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  1. carvedog

    Injury sale

    What are the length/width on these boards. Interested in most of them. Coiler: Egyptian cat graphics? Weight range on that? I am 250 on a good day and ride really hard. I know there is a code on the sidewall. Stainless looking Virus? Sold? Donek MK. This is the Mad Killer? I like that sexy waist. Carbon Fiber looking Virus. Still available? Also to say very sorry to hear of the injuries and challenges. Just putting it out there if I buy something and you make a comeback in a year or whenever you are welcome to come ride it anytime. Sun Valley can usually be found som
  2. I renewed my employment offer with Sun Valley and will be teaching again this winter. We led the nation for two weeks in April in per capita infections. A good friend was one of the first to succumb to Covid in this area. His nephew worked for me for a couple of years. RIP Bob. So it's not like we aren't taking it seriously. There are still pockets of adamant mask rejection in the valley. I don't get it. I have still not gone out to a restaurant for a sit down indoor meal of any kind. One meal outside on the deck and the rest is takeout. Some people (a local Dr among them) estimate with
  3. It's not paranoia if it's real, right? For carving I go for zero overhang. Always. Boot out is serious. It hurts, or can. If you aren't carving hard it's not much worry. Soft boot carving for me is limited by overhang. And the feel of an overwide board going edge to edge is a lot like the board riding the rider than the other way around. But that's just me.
  4. I love vintage glass....thank you.
  5. So that sounds promising for me. Thanks. Any idea on the other part of the code?
  6. If you still have the Coiler 180 I might have to get that. Do you know what the numbers mean? I am a big guy. Would hope it's fairly stiff. I am assuming its the blue one?
  7. INterested in the Donek 184 and the Tinkler. Still have?
  8. That sounds like what I need. I trust you on the size. Will you sell boots only? I don't need the binders. If you wish to remove the front hooks and heel fine with me. Shipping to 83340. Would love to see overall pic of boots.
  9. Interested in boots. There is a size range on the upper cuff and one down near the heel. I need those numbers to make sure my custom liners will work. Unless boardski has swooped them up....
  10. While we are here talking about gloves....if anyone has any kind of pair of the XL SR6 (gauntlet style) glove in any condition, I would like to talk you out of them. Great material but I don't wear mittens......no gloves appear to be on the horizon.
  11. That might be one size too small for me. I will double check tonight. I will look for a photo to see if it jogs any memories for you. Paul Parsons, Chris Cox, Dave Bryson and a couple of my buddies were involved too.
  12. Twenty inches or so right now. More falling tonight and lots of man made under that. Let me double check sizes on my shells but I am pretty sure these are them. On the fire there are two size ranges - one on the upper cuff and then another down near the heel, can you confirm what they say? Thanks.
  13. I guess I got the name wrong. Yes I tried to email him before with no reply.......
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