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  1. pow.................da...........................day............................! Already have 1.5cm's in the driveway, looks like its not gonna stop for a while. gonna have to grab my avi beacon and snorkel to survive this one. Cannon must have at least 4.5cm's at this point.
  2. The longest run of great conditions that I’ve seen. 10+ days of PP !!
  3. A little, I have noticed my toes are getting colder this year. So that’s probably from the plastic. Overall, don’t love them though. I can deal with the flex, what I can’t riddle is the heel lift. If you over tighten them, then you freeze. I’ve tried the heel grabbers, but they have a pull cord system as well, so now your managing two sets of pull cords, and something always caused a hot spot.
  4. Cannon tomorrow anyone ? The kids have a NHARA super G tech day, followed up with the STate Championships Friday. Wont commit to Friday until after I get a good vibe tomorrow. What's good n groomed up there ? Hopefully the paved the whole ****in place................................................ If Loon got 5", then Cannon got at least 15". The Cannon equation = 3 x's more then Loon ever get's............ALEGEDLEY.
  5. Guy, enjoy guy, but what Bod, guy ?? I think they’ll all work today guy. I’ll be honest, I left last weekend, saying to myself, “ self........ it doesn’t get any better then a New England hero snow day “ . guy you know guy, when it’s , grippy, grabby, but still firm, where it holds all day. IMO I feel like New England is the only region that can produce that texture. We’re Lucky to get that one to two weekends a year, the rest of the year can GFI !!!!
  6. Yesterday was great, the Coila Chubb was on her game. Again sorry for missing the tee time, we had a big project that needed to be completed by 8am this morning. soooooo, I’ll be at cannon Thursday, not sure if you and the other guy, want to join in ???
  7. @RobertAlexander where have you and Steveash been ? ive been getting some Friday’s in with the new norm, but haven’t seen you guys. I’ll be up for almost 2 weeks starting next Wednesday. Shoot me a message and we will Tear it up, bub......
  8. Loon just opened the Bahs back up. Hot off the press from Connie, who hasn't left Lincoln since Xmas !!! So Saturday could be a shot day for me, but a lon bod day if its gonna be a shot wun ?? How's everyone's ailments ? Its Hollywoods call, never seen that GUY in pain like that. P.S remember the time that we almost had suppah with a Gold medalist, the Vancouver games PGS gold medalist to be exact. LMFAO......................................
  9. I know a GUY, he's pretty Pissa. Actually more like wicked pissa. Up at the Loaf @Beckmann AG There's another couple GUYS up there, that could help as well. Not as pissa, but still pissa @Jack M and @trailertrash. If you like silence on the chairlift, go with TT. If you want some nice convo about the sport and gear go with JM. If you cant venture up that far, check out Donny Pelletier, well he's good at everything !! He's at the Riva on Sundays.
  10. The Green Monsta is awesome, she’s a 4 stroke 450x for sure. Had flume to myself Friday, knifed it about 6 times TDAB, then got fatigued, and wanted to leave some in the reserve tank for Saturday’s Team meeting. Couldn’t for the life of me get it to come around quick enough on angel st. Too many knolls, and minimal real estate, maybe if they ever take out the snow Gun mounds, I’ll figure it out of the street. This morning was cold, Lovely was nothing.
  11. Bonzi, the Cummins is not only my go to ****in Motah bub, it’s my go to bod. Coila chub, 3rd rendition 177/21 -12/14scr. It’s perfect for NH, I can bring it down anything, and those specs, have brought in some decent revenues, from some local snowboard races along the way. #GFY’s
  12. Dahts r shahp. bod , weekend bod, guy. I might be on the BX, but the snow was ****in mint today guy, so if might be a shot bod. Just spoke to Hollywood, from the tanning bed in Plymouth, he’s on the free carve Contraband bod for tomorrow, guy. It’s firm and fast !!!
  13. Guy, what Bod for Friday , guy ? lon bod, shot bod, bx bod, powda bod, free cahv bod, powda cahv bod ? boot gloves, will be a must, along with Lynn Mc mittens , puff, with Hollywood Riddel cotton base layer , and my daughters heated socks.
  14. " Madd about you " who sang that song, The GoGo's or Belindah Cahlisle ?!?!?! MADD - Mainah Against deadbeat dudes
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