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    Software engineer and entrepreneur
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    Coilers: Monster II 184, NSR V-Cam 183, NSR+ 180 Asym, Nirvana Energy 178 .4mm, Nirvana Energy 174 x2 ('13 and '18), SL Asym 161,
    BXFR 168 x2 (different sidecuts), BX 164
    Donek MK 161
    Prior Fissile 172
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    Track 425; Burton Driver X
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    Sidewinder; TD3 Std; Burton Genesis X; Burton C60; Burton Diode; Burton Cartel; Coiler Magic Carpet on Bomber UPM hardware for the 183
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  1. Can't wait. Remind me ti bring some Deschiutes growlers and a case of wine when we get closer!
  2. Two pairs of large gloves, two pairs of large mitts, $57.60. Black Friday came early this year.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kinco+901&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Akinco+901 XLs for $6.67. Medium for $8.73. Large for less than $20.
  4. LOVE the Roll the Bones NFCE 174! My favorite board topped with my favorite band.
  5. I switched from 700's to 425's mostly for the ankle pivot difference. Was growing to dislike the whole asymmetric flex thing. The 425's do seem stiffer and do seem to be more consistent across different temps.
  6. 2014 Audi S6, acquired used. Scary fast. Would love to tighten up the suspension some.
  7. Welcome, Walker - and thank you!!! My spare TD3/SW parts bin is in need of a refresh so I'll be keeping a close eye out (6 pairs... and I crash a lot) I look forward to seeing what you do with it going forward.
  8. I have a .3mm NFCE 174 and a .4mm NFCE 178. The rest of my Coilers are .3mm. I find the 178/.4 is grippier when I'm having an off-day, but the 174/.3 allows for more precise control when I'm on my game. If I'm on true ice the 174/.3 wins hands down. If the grooming is uneven the 178/.4 gets the nod. I hesitate to draw general conclusions about .3 vs .4 as I own only the one .4 board and have ridden only two. For me, other concerns matter more... overall, these two NFCE's are the favorites in my quiver
  9. I too am interested in buying from whatever stock needs to be liquidated.
  10. Depends on the snow, for me... firm and smooth, 40k vertical and I'm good to go the next day. Uneven and either icy or squishy and 15K vertical can do me in.
  11. My opinion: MK - I own one - amazing on hard-and-chalky-but-not-ice. Anggry - had a multi-day demo - better everywhere else. Some of the worst runs I've taken in the past few years, were on my MK on what I call "Marley snow".... (Sorry, my wife and daughter are dancers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_surface). If you can't go all-in, it's gonna punish you. But if you can go all-in, you're going to be a very happy rider. The problem with the MK on true ice is that you have to be far more skilled than I am to keep the right pressure at all times. The problem with the MK on anything softer-than-chalk is that you WILL fold the nose and be sore the next. The great think about the MK on chalk is that it is just insaley fun, responsive and energetic. The problem with the Angrry on chalk is that it's not not as rewarding as the MK. The great think aboutv the Angrry on ice is that if you ride well but imperfectly, you have a chance. The great thing about the Angrry on softer snow is that you'll live to ride another day. So, what kind of snow do YOU ride?
  12. Planning to ride all days except Friday, up until about 1pm when I need to head down into town to tend to the salt mines. I've got a few "try before you buy" boards for sale: Coiler SL 161, regular asym on the z-axis, $375 - really fun board if you've got the legs and lungs Coiler softie 168, 11.5ish sidecut, seen better days, $125 - great rock board If anyone needs Track 700's in a size 25 MP I can also hook you up.
  13. Hey Keenan - are you still planning a Bachelor session this year?
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