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  1. The bottom of the glass where the muddled fruit are, is the best part! I prefer Dewars old fashion. A cinnamon stick is a nice touch as well.
  2. billyt.


    Driving back from VT listening to radio, Glenn Cambell Whitichaw lineman!
  3. I’m sure they will pro rate your pass for next season? Maybe not?
  4. My rear binding has a little bit of outside can’t, if I engage the heel without orienting the boot to allow for it is probably what caused it to break.
  5. Sounds about right. Busted one wing on the intec last season and did not replace. Pins have been holding the load of my “big bone” frame, and they are starting to stick and difficult to engage. Will look into the Fintecs for next season.
  6. Great weekend of riding. Thought with all the rain this past week conditions would be terrible, luckily not so. Met another carver on a skwal and Alex up at Stratton on Friday. Optimistic that March will hold, but spring is coming quick!
  7. billyt.

    board sleeve

    Bomber still sells them? Thought I saw them on their site.
  8. Trying to pressure the edge early in transition to control speed on steeper pitch. Usually there is a two hour window where body and board are working well together.
  9. Big wave, now you’ve hit my pet peeve!! I know the parks are great for marketing purposes, but when they start putting features on some great runs drives me crazy. Not to mention all the snow that has to be made to create those mountains, where other trails are still closed at the beginning of February because they just have only a little natural snow. SO, everyone stays on the usual crowded runs. Then when we do get some natural snow, it takes days for the ski patrol to drop lines to finally open those trails. Not sure if this is cost cutting, but I think that trail expansion would lead to a more customer friendly experience. My two cents.
  10. Less than satisfied with recent grooming. I know that the snow conditions have been a challenge here in the NE. Trails that used to be flat and groomed smooth from edge to edge, now have seams and rollers where there never was?
  11. Starboard standup paddle board marketed the same way! Pictures of it being surfed, but warranty has disclaimers. It only broke twice. Live and learn.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I can see where transitioning from groom firm to softer edge snow without being locked could lead to hyper extension. I do like the greater range of flexibility without the boot deforming. BTS seems like a no brainer. EricJ I will pm you about that offer!
  13. Just recently bought new liners, Palau 141. Installed into my Deeluxe LeMans. They are a bit taller than previous stock liners, and seem to be stiffer. Fit is improved as well. Normal riding front locked at 3 and rear boot unlocked. This weekend rode in mostly fresh snow with both unlocked. On groomed runs I was able to still carve hard and I was comfortable. Is there a risk of injury riding like this? Does anyone else ride like this? Is now the time to purchase the BTS?
  14. When muscles get tight, that’s when it’s time for the hot tub. Give it a rest. I do morning stretches, laying flat on carpet, knees to chest. Knees up let them roll to left then right. Sitting, legs apart reaching for toes and holding . Not sure how much it helps? Feel better.
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