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  1. should also point out there is a different kinds of setback.... setback on sidecut bindings arent centered on the center of the sidecut setback on board but centered on sidecut here the board is built with a longer nose than tail but the bindings are centered on the sidecut. you can get mixtures and variations also depending on if the boad is directional, true twin, has a standard sidecut or VSR ect
  2. Pretty good in terms of grip there very similar to the DH34 down hill tyres i have on my demo 8. they are a bit lighter so accelerate a little faster but the rolling speed is still pretty terrible so if your pedaling alot there not the best. The casing is a little lighter also which means i have to ride slightly higher pressures to keep support in the tyre when pushed hard. I'm not so much the scottish sam hill as the my friends equivelent of the mountain bike top gear stig i'm the tame ex racer who quite likes riding in bright white gear even if its super muddy Probably going to switc
  3. I disconnect one of my karakorams and take it with me lol, still always eat with the board in eyesight though
  4. Im converting my mate to acoustic though his ebike seems to be doing that for me in two years everything electrical has been replaced under warranty.... give it 4 or 5 years and there will be alot of very broken ebikes on the second hand market
  5. Should look pretty epic when its built up With how the enduro is so similar to the demo 8 in design im suprised they didnt resurect the old demo 7 name which was the the shorter travel variant of the 8. I got a Nukeproof Mega 275 myself just before christmas not standard spec im upgrading it bit by bit to my prefered spec
  6. Its funny how people deal with things differently i am to actually trying to not think about what im doing and just carve/ride on instinct. I found that if i thought about what i was doing id get scared and inevitably make mistakes leading to a crash/slide out
  7. Limbo reminds me of when my friend bet me I couldn't thread the needle the slow sign at the indoor slope https://www.instagram.com/p/BsHCsqFlR01/?igshid=1vvkbyfzeav8
  8. i loved the jetsons as a kid so it defintely gets thumbs up from me
  9. Normally id be snowboarding all year round at the indoor slope but thats been closed nearly for the whole year due to the rona and so have the outdoor resorts. As a result ive pretty much reverted back to mountain biking full time to the extent the devil on my shoulder is trying to convince me into racing again as one last hurrah
  10. I'm just a jack(hack) of all trades i do a bit of everything for the most part, so heres a couple of bits more of the topsheet im currently working on. Logo i did for my friends company texture sheet for the hull of the T-80u tank model thats at the bottom Album art for my friends band Close up of Donek thats hidden in the ropes of my current boards graphic. In game picture of the T-80U that i worked on. *if you click the image and click again youll get the full size version* I could never do anything artistic for a job because im way to slow and i dont want to get burnt o
  11. Not really i'm an electrical safety and repairs technican at a recycling company. Which is actually how i got the wacom cintiq tablet it came into be recycled and i repaired it and my bosses let me keep it. I have done some contract 3d work for video games and some design work for a friends company but its more of a hobby than a occupation.
  12. I do my own typically takes me about a year to do one since i kind of work in stops and starts
  13. As someone who's suffered a similar break i can whole heartedly say i feel her pain. on the bright side atleast her foot is still facing forwards not backwards like mines was An emergency release would seem like a bright idea as i can imagine it would stop some knee injuries also from similar high rotational forces
  14. reminds me of when i took the donek switch down a mogul field in bulgaria just to prove to my friend that i could
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