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  1. Powda day tomorrow at loon tomorrow BUB !!!
  2. So happy for the boyz and the program !!!
  3. UMass Hockey in the National Championship for the 2nd year in a row ! Despite losing both of their goalies to COVID, along with 2 top forwards, they beat the reining National Champs, UMD bulldogs, with basically their waterboy in net. Not kidding. Only St Cloud stands in their way for the first national championship in program history. p.s sorry to be so serious on this post, GFYs
  4. Look at Hollywood, letting it be known that he had a fresh pair of Champion sweat pants on. Little teaser in the pic.
  5. So when I broke my back again, "back " in September of last year, They informed me that I had previously broken my back , from "back" in the day. All I can think of is a face plant I did "back" in 2010 on my new Santa Cruz Bullit, off a 5' drop to scorpion flat landing and this scorpion I did "back" in 2016 putting on a slalom clinic, on a 177 Coiler "whatever he made me". Needless to say my back has been a mess for a while. Again anotha lesson learned albeit not from this season: Dont take a 177 supposed to be All Mtn down a tight slalom without having a clue as to the side kunt radius is on
  6. So that's close, but I didn't bounce, I came to a dead stop. Then it looked like a hydrogen bomb of snow from the impact.
  7. its my fault, its my worst nightmare, i bent it, and i learned to never shave my beard eva again !!!! GFY's
  8. Selling a set of lightly used Burton Mission bindings size medium. New center disks and hardware, with upgrade tie cap straps. $100+shipping sorry for the pics, I’ve tried numerous times to flip them.
  9. This upcoming Saturday has a great chance of some heaving anticipation !! The end of the season is a love and hate feeling. Love the warmer weather, after a long cold flat lighted winter. But the flip side is that the conditions are indescribable at Loon. Two weekends ago it started, in one turn , you were managing 2-3 different snow conditions. For some reason I’ve only seen this at loon. anywho enough about the worst groomers and mountain management in the entire ski industry. Let’s talk about this weekends BDC event ! since Loon is the only mountain that deems a group of GUYs chilli
  10. Fellas how was GoOn today ? leaving at 5:30am it didn’t look too promising , but pulling back in at 4pm , suns out, guns out !!! any grey beards around for tomorrow ?
  11. Front side Friday !!! And I guess my heelsides suck, so I’m celebrating my toesides today.
  12. Sold - 2 sets of Flow NX2 fusions size large. one pair is solid black the other pair is black with some white - iridium. Both pairs in very good shape, used over the 2019 and 2020 seasons. the large will fit a boot from size 7.5 through 11.5. $125/per set , buyer pays shipping. SOLD THANK YOU !
  13. Love the riding, the outfits are just as good. I had a outfit epidemic years ago, got called out, still do for my prior sins, so i have done my best to minimize................ its hard.
  14. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. But guy, my heelsides need work guy, just ask mcchattastashe.
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