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  1. Here on the east coast we experienced a normal winter. The old farmers almanac’s prediction for snowfall was accurate. We did not have the freeze thaw cycles from years past, with plenty of natural snow that is always welcome. Some decent powder days early this season, and February being most consistent with weekly accumulations of 3-5 inches. usually ride mid week alone and work on form , but with everyone working remotely, I had my wingmen. Mt Snow’s first year as a Vail resorts mountain, and they seemed to pull it off. Booting up at the car was a bit of a pain and also making
  2. Corey nailed it! If it is in/on media that will influence people. Wouldn’t want to ride without one.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, but didn’t want to make him feel self conscious about it. I thought they looked sharp along with the video!
  4. Trails are a little more crowded during mid week than usual due to remote work. Tuesday through Thursday is your best bet.3-4 hard carves then stop and wait.
  5. Working on closing my “C” shape trenches by getting lower and on edge before the turn.
  6. All true. It starts way before the first turns. Planting the seed, looks like it’s going to be good on Monday, shopping for food, making the chili, picking up everyone, driving fast, rocking out to tunes and finally getting to the mountain. Riding is only part of it, who really cares. Tailgating with bloody Mary’s at 11am and that sweet pain of still being able to do what you love with friends as we mature!
  7. I bought replacement screws adjusters from yyz just Incase they blow apart. I tighten them every morning , who knows where they wind up at the end of the day. I did get new liners, 141 which are really lite and stiff, don’t even lock out the boots now which helps when down weighting.
  8. My boots are so old they automatically cant after the first turn!
  9. Hi Briana, this forum has too much info, and as much as everyone wants to give good advice, your head will be spinning in no time. There are some articles here that are worth a read that might help as well as some really good info on an old web site Carvers Almanac. Welcome
  10. Looking for just one for the front boot? Yellow springs
  11. billyt.

    Mount Snow

    Epic NE conditions right now. Natural base with daily light snows 3-5 inches. Perfect riding for beautiful trenches! Saw two alpine riders on Tuesday, sorry didn’t stop and say hello.
  12. The bottom of the glass where the muddled fruit are, is the best part! I prefer Dewars old fashion. A cinnamon stick is a nice touch as well.
  13. billyt.


    Driving back from VT listening to radio, Glenn Cambell Whitichaw lineman!
  14. I’m sure they will pro rate your pass for next season? Maybe not?
  15. My rear binding has a little bit of outside can’t, if I engage the heel without orienting the boot to allow for it is probably what caused it to break.
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