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  1. Hi All, I have a few more items back in stock and will hopefully have the remained available shortly. BTS are in stock and shipping FinTec replacement heels are in and shipping - There have been some availability issues for the screws so there may be a day or two delay here or there but when my big order comes in we will have them by the thousands. There are a heap of new bails in all varieties, Black (end of week) and Silver baseplates in regular and long sizes, Red and Silver options for sole blocks. I will update the pictures on the website with the available color schemes at the end of the week when I build up a pile of bindings. Thanks for everyone's continued support and thanks to Jack for letting my post this update. Walker
  2. I've been curious to try these liners since last winter. Good to hear that they work as well as they appear. I've been using the Intuition Plug Wrap for a bunch of years, Intuition told me is generally the same foam as the SBC but shorter (a tad too short for me) and lacking the hard red wrap (the grey wrap is thinner and softer) I'm ordering a set to try in the fall and if they're as good as they sound I'm planning to go ahead and import some into the US.
  3. Hi All, I’m going to turn the checkout off in the Bomber webstore for a few weeks starting April 15 going through the beginning of June. I will be off to Austria for a few weeks coaching skis camps and then visiting family in Maine before I make my way back to Colorado. I should have pretty solid email access for that time so I will be able to answer emails and questions. I will however be completely unable to ship anything until I’m back in Colorado. I’m hoping this won’t be an inconvenience for anyone at this time of year. If it is I will be shipping orders until I leave on April 15th and I will start shipping again as soon as I return. Thanks for everyone’s orders during the season you’ve made the difference in getting Bomber back on its feet and headed towards more vibrancy. I’m aiming to have sufficient supply of the core Bomber products going into next season so I don’t run out of anything during the year. I’m also hoping to bring in some snowboards again. Thanks as always to Jack for letting me post here and for keeping the Forum alive and well. Cheers, Walker
  4. It is an anodized finish like the Red. I use UPZs so I understand the issue. That is a priority for the future hopefully in the nearer rather than longer term.
  5. Hello All, First off TD3’s are available in Traditional Step In, Standard and Sidewinder Standard. Sidewinder Step In’s are coming but there is an unforeseen delay holding them up. There are now additional options for colors on the bindings, Centerdisks, Baseplates, Lock Brackets, Toe Clips and E-Rings all have additional colors available. For the E-Rings Grey = Red and Black = Blue.
  6. You and me both, I'd been meaning to pick up a set of Fintecs and a Boiler plate for a few years to freshen my setup.
  7. Hey Lurch, I'm right there with you! As for any obvious short comings for next season as I've gone through inventory I've become more optimistic that we may have inventory to approach, though perhaps not match, the volume Fin was selling a few years ago. It's starting to become clear where our opportunity is to maximize available product and how best to pursue it. Cheers, Walker
  8. Thanks Mario, I’ve always thought he had a way with words. Walker
  9. I have Boiler plates as well as second board kits. I think that will be one of the last products to get fired up into new production but I have a relatively good number on hand. Walker
  10. Dave, I need to hold off on filling orders with my current stock until I have the backside complete (incorporate, accounts, etc) Ace, At this point there isn’t a manufacturing entity to acquire so some items will be contract manufactured. Daveo, for the initial term we will continue with the current gear. Once the company is stable new products will start to be developed. I’ll be checking in a that time to sound out issues or changes people desire. I see Jack replied as I was writing much the same thing. The Forum has been larger than Bomber for years and encompasses far more than one company. It makes sense for it to continue independently. Cheers
  11. CURRENT UPDATE Hello Everyone, I had not intended to delay posting the store opening here, however, once I turned the store on and had a few sales from those on the notification list I had to fix some issues on the backend of the store. Most are fixed, there is still a problem with a few customers not having a shipping option show up, you can always choose pickup and the order will proceed. Its that time of year, time to get ready for the coming season!! The Bomber Store is open! First the caveat, I have stock of Td3's however I am waiting for the binding stickers to arrive so they are unavailable on the store, they will be available shortly and I will send another email at that time. I am opening the store now because I want to use the store with what I expect to be a smaller volume so I can work out any final kinks I haven't found in testing, I'm sure there will be some. I will be available by email and phone as well as monitoring the store full time for the next few days so if you find anything which does not work get a hold of me and we will find the solution. A note on the company name Bomber Industries as an entity has ceased to exist due to the previous bankruptcy. I am keeping the Bomber name involved through much of the business because the name deserves to be kept alive and I personally always think of these products as Bomber products. My business entity is Gumbo LTD, another name with a long history I'll relate sometime, you will see Gumbo throughout the website and most importantly on receipts and billing information. I have started a Facebook page to keep everyone apprised of developments and announcements, this will be the most immediate source of updates. https://www.facebook.com/bomberbygumbo/ I wanted to thank all of you for your support of Bomber, together we will get her afloat and start working towards new products. ****** First off I want to apologize for my lack of updates this summer. I was working like a dog in Alaska and I had less connectivity than I had anticipated, it was like a step back to the days of dial up! I’ve been back in Colorado for a few week and getting product deliveries and final backend setup completed. The good news is that I am aiming to have the store up and running by this this weekend in a limited capacity and fully once stickers arrive to badge TD3’s shortly. There are parts which will continue coming in during the fall so we may have a few outages if demand outstrips the pace of deliveries, but they will be short as possible as parts arrive to replenish stocks. Please know the wheels are already in motion to cover the outages and I expect that for the bulk of the season most items will be available. The primary outages to expect are BTS, I have a stock on hand to start the season but cost and lead time make them a later replenishment. Power Plates will start the season out of stock but they are in process and available as soon as I am able. One other note is that since Bomber Industries as an entity is unavailable the business entity I will be operating as is Gumbo LTD. You will see on the website, email,YouTube,etc and via transactions that the name Gumbo shows up often. I have created a new Facebook page at this link (https://www.facebook.com/bomberbygumbo/) I will be active on the forum but I don’t wish to abuse the moderators generosity by using the forum for commercial purposes so I will use the bomberonline blog and Facebook for the bulk that activity. I think it’s important to run Bomber as a professional business but know I am also foremost an enthusiast. I moved to Colorado 5 years ago to make my living in skiing and snowboarding. Fin and Bomber kept the Alpine community alive in the past and I hope you and I, the community, can bring Bomber back to life and keep these remarkable products alive in turn. Cheers everyone, theres snow on ABasin and the season is coming soon. Hello Everyone, My name is Walker. I wanted to start a thread to centralize current and future information about Bomber. I will continue to update this thread with information going forward to keep everyone in the loop and informed, the uncertainty around Bomber has been a difficulty, as so many of us, myself included, have relied on Bomber for bindings etc for decades. I want to be as transparent as possible so we minimize surprises! Firstly, I have acquired all the remaining inventory from Bomber, excluding boots which Donek has picked up. I'll have TD3's, Sidewinders, BTS, Fintec and Boiler Plates for this coming winter. As of now the bomberonline.com site is in a holding pattern and the store will remain closed for the time being. I will be working to set up the back end of the business and getting all my ducks in a row with the intention of firing everything up and going live in the fall, tentatively aiming for September. What can we expect of this first winter of Bomber V3? I will increase inventory, as much as I can, this summer but we may experience some shortages this winter as I get the business back on its feet. I will continue working my current winter job so Bomber funds can be directed back into the business rather than buying my groceries! I hope to have Bomber running back at full capacity as soon as possible and will work diligently towards that goal. I wanted to thank Fin for starting Bomber and helping put me in touch with the necessary people for this acquisition. I also wanted to thank the forum moderators for all their work keeping the forum up and running as well as taking the steps necessary to ensure its survival. I will note it in the thread title when I update this post with more information. Cheers, Walker Update 180512 The bomber@bomberonline.com email is now directed to me and I will be checking it. The Website will be undergoing some changes from here out as I start working on it. Update 180522 I have created a form to collect email addresses for anyone wanting a notification email when the store goes live in the fall. Bomber Store Notification I will post a topic on the forum when the store is open on the forum as well.
  12. Thanks Wolf. I think one one of the remarkable things about Bomber is that Fin didn’t just start a company he created a community along with it.
  13. Hi Barry, There’s actually surprisingly little back story to this one. I actually preliminarily spoke to Fin back when he first sold the business but was back in the queue. When I first heard the business was on offer again this winter I was flat out at work. March came around work slowed and I started making phone calls and sending emails getting information. It’s a right place right time situation. Cheers Walker
  14. Oops, I should update that I'm in Colorado now, about 30 minutes from where Bomber used to be in Summit. I've been riding since I was a teenager. Bought my first Trench Diggers in college, I still us them actually.
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