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  1. Hollywood, that furmuffcam is that much !!! thanks for helping out, I owe skiguydad lunch and most likely you as well.
  2. Steve, they’re under there. I bought a 185 from The Calgary Snowboard club, years back. Glenn Chapman / Hollywood helped me. He had a device that was very sensitive to heat, and we scanned the top sheet looking for temp variances. I’ll have him chime in for the correct device name. once we knew where one insert was, we then mimicked, the insert pattern from another Kessler. another 185 would be ideal, but that 168 could help as well. either a 168 or a 185 will tell you the insert width, so draw those vertical lines with a pencil, so you are on plane, then your just probing on the horizontal holes. we first made very small holes with a drill. Then once we knew where all of them were we went to a bigger drill. obviously use a smaller drill then the insert threads. most of the work was done with an exacto knife, cutting open the top sheet. then I simply cleaned the thread with a thread chaser. you could also use wax, and. A hot iron, but to get it hot enough to show the inserts from below, you might cause damage to the base.
  3. So I noticed allot of guys and gals on these for the Italian BX teams. anyone know who makes these, just wondering.
  4. Selling 2 kesslers. 180 alpine, stock. 4 years old, only used 20 times +/-. Only base ground once, professionally maintained and stored each summer. $700+ shipping. A 8/9 IMO. Could use a base grind again, just cause of the time in between the last one, two years ago. Only imperfection are the bumper marks from the gecko plates. 168 cross, stock. 1 year old, only used 5 times +/- . And those 5 days were less then 4 hours. Still on the factory base grind, only thing I touched was the side edges, twice. A 10 IMO , shred ready, no base grind needed. $850 + shipping. reason for selling these, I want a custom 180 just wider then the stock shape. On the cross I want the 163, the 168 was perfect in Colorado, but a little big for the NH granite and tighter trails. let me know.
  5. Role call for the weekend ? fellas you alive ?
  6. I don’t have social anxiety disorder when on my board and under the chairlift. the metal from the chairs turns me into a social butterfly. Not afraid.
  7. Did you know that they only bomb the Sugarloaf snowfields on the weekend !?!?!? yup I actually heard that on the lift at the Loaf, as a BRO with a 3 day pass and a TexASS accent was curious as to why they weren’t bombing the snowfields with the recent 12” snow On a Friday . So then a “Useless in Eustes” local Bro on the chair, says GUY they only Bomb on the weekends GUY and why don’t you roll up your 3 day pass Guy and use it as a hot cocoa straw guy. P.S I was sooo impressed with the resilience of the average to the below average Maine skier. youre on the chair watching these shit shows on skis come down at a much greater tempo than you would find at a NH mountain, and they just will not fall and yard sale. It was so amazing to me, I’m watching these Maineacs come down, hands flailing, gapah gapping, as far as you can get In the back seat, skis dangling like they were just attached onto the ski pants, and they would not fall. It was amazing. its like Donny Pelletier has a following of wanna be like donnys.
  8. If anyone is around this Friday, I’ll be at Loon, if you’d like to join. Chomping at the bit to get back on the hill, I’ve been laying in bed with an ear and sinus infection since 2/7. 13 years in a row going to the World of Concrete show in Vegas, and all very similar returns. Maybe next year I don’t line up bottle service for the Crazy Horse while we are waiting for our bags when we get to McCarran airfield ?!?!?!? I think that will be the last time...................
  9. Just sent an email from my jculgin@proequipmentrental.com email address. 
    let me know what you think 

    serial # 1260 




  10.  I have a Kessler 162 custom slalom. It was originally built for Ryan Rozencranz . The board is from the 2015 season, and it been sitting in my basement with storage wax since 2016. 
    i actually forgot I even had it and then I Just came across it while cleaning my board bags for an upcoming trip. 
    im in Vegas until Friday, I won’t have the board on me until Friday night. If you are interest I can get you the serial number to get the specs from Kessler. Rode really well, I would say the nose was a little more firm than a stock one. 
    $350 + shipping usd. 
    I will get an exact freight quote the following week from my logistics manager. 

  11. If that happens twice in less than a month, does that make it my fault ? I think it does. I have witnesses for both though ...………………………….. ! On the sneaker scene, I had 3 family member with me. The best part about that, was I only tried on the one pair. But as the shopping continued in the store for the other 3, the HIGH end sneaker salesman said he would put those behind the counter for me as they were selling them out quickly. Thanks GUY for your HELP !!!! With the Drivem MacGyvers, I only had the TANK with me. When I got home that day after we swapped boards, I rushed to check the size on my last pair of Burtons, when I saw them my jaw dropped. " IT FUHHKIN HAPPENED AGAIN " "Fuhhk " "WTF" …….………………………… "FUHHKIN TWICE" So I'm thinking Def Leppard - Armegeddon ALL Day today to get the STOKE rev limiter up !!!
  12. So Goeff, I did try and copy @jackm and his KST 175 custom, but the problem was a transportation thing. See I cant put a 175 in the long way , in my Prius, a 172 is the max length I can properly get in there. I thought about getting a roof box for it, but it kills the mileage, then I realized I would just be better off in a 1 ton Diesel if that was the case. What are you thoughts on those 2 stroke Toyota Tacoma trucks with the huge 4'5" long bed, that you see EVERYWHERE in Maine. #lynnmcmittens GFY's
  13. Hey guy, How’d we come up with that nickname for that moron anyways, guy ? guy, it’s his first name, guy .
  14. 172 Kessler custom 172 x 21 10/14m scr
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