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Angry Snowboarder - Top 5 Reasons Hard Booting is Skiing


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  • Jack M changed the title to Angry Snowboarder - Top 5 Reasons Hard Booting is Skiing

Question: What is the difference between a real snake and a 'ski school snake'? 

Answer: On a real snake, the a-hole is at the tail.


Question: What is the difference between a snowboard and an upright vacuum cleaner?

Answer: How you attach the dirt bag.



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On 9/3/2021 at 9:37 PM, Jack M said:

Shots fired!!  LOL awesome!  Somebody noticed us!!  No such thing as bad press, right?   Took him long enough, where has he been?

working on rebuttal... 😄

I thought el_snowboardo disappeared into his angry snowboarder blog once snowboard.com disappeared, but to my delight I found him active again on his youtube channel recently. To be honest, I love the guy & respect his work. He worked hard to build up that persona, good on him. 

I remember he gave me advice on a Salomon Burner about 20 years ago or something and it was an amazing board.

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remind me of this:


I know it's suppose to funny and dissecting joke/frog something something both die in the process.

longer nuance -

run what you bring and have fun.
maybe i am a masochist that i enjoyed the pain/high cost just to be different.  it's a price tag i am willing to pay.
If the purpose is to go from top of the hill to bottom; a snow mobile is much superior than snowboard/ski but that's not the point 🙂 

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Looks like Shaun of Donek tried to reach out to ole Angry and invite him to the factory LOL which goes about how well you'd expect. I'd love to see Angry actually fall in love with hardbooting and realize it was he who was the purist kook the whole time XD. I do agree with him though that we should be able to laugh about our own kookyness. He goes on a solid 5 min rant about it too 


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same apply to engaged with inter-web trolls.

i was ok with it until one of us is being attacked.  Sean genuinely want to change mind but meet with mockery.  seems to be the norm now a day.  It's a sad state.  Best to ignore and moved on.

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hahah.... yes.  was thinking the same
i hope it's a character that he played(to get a reaction/trolling).  for my personal preference the schtick get old quick.
the character/performance to me is not angry but bitter and narrow minded (my humble 2 cents; nothing against the person as everyone need to eat.)

I like to think i am relative open minded but this one just rub me the wrong way.  seems anti-snowboard culture if anything.
snowboarding suppose to be fun and not anger/bitter.
i used ad-blocker so no one is getting click/ad revenue  i support/vote with my wallet.
I do need to figure out why i get some reaction out of it/trigger by it 🙂 

there are enough contents on the internet; that i won't missed this one; just as he won't missed one viewer.
Choose to not engaged is a great way to remain sane.
time to move on.

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The carving board one is 3 years old, and I totally get his direction on that.  His audience is soft-booters looking for commonly available boards, not carving fanatics willing to pay double the normal retail price for specialized gear.  He's not going to cover hard boot equipment, and he's not going to cover something you have to special order from Japan, and he's definitely not going to cover anything he doesn't get given to test for free.  The guy makes these videos in his spare time from working at a snowboard shop and a liquor store.


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Those who can, do.

Those who can’t, teach.

Those who can’t teach, critique (or teach gym, if you’re Woody Allen)

I’d consider it a point of pride to be insulted by a bumblef*** like that guy (though I confess the original Top 5 that started the whole thread was pretty funny)…

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