee Support- keeping these, also. Super comfortable, feel reasonably supportive, nicely compressive and warm. These just feel great. Bauerfeind Genutrain- probably second overall but felt less supportive than the Sport, plus had a tendency to stay to wiggle its way down through the day. Due to the material, it is probably more comfortable than the Sport, but only minimally. I suspect the material holds more water/sweat than the Sport, which may negate the comfort advantage. Bauerfeind Genutrain P3- felt too restrictive. Too much going on with it. Felt loose around my kneecap. Bauerfeind Genutrain A3- overall very comfortable, but seemed to lack the support I feel like I need/want. DonJoy Reaction Web- way too confronting for my knee cap, felt like someone had vice grips around my knee cap. Donjoy Webtech- as above just worse. Ossur Formfit Pro- similar to the Genutrain but just felt overall "less" in every aspect. Ossur Formfit Pro OA- not quite sure what this was trying to do to my knee, but it felt very unnatural. Shock Doctor 875- honestly hated it, didn't really feel like it offered any support and the hinges I felt were intrusive since I could feel them there. McDavid 429X- hated it also, but hated it a little less than the SD875, felt more natural and less instrusive than the SD875 but at the same time kind of had a similar feeling, not much between these two. Rehband 7051- I love these. They offer perceived support, compression, warmth and comfort, but I am seeking "more" of everything for snowboarding now that my knee is in a somewhat permanent state of injury. Sometimes they can be a little to compressive and I can start to feel blood well in the lower half of my legs while on the chair lift. These are the braces I use to squat in in the gym, along with knee wraps these days since full collapse is painful.
  16. I reckon they might have the heel hold of a deluxe boot, which, for me, is non-existent.
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    Wow good ear. Honestly, I'm actually impressed.
  18. Right. I had misinterpreted your initial comment. I thought you meant you had 3 different constructions on 3 different boards. My serial Kessler The Alpine 168 had a PTex Topsheet but I bought that in 2014 or 2015 I think. I remember when I compared it to my Oxess, it definitely had thinner Titanal, so it wouldn't surprise me if the Titanal is thinner on the factory Kesslers. Well, I'm sure the production Kesslers are made on a line which manages time and cost whereas I'd like to imagine that all customs are made by HK in a remote snowy mountain range in a small handbuilt shack with a wood fire burning as the only source of heat and light and he only makes boards every other day as he must hunt for food with a crossbow on the alternate days.
  19. Would you mind elaborating? I'm curious to know. In contrast, my 2 Oxessesses look identical in construction, i.e. beautiful lol
  20. I think this one may encourage people to get as close as possible.
  21. Surely the current boards are designed to work with the plate, so that they make the required smooth arc once the plate is "locked up"? Doesn't seem like the best way to make a plate/board. Pity there's no money in the sport, or I guess there would be some more harmonious developments by now.
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