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  1. I cannot find anything similar to the OS2 bindings filed by CATEK, so I assume they're both covered by one patent. They operate very similarly anyways.
  2. Those ALC Bindings certainly look interesting... two interlocking plates to independently adjust cant and lift. It's like two Bombers stacked on top of each other! I wonder how someone can solve the stack height problem though. Seems inevitable with a cant plate based system like that one.
  3. So I did some digging and found CATEK's patent. It's U.S. Patent #6,189,911, filed Jan. 9, 1998. This means it expired almost exactly two years ago. Has any new brands popped up making CATEK style bindings? The kingpin + set screw design seems to be the best way to go in terms of adjustability and rigidity. I also cannot seem to find Bomber's patent for whatever reason. Does anyone have anything on it?
  4. I'm interested in the Nidecker if BlueB changes his mind, and would like to know a bit more about the Riot Velocity. PM sent!
  5. I'd also gladly take the board if Adiel doesn't want it for whatever reason!
  6. So I had a pretty bad fall and broke the upper cuff strap of my Deeluxe Track 700. YYZCanuck has replacement parts but shipping is incredibly expensive relative to the price of the strap. Any idea where else I can get a replacement strap?
  7. I'd take the TD3 bindings.
  8. Can I get a few more detailed pictures of that Coiler GS? I'm interested.
  9. I am interested in the Catek bindings as well. Do you have pictures of them?
  10. Mord

    New Tanker

    Looks like an interesting board for sure. Also, I think I ought to ping @Eric Brammer aka PSR
  11. Still for sale? Also, I'd love pictures as well.
  12. I’m looking for a place to carve during Thanksgiving, but most areas are not open then. Even those that advertise as being early only open after thanksgiving, on the 22nd. The few I have on my radar right now are A-basin, Vail, and Timberline. Alll suggestions in North America are welcome!
  13. My guess is that it is more challenging to create a perfectly fitting bail, since it is a series of curves. Perhaps Bomber took the easier route of not following the curve perfectly. It might create a few stresspoints on the boot, but I don't see that much of a practical difference.
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