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  1. For me it's hard to commit for a few reasons. Very hard to take six days off work. It is also right before President's Week time period which is really busy around here. Almost as busy as Christmas week. So I have to teach most of that week, so hard to take six days off my real job (a day of travel each way), then another 7 days off my real job to go teach. The last week of January would be better time frame for me to try to make it. I would still like to make it for two days but I don't think I can do four.
  2. That sounds like what I need. I trust you on the size. Will you sell boots only? I don't need the binders. If you wish to remove the front hooks and heel fine with me. Shipping to 83340. Would love to see overall pic of boots.
  3. Interested in boots. There is a size range on the upper cuff and one down near the heel. I need those numbers to make sure my custom liners will work. Unless boardski has swooped them up....
  4. While we are here talking about gloves....if anyone has any kind of pair of the XL SR6 (gauntlet style) glove in any condition, I would like to talk you out of them. Great material but I don't wear mittens......no gloves appear to be on the horizon.
  5. That might be one size too small for me. I will double check tonight. I will look for a photo to see if it jogs any memories for you. Paul Parsons, Chris Cox, Dave Bryson and a couple of my buddies were involved too.
  6. Twenty inches or so right now. More falling tonight and lots of man made under that. Let me double check sizes on my shells but I am pretty sure these are them. On the fire there are two size ranges - one on the upper cuff and then another down near the heel, can you confirm what they say? Thanks.
  7. I guess I got the name wrong. Yes I tried to email him before with no reply.......
  8. I have emailed you before and just did again....would love to get more info. For Upz. RC12
  9. I have seen these on several used pairs of Upz. I just got some Upz last year ( not ridden yet) and am interested in the progressive flex type of thing might happen with the springs. I have used the google to try to find and found someone maybe in Europe who seemed affiliated but they won't answer my emails. Anyone know what is up with this? Or have some they want to sell. Thanks.
  10. I was looking for a pair of these forever. But I only want the right boot for $100???? Just kidding. Long time since carving days in the Butt. Are you out of hard boots for real? I still may want these even though I broke down and bought new Upz last year.
  11. Glad you did. I am about to remove some heels to try to switch over and install to some new UPZs. Haven't had New New boots since.....fack......Burton was still making them. But I have mined the depths of eBay and used here so that there are no more Fire boots in 28.5 left on this spinning stone. I have three good left boots, but no right ones.
  12. Sorry that you can't listen to music without being distracted. Do you always leave the music off in your car too? Riding for years with headphones or a headset. I don't watch movies while riding......just on the chairlift. Not everyone knows the path to Milkland.....or the gems of Sun Valley.
  13. The Mens and Womens downhill courses in Snowbasin are a carving playground as well. I never did a really gnarly downhill but I have run an easy one a few times. I snapped the toe piece of Burton race plates in half landing off of one of the jumps. It didn't break off completely it just sheared in half. I was able to hold my toe down enough to limp down the course. Never got hurt. Was clocked at 75 on the face. Also have run quite a few Super Gs on Baldy in Sun Valley. Mostly masters ski club races where I was the only snowboarder. Top to bottom 3,100 vertical in 2:43. I had my USSA card so they didn't care what was on my feet. Pretty fun really.You run a completely different line than the hard carve. I know the Town Downhill in Jackson did have a snowboard class. Never made it to that but would like to.
  14. That is fairly brilliant. I like the inner tube idea as well.
  15. I have some with photos on Facebook. Pretty nice Raichle in a size 30-30.5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/736314186478431/permalink/1819014858208353/?sale_post_id=1819014858208353
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