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Found 28 results

  1. SOLD Length: 180, waist: 19, SCR: 13 Fully stock build other than top sheet. Excellent condition. The base and top sheet are nearly perfect. The side wall has a very minor nick in it from the lift line. Same thing in the nose. Both are only cosmetic. Edges are in great shape with a fresh tune (1* base, 2* side). My initials are on the tail of top sheet. Less than 20 days on this board. Purchased new for $1,200. Free shipping. CONUS only. Also willing to drive to meet any local buyers.
  2. Donek Incline and Razor (Hybrid) Have not used these board much since I bought them from here several years ago. I don't remember all the exact specs, I'll do my best to describe them. The first one is an Incline, 166cm with a 24cm waist, I don't know the sidecut. The board is not perfect, the base has some scratches and dimples from the inserts and the top has chips and scratches. Rode the board with some Catek FR1. Pretty fun board, good all mountain board and soft boot carver. At the time bought it mostly for the top sheet, always loved boards with wood top sheet. asking 250$ 175$ The Second is a Razor ( Hybrid )165 Waist 24.5 sidecut 8.8 10.8 This one is in better shape, only one scratch on base (see picture) Did not ride it much, 5-7 days maybe. Rode is with Catek FR2. I remember when I bought it the seller told me it was a custom build, it had some rubber dampening from the Donek Saber BX board added to it to give it better edge hold in rough condition. Really enjoyed this board, but I just bought a Kessler The ride, so this one has to go. asking 450$ 300$ Pictures of the Razor
  3. Built at the end of the last season for soft boots. Last season I have used the board ~5 times, this season only 1 time, as I exclusively switched to hard boots... Stock edge tune, no damage, almost like new. The board is in storage wax. Specs: Flex for 200lbs Length 170cm Waist 30.7cm SCR 11m Nose and tail are shorter than standard Knapton Twin to increase effective edge. Ask $475 + shipping. Paid 675 + Tax + Shipping SOLD
  4. Do you have really big feet? Do you want low angle soft boot carve? Do you weight over 240lbs? Take a look at this. 175 length 11/13 sidecut 30.5 waist wider is stiffer best offer or trade for Coiler’s or sidewinders. I can bring to MCC if your interested. Thanks for your consideration and sorry I’m not a Hand model. Cheers
  5. Sadly, I tore my PCL, MCL, MPFL, and a big chunk of the quads so my orthopedist and wife forbade me from snowboarding anymore. Can do local pickup if you are in the Buffalo, NY area. Donek metal fc175 cm sold Sidecut 11.5-13.5, waist 21 cm. $400 plus shipping Deeluxe 325T 29.5M Black boots. $200 plus shipping. Lightly used. Toes and heels in good condition Bomber TD2's—soldwith 0 and 3 degree cant plates . Replaced the rear bail springs (though they are still floppy). Hex wrench included. $100 plus shipping Approx 155 cm Aggression board from around 1997 with burton bindings. Make me an offer
  6. Selling my quiver including boots due to a job relocation to Southern California. Taking up surfing. Coiler Monster in good condition but does have a few topcoat scratches. Coiler VSR in prefect shape. Used about 10x at most. Donek Proteus flawless, used only once (literately!) is the original carving board and still one of the best. Two (2) pair TD3 Sidewinder Step-in's - the best binding on the planet! Deeluxe Boots, size 11.5. Will add pics shortly with details. First reasonable offer accepted and will have to ship from SoCal. Thanks, Phil
  7. For sale is a Donek Rev 175. I had this board made for 150lbs, with a slightly modified waist (19.5cm) and sidecut (11-17m). The edges are set at 1/2 degree for the base and 2 degrees for the side. The nose and tail were personally detuned by Sean. The board was used for 1 year and has about 60-70 days on it, and still rides great. It has been base ground once before, but could probably use another. The topsheet has a few marks near the tail, and one on the nose but they are all cosmetic. The edges still have about 75% of their life left. This board would be perfect for a younger or lighter competitor looking for a gs board. I'm looking for $500 $450 $400 plus shipping. For more pictures, or questions or inquires, please email me at drew.ellison1 @ gmail.com
  8. I have a donek saber 155 in excellent condition. The only reason I need to sell is for a bigger board for USASA nationals. 450 obo. Timmycrosby16@gmail.com
  9. I have been looking to get an alpine board for racing but have no clue what their about. I came up with a setup, donek pilot, deluxe track 325, f2 carve rs. And was wondering if it would work out for me. Keep in mind I’m a sophomore in high school. Thanks
  10. SOLD - Donek 161 MK. Like new - less than 6 hours on the board. 161 x 18 CM x secret radius... but tight! The hype is real - wicked quick edge to edge ride. Only ridden two mornings and got it dialed in - but in the end I have another board that has come up and I have to sell some of my quiver to make room. Retails for $1,025 USD plus taxes and shipping https://www.donek.com/product/mk/ Priced mine for sale at $725 USD plus shipping for a quick sale and a deal for someone. I'm in Canada, but I ride out of Sugarloaf so I can also ship from Maine 04619 depending on timing. MK description from the Donek site... "The MK stands as the ultimate alpine carving board in existence. It’s carving performance is unparalleled. No board made today or in the past will out perform this board’s aggressive carving abilities. Lightning fast edge transfers, agility, massive edge hold on bulletproof snow, liveliness out of turns and incredible high speed tracking. We have created and tested many prototypes to get the MK’s perfect balance of pop and dampness. Are you ready to bring your riding skills to the next level? Say hello to your next best friend."
  11. I'm sadly departing with my Donek Kapton Twin. I purchased it at the end of last season (17-18). Its in great condition as I only took it out about 7 days. The only reason I want to part with it is that I've recently decided that I can't lie to myself about riding switch anymore. I'm making the move to a directional board that I can focus on carving groomers and not chase the dream of putting on a show. Check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSf2blWn3fKJmjtZQOMfsGw for what this board was designed for. The board is a fantastic carver and great for someone that wants to ride freestyle and also lay down deep carves. Check out the specs below and I'm happy to send more pics and info. I live in Boulder, CO and will drive to meet up or discuss shipping for out of state options. $475 + shipping Donek Knapton Twin Length 160cm 8.7m sidcut 28cm waist 23 5/8in reference stance Call or text Brenden @ 859 seven 9 seven nine 144 or email @ brendenallen@ymail.com
  12. Does anyone want a rev 157? I can get some pics tonight when I get home. 350.00 plus ship
  13. 2015 Donek Rev 185, 20cm waist, 12-21m SCR, used for about 1 full season. The board is in great shape with no damage and plenty of edge life. Allflex, UPM and 4x4 insert patterns. The board currently has an Allflex plate mounted and included. Would prefer to sell as a combo, but I'll split the board and plate if I have a buyer for each. I'll work on getting pictures posted this weekend. Or, I am happy to send the pictures directly. $800
  14. I am 5'6", 145 lb's looking for a slalom board. I am looking for something like a Coiler or Donek which wouldn't be too stiff for me but I am still looking for something with decent quality, I am riding on an 'antique' at the moment. If you have any boards or any leads, I would love to hear about them.
  15. 2017 Donek Knapton Twin custom pro model SOLD Length 160cm Waist width 31.2cm Sidecut radius 9.8m radial reference stance 24.5inches Inserts offset 0.5cm toward toe side Very stiff Powder inserts(extra inserts which allow setback stance for heavy pow days) Carbonium topsheet Width eliminates or greatly reduces chances of boot out(depending on shoe size) when carving deeply in duckstance Offset inserts helps to compensate for heelcup drag. I am about 190lbs and after learning the stiffness it felt natural. I believe stiffness is similar to the Donek Incline. Basically a board built for freestyle extreme carving. If you’ve seen Ryan Knapton on YouTube, you know what this is. Ridden about 25 days. Purchased last season for nearly $800. I’m wanting the exact same snowboard but with a larger sidecut radius. When carving, this board will take your riding to the next level.
  16. Unfortunately, I need to empty my collection of alpine snowboards. Please send me a message if you're interested in any of the boards listed below. Kessler 185cm GS Board - $400 Coiler 161cm Slalom + Bomber TD3 Bindings - $600 (Preference is to sell as a package, but can be sold separately) Donek GS 185cm - $275 Throwback Coiler 185cm GS - $100
  17. For sale is a Donek FC Secret 167cm, bought directly from Donek in October 2017. I had originally contacted Sean about ordering a MetalFC, but then we decided to build an FC with the Secret construction instead. $500 shipped within the CONUS, Paypal only please. If sold at that price I will donate $25 back to ASB. Sean invoiced this board as equivalent to a MetalFC, so this is less than 1/2 price from when new. Board only, TD3's not included (I no longer have the bindings, sold them last year). 167 cm, 18.5 cm waist, 8.5m-10.5m sidecut Built for a 165 lb. rider, and the inserts are at a 49cm reference stance. Topsheet and edges are 9/10, base is 8/10. This board probably has around 25 days on it. The board has never been ground, but I did have a tech fill in a couple of minor scratches prior to putting a coating of storage wax on it at the end of the season; the scratches were only about twice the depth of the structure, no core shots. I had originally asked the tech to give it a base grind, but he said the scratches were minor enough that a ptex repair was a better way to go. Topsheet has no scratches, but does have a couple of nicks on the edge as shown in one of the attachments. If you're curious about how it rides, here's a review from @snowjob of his 180 cm version of an FC Secret (this is not my board), it matches up my impressions of my 167. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/45822-donek-180-freecarve-with-secret-construction/ Once I get any inquiries, I'll scrape off the storage wax and send some high-res pics of the base.
  18. I am selling my Donek Rev 185cm. It has 4x4 and UPM hole. I really love this board because this SCR like to finish the turn more than stock specs (better for freecarving) and it is a fast board. I got this board from GeoffV here 2 months ago but I already bought new board for next year and looking to buy another one so I need to let this go..... probably I will regret it... Note that when Sean from Donek put the topsheet on he accidentally used the stock spec sheet. It is 13.5-17m SCR. Made for 175lb+ riders. It has cosmetic scratches and chip at top sheet (I mounted boiler plate) but the base is in perfect condition. Before I got this board all the tune was done: Base has world cup structure tune with side bevels at 3 deg and base bevel at 1 deg. I rode it 4 days on it. Price: $500 shipped
  19. I have... 185cm Kessler built for the Canadian national team. Standard four bolt set at 52cm as well as upm bolts. Built for 185lbs rider. Storage wax every year plenty of edge left. $600 184cm Donek beta test board, noodle stick. Plenty of edge left and always waxed properly. Traditional four bolt set $400 Set of Trench Digger 3. Blue bases. Used vigorously but just a bulletproof binder. $200 First gen donek isolation plate. $50 27.5 mp UPZ 5 buckle RC10 boots creme color. $150 All prices are negotiable, no ridiculous offers other than the first gen plate. Will include with board if you want.
  20. So I have been lucky enough to become the caretaker of a very cool 164 Donek Incline. 29.5 cm waist with a 9/11vsr. Ryan Knapton rode it for a week or more with this review: i have since been in it for about 6 runs in total. Here is a quick snippet from my first day on it: the feel is wild for sure. Soooo wide means leveraging the edge can be tricky. So much that I have avoided riding it very much. I'm curious on thoughts and ideas in regard to width and the fact that I have felt like there "was no high back" on heel side turns. (On the same point but a separate note, I ride flow bindings and love them for their near hard boot feel and leverage. I found these cute little fractures in my high backs on this board that lead me to believe that someone needs to build me a better set of bindings! Fin? Anybody?) anyway, open discussion in regard would be cool. Would love to hear your take too Ryan! Taking her for a spin with Nidecker Carbon900's tomorrow.
  21. *** Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert carver, racer, etc. This is just two-cents I thought I'd share *** Short Review: This board is incredible. Buy it. Long Review: SPECS: Custom, 175, SSR 10M, 21.5, Standard Flex ME: 6'2", 175 lb, M30 Now on my second season on the REV, I find myself enjoying this board more, and more, with each run. I ride this as an all-mountain board, taking it on groomers, shoots and glades, and powder-filled bowls. That's in Colorado. In MN, it handles the rock-hard ice groom with ease. I think the width helps with powder days. As stated above, I'm not a perfect carver/booter. What I've found with this board is that I can take it out in any condition, and know that it will track perfectly, and respond instantly and expectedly. It can carve through several inches of CO fresh without any issue. I love being able to carve on Powder Days! What I love most about this board is the confidence, and absolute control it offers. It's like a freaking surgical knife. I love knowing if I lean a bit on the tail, it'll respond instantly. Oh, and did I mention the out-of-the-pocket speed this has? Straighten it out for a second, and this thing is moving. Simply put, for someone who's an 'average' carver, I find this board to be the one board I keep going back to. I'll head-out with one board, do a few runs, and then go get the REV. Every time, no matter what the conditions. Maybe I'm riding it wrong? All I know is this thing will do whatever you ask of it (except maybe go switch). Cheers! Brian
  22. Been riding my beloved Burton Ultra Prime 162 (with Burton Wind hard boots & Burton Step-In plate bindings) since 2000 and finally ready to step up to modern gear. Looking at new or recent model Donek and SG boards but have seen nothing in the way of comparison reviews. In fact, I see nothing on SG boards anywhere. I'd love to get some feedback on both from anyone in the know. I am 175 lbs, 5'-10", goofy-foot, love to ride hard and fast, spend most time on east coast hard-pack & ice and have been riding alpine boards since 1995. Still boot shopping but ready to get a pair of TD3 Sidewinder SI's for the new set-up and considering anything from 162cm-175cm in one the following: Donek: Rev, Proteus or MK SG: Full Race Titan or Full Carve Thank you in advance to anyone with feedback, advice, etc! So ready to bite the bullet!
  23. Comme à chaques années, un petit post pour voir vos nouvelles acquisitions pour l'hiver qui vient ou les montures des petits nouveaux. qui commence?? ??????
  24. Après mûre réflexion je vend ma Donek métal FC 175 . Top sheet A1 sans graphigne , fini carbonium. Base impeccable Sur mesure, 21.5 au patin, side cut 11.5/13.5 Pour 160 à 220 lbs. Neuve..1200US demande 700 Can. Photo à venir.
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