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  1. possibly better control of the flex of the shell and tongue with the carbon lay up vs injection molding of the .951
  2. i look at them like i look at a ferrari beautiful but the chance of me over owning them is slim to none. i do hope there successful though
  3. the 90% sure the katana disks are smaller than the targa i used to be listed in the spec on there site but not now it appears
  4. though with them being carbon and probably low quantity im expecting the price to be "funny money"
  5. I really liked the Rome targa bindings for hard riding super responsive and you can teak them alot to get the perfect set up, personally id choose them over the black series due to the blacks use of mini disk and the chassis not being as stiff. Flux XF/XV seem to be the binding of choice in asia for carving never ridden them personally though
  6. Got the revised version of the karakoram quiver connectors yesterday, there noticeably beefier around the area that had previously failed
  7. Carving its a bit dependant on the slope blues and reds i tend to carve faster in the 25-30 range but as it gets steeper i ride slower as i turn tighter and alot + finishing turns going up hill to control speed so i sit at closer to 15-20 range. If im just rolling edge to edge i can comfartably crusie in the 40s. Ive been as high as 58mph in andorra on a long perfectly groomed blue the speed just kept rising pretty slowly so i didnt realise i was at that speed until it all i could hear was wind even though my music was at full blast...
  8. accident or not it still sounds like racers were massively in the wrong here, speed tuck jerry is probably scariest thing on any mountain
  9. out of curiosity what boots is he riding as im size 11 and was able to ride -3 degrees on the back foot(I ride 33,-3) with a 275mm waist board?
  10. not tried katana's but have ridden targas there really good and if your looking for stiff set up there one of the best just a tad heavy
  11. I run 33 on my lead foot with no issues. Alot of japanese/korean softbooters run angles in 45s so it is possible to go pretty high but your friend will probably want stiff boots to offer support
  12. Ill just list everything major including non snowboarding stuff. 13 years old catastrophic break of the tibia and phibia in my left resulting in muscular and nerve damage in conjunction with an infection doing further damage to the nervous system in my legs. 5 months in various cast and crutches and physio being taught to walk again was another 9 months. 24- broken rib and cracked cartiledge in my sternum and heavily brusied hip when i crashed qualifying for a mountain bike downhill race in wales. Ragdolling at 35mph plus wasnt a pleseant experience but with some pain killers and stuborness i qualified and raced then discovered my rib was broken when i got home and went to the docs 27- cracked the same rib 3 times in the one year racing DH, id crash crack it race then rest up until the pain went away at which point id then crash and recrack it... 32- first snowboarding injury riding park jumped on to a corigated pipe where i slid out and landed knee first on the pipe. unfortunately i had a go pro in my knee pocket that cut the subcutaneous prepatellar bursa pretty much in half to this day its never reknit back together so it just kind of floats about on top of my right knee cap. 33- Massively overshot a small jump to flat and knee'd myself in the chest on landing cracking the cartiledge in my sternum again... fortunately ive been pretty much injury free since and touch wood hopefully it will continue
  13. part of me does wonder if it will have been CTE related like was in case with Dave Mirra still a incredibly sad no matter the case
  14. More from the same channel interesting how her knees and previous riders knees are so close together
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