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  1. We have some Sierra Cement up here in the Disco. About 2" and gaining. Hopefully Lovely got some fluffy Colorado Crack with the E-gain. Ink, love ya, but I'm on soft boots today. Bigs, there called sick days, use them !!!
  2. Not mine, the Dokta’s from 84. I was most likely sitting in a penalty box at that time, in a heated Mite hockey contest .
  3. I think this was taken in 2016. Ive cleaned it out and have made many changes, except for 2 of them. The Coiler “MACK” truck named after my daughter and Kessler Ride, that I will “ride” until the edges are gone !! The rest have either broken, or I am just too lazy and old to ride anymore, so I’ve sold off. Once my Kessler blink 182 arrives, I’ll put up the new quiv pic.
  4. Just sayin, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. LOON has always been a shredder strong hold.
  5. 11/30 Loon opening date gfys
  6. Not aggro, just plain scared. I'm coming off IR, I don't want to be playing bumper cars with my unhealed 1/2 rack of cracked ribs. Technically I should stay on IR through December, bit I'll never learn !!! I know I'll be rolling with some Offensive linemen, but even the good ones, let their quarterbacks get blind sided from time to time.
  7. whats open or projected to be open by the 21st at Lovely ? Please tell me more then just the WROD ?
  8. LCI - I will be at Lovely 11/22 through 11/27. Staying at Copper village, but they aren't open to the GP till 12/3. So day tripping in the compact SUV !!! I'm buying a Lovely 4 pack, so I will be riding 4 days within those dates. That's all ill have in the tank anyways, I'm currently on bed rest for the next 8-10 weeks, from a little mtn spill a couple weeks ago, so I wont be in good shape at all. Might need some recovery days in between See you goons soon. Inquires/dates will be run through Inky and Bigs.
  9. I messaged you. I still have the 180 and a 162 as well if you were interested in both. I saw that you were looking for both. Let me know, through messenger on this forum. Thanks !
  10. I also have Kessler slalom as well. Built for AJ Muss, He lent it to me at nationals in 2015, and said to just keep it. He had just switched over to pearl. So I rode it sparingly over the last 5 seasons, on real icy days. 

    its been ridden hard, but it’s still rideable. 

    we are similar in size, I’m 6-1, 195-200. 

    $1,000 for both shipped to you work ?


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    2. MR. JOHN DEERE !

      MR. JOHN DEERE !

      Ok let me know.

      taking next week off, but can shoot up to my NH the following week

    3. mgcox


      We are good to go! 162 and 180 for $1k.  As I mentioned, the timing is not a huge issue so no rush.

      This is my first transaction on here so I'll have to lean on your expertise for exchanging funds and boards. 

      Side note, also in the market for some 30-30.5 UPZ boots if you have some you are trying to place. 

    4. MR. JOHN DEERE !

      MR. JOHN DEERE !

      No help on the boots, but I’ll keep an eye out. 

      so here’s my cell, this will be easier. 781 858 0539 joe culgin 

      I’ll get you either my paypal account or my girlfriends. PayPal works best.

      When I get back from vacation, I’ll shout up grab the boards, package and prep them for shipment,  
      just text me your address. 
      thanks ! 

  11. Mgcox, 

    it is still available. 
    let me know.


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