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  1. https://unofficialnetworks-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/unofficialnetworks.com/2020/11/18/big-sky-telemark-skier-jedi/amp/?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#aoh=16057576283405&csi=1&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Funofficialnetworks.com%2F2020%2F11%2F18%2Fbig-sky-telemark-skier-jedi%2F
  2. I'll take them Email later today when I get off the hill
  3. b0ardski I share your sentiment! However, adding a swappable heel would not be as awesome as making a snowboard binding that worked with the AT standard. A swappable heel would certainly be heavier, raise the heel up a bit, only work on a limited set of feet(one model vs many), and as a special edition the cost would be higher as people couldn't search for bargains and closeouts from the wider market of AT ski equipment. The AT standard is defined and the market is moving - it is in my opinion better to harness that energy by riding the wave than to swim upstream trying to define
  4. Take a look at some AT boots. There are a few good mods available on splitboard forums or phantom bindings website if you find them firm or limiting in range of motion. The shells as well as liners are/can be heat moldable so you can get amazing fit. depending on the boot you may be able to downsize a shell and have an overall shorter setup than with soft boots. Used or older season AT boots will save you some cash. I love these for the type of riding you describe and as a bonus walk mode makes hiking so much easier. Hiking in AT boots is as or more comfortable than softboots while probabl
  5. Here is another comment in favor of the ultracraft I am not sure what has changed in the spooning /3d contour in that last few seasons. Mine is about 3 y ago and the contour does not change contact on the flat or where there are edges only where the nose is elevated. It feels good in powder both self centering and improving turn initiation without any negative consequence on hardpack. The board is stiff enough I ride with hardboots ( AT style for hiking ) and I enjoy it inbounds as well as powdercat riding. If you ride with weight centered this board works great but I wish th
  6. Agreed!!!! These are the best bindings for setting up a new board as they allow you to easily play with the angles
  7. If they go stepins I am buying!!! Also rather than BTS I prefer the pmb spring system (http://www.primeboards.pl/en/project/springs-en/). This is much lower profile and gives a great range of motion. It feels muchore seamless in flexion and extension than the BTS or ascc systems to me. I honestly can not feel the neutral as there is no dead spoy going from flexion to extension
  8. It's a real problem! Mid week in a deserted resort out west (wolf creek is 20 miles from anything with no onhill accommodations )riding on 1/4 the run with family blocking above and below me I was hit from behind by an older skier straightlining the run and knocked out cold with no clear memory until I was sitting in the patrol clinic. Luckily CT cleared everything and while I couldn't close my jaw for a week nothing was broken thanks to my helmet and him skiing right over my head or so I am told. The other guy sustained a few fx ragdolling more that 100y down the hill. This
  9. Amen! Now please explain to me the difference between classic carving and all mountain hardbooting and the reason for this divisiveness in the forum. There are more ways than one to carve. EC- Push pull Race gunfighter stance tucked knees ala Jacoby For me as long as Nerva's definition is met its carving no matter the technique or equipment. Of course it is better if you can match his style!!! Seriously Knapton can school half (or more) this forum in carving and on a softboot setup
  10. I was at a mountaineering/backcountry store this weekend to purchase some Atomic AT boots. After the usual size questions then come what type of skiier are you and what are you planning on using these for because another boot may be better for you. The dumbfounded look when I responded that I did not ski was priceless! Ears were perked that I wanted this particular model as it is preferred for hardboot splitboarding and I soon noticed that there were two people helping me instead of one. 30 min into the fitting I find out that my extra assistant is a snowboarder who also splitboards and ha
  11. Here is a second vote for the Phantoms! They are way lighter and the way that they lock the board together is awesome making a split feel much more solid and like a regular board. Big bonus is the weight especially compared to sidewinders and I think there is enough lateral flex that you won't miss your sidewinders. The only downside I see if if you want/need an angle >30.
  12. Carlito - YES YES YES We have all had that one time. I encourage everyone to think not just about the down up down of old-school powder 8 skiers but add a bit of the side to side that comes from the push-pull techniques. You will be amazed at the turns moving from squiggles to arcs but more importantly it allows you to force a turn when needed and not scrub speed then spend the next 10 min digging out. Of course this is speed dependent and more is better! This one line sums it all up for me! Pardon me if I steal it in the future because you nailed it.
  13. It all depends on what you mean by powder. 6-10 inches inbounds I like to lean back and maximize the surfy feeling turning with the front foot like a waterski. Any deeper or if its for a longer run the first thing is to keep as much speed as you can control. I find that leaning back robs me of power and mobility and want to be neutral or even lean forward if really charging. It helps to have a powder board or at least be back a bit on the bindings. For bottomless powder its all about the bounce. Not sure exactly what the timing is but It feels to me a bit like down-unweighting
  14. This is what I have been waiting for! Finally a spring system with walk mode. PLEASE port this to the other popular hardboots - UPZ, Deeluxe & Northwave .
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