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Bomber Version 3 is open!!


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I would have sent a PM but this question may be one that others will have so I’ll post it here.  Will you be filling any orders now (or soon) with your current stock or are you allocating all of your efforts to getting ready for the reopening of Bomber V3 this fall. 

Thanks for stepping up and saving Bomber!


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56 minutes ago, daveo said:

And will this forum be moved back to its old address?


This forum/website is no longer affiliated with Bomber. I think it’s better for the sport for it not to be affiliated with any manufacturer. 

And let me add my appreciation to Walker - this is great news indeed!

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Dave, I need to hold off on filling orders with my current stock until I have the backside complete (incorporate, accounts, etc)

Ace, At this point there isn’t a manufacturing entity to acquire so some items will be contract manufactured. 

Daveo, for the initial term we will continue with the current gear. Once the company is stable new products will start to be developed. I’ll be checking in a that time to sound out issues or changes people desire.


I see Jack replied as I was writing much the same thing. The Forum has been larger than Bomber for years and encompasses far more than one company. It makes sense for it to continue independently. 



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1 hour ago, Mike T said:

Welcome, Walker - and thank you!!!  My spare TD3/SW parts bin is in need of a refresh so I'll be keeping a close eye out (6 pairs... and I crash a lot)   I look forward to seeing what you do with it going forward.  

Lol, I don’t crash but I’m fat, that puts some wear and tear on them too. 

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On 4/28/2018 at 7:44 AM, forrest said:

the store will remain closed for the time being. I will be working to set up the back end of the business and getting all my ducks in a row with the intention of firing everything up and going live in the fall

 :cool:  Ah Man!.......it's gonna be a Long summer but understand your plan  :biggthump

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