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  1. If anyone is around this Friday, I’ll be at Loon, if you’d like to join. Chomping at the bit to get back on the hill, I’ve been laying in bed with an ear and sinus infection since 2/7. 13 years in a row going to the World of Concrete show in Vegas, and all very similar returns. Maybe next year I don’t line up bottle service for the Crazy Horse while we are waiting for our bags when we get to McCarran airfield ?!?!?!? I think that will be the last time...................
  2. Just sent an email from my jculgin@proequipmentrental.com email address. 
    let me know what you think 

    serial # 1260 




  3.  I have a Kessler 162 custom slalom. It was originally built for Ryan Rozencranz . The board is from the 2015 season, and it been sitting in my basement with storage wax since 2016. 
    i actually forgot I even had it and then I Just came across it while cleaning my board bags for an upcoming trip. 
    im in Vegas until Friday, I won’t have the board on me until Friday night. If you are interest I can get you the serial number to get the specs from Kessler. Rode really well, I would say the nose was a little more firm than a stock one. 
    $350 + shipping usd. 
    I will get an exact freight quote the following week from my logistics manager. 

  4. If that happens twice in less than a month, does that make it my fault ? I think it does. I have witnesses for both though ...………………………….. ! On the sneaker scene, I had 3 family member with me. The best part about that, was I only tried on the one pair. But as the shopping continued in the store for the other 3, the HIGH end sneaker salesman said he would put those behind the counter for me as they were selling them out quickly. Thanks GUY for your HELP !!!! With the Drivem MacGyvers, I only had the TANK with me. When I got home that day after we swapped boards, I rushed to check the size on my last pair of Burtons, when I saw them my jaw dropped. " IT FUHHKIN HAPPENED AGAIN " "Fuhhk " "WTF" …….………………………… "FUHHKIN TWICE" So I'm thinking Def Leppard - Armegeddon ALL Day today to get the STOKE rev limiter up !!!
  5. So Goeff, I did try and copy @jackm and his KST 175 custom, but the problem was a transportation thing. See I cant put a 175 in the long way , in my Prius, a 172 is the max length I can properly get in there. I thought about getting a roof box for it, but it kills the mileage, then I realized I would just be better off in a 1 ton Diesel if that was the case. What are you thoughts on those 2 stroke Toyota Tacoma trucks with the huge 4'5" long bed, that you see EVERYWHERE in Maine. #lynnmcmittens GFY's
  6. Hey guy, How’d we come up with that nickname for that moron anyways, guy ? guy, it’s his first name, guy .
  7. 172 Kessler custom 172 x 21 10/14m scr
  8. Weekend agenda: So the weather looks like its going to be a mess. My phone says, snow, but the local ice cream man from Beverly is calling for a wash out. However I just spoke with Chomp my nephew, hes hearing POW !! So whatever fuhhkin happens, happens, either way its all getting left on the hill or in the bahhh. So lets get to brass tax. I have formed a new club/team, unknowingly till now, but with the remaining (3) T32 members and Spicolli the rookie who is competing for a spot in his trial year. So over winter break Spicolli and I took it upon ourselves to form a new club, TBDC. NO , its not The Big Dink Club, its The Bad Dads Club, but it very easily could be called the first one, just sayin. What we do is, we sneak over to the other side of the mountain, where noone knows us, remembers me, and its judgement free zone. The drink of choice is Budlight, we crush 3-4 in the hour that we are given, while the LRT kids are wrapping up their afternoons. We then sprint across the parking lot like teenagers so we don't get caught, by the kids or significant others. So far we have had 3 successful missions, the only hiccup was one afternoon, while loading up my truck with my daughter and her gear. A couple Sled heads I know, asked if I wanted to go out for a rip on the 800 2 strokes . Without hesitation, I said I was in. Dropped Mack off at a play date, Then proceed to chug a gallon of water, then revived my whole system with a Skoal mint pouch and I was Shred Ready. So look for us to be in the PBR sometime around 10:30 - 11:30. AM - not a big deal !!! if its raining like the ice cream truck driver predicted. If its not we will push the meeting back to 12:15 - 1:15 PM. P.S I did hear some rumblings of a guy with van, pushing the pace on about 5-6 pitchers in the adult bar a couple weeks back. I heard he was giving out free ice cream on his ride back to exit 28. Sorry I missed it !!!
  9. Guy, I cant guy. Guy I’ve taken a full time position as a professional U12 assistant. I handle all phases of logistics and lodging, meal prep and replenishment, ski tech, yoga instructor, therapist, in transit homework monitor , human ATM machine, laundry service, French braid stylist and on and on, guy.............
  10. Selling a pair of Burton Driver X’s size 10. Used less than 10 days. They were never molded, but can be re molded up to 5 times with the Burton liner. Bought last month, not the right size for me. $200 plus shipping. SOLD thanks
  11. So I finally got some laps on the boots that the Dokta was working on for me. I cant say enough good things about these boots. After a full day of tinkering, I knew what the fuss was all about and I’m really happy with them. My Only issue with these was, I was in between sizes. After bringing my B shell and another GUY’s C shell, to the Doktas office, it was confirmed that the B shell was the way to go for, but would require some precision work. So I left the boots with the Dokta knowing I was in good hands. He said that the Grildamald was actually very easy to work with. To get the length I needed, he punched out my big toes slightly and grinded my rear haglunds perfectly. Over Xmas break I was able to get out on a couple different types of boards, that gave me some great feedback on the Doktas work. if you’re in the NE, and have some specialty work that needs to be done I highly recommend using Eric.
  12. Loon is going off this week ! Yesterday was unreal, 100% shralpable until 11:30 !! Team grey beard took a couple victory laps down Hollywood. the T28 Founding family was rocking the stash . A great showing from some alums, home for the holiday break before some nor-ams in Quebec. The midweek crew was in full effect, finally got to rip some runs with them down, surprise , surprise, Hollywood !!! Best dressed RA, who was geared up for the Baja 1000. a small group of LRT dads finally got to take the sleds “out for a rip“ from the flume parking lot, up to twin mountain. This could become another bad habit for me, just sayin. Fligs no show !
  13. 12/28, a group of former LRT riders will be on the hill. The youngens are as lippy as ever, and have promised to outgun me on the hill and in the bahh. I said NFW that is possible, but we will see. I'd love to have a couple Grey Beards by my side, just in case this gets ugly. Unfortunately their alpine days are behind them, they will be on their BX setups. I will join as well with my BXer, so there are NO excuses. Merry Christmas and GFY's ! 2020 Fill IT UP AGAIN !!!!
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