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  1. Ill never be this good but boy ill have fun trying to get there
  2. Looks like a great time had by everyone, hopefully one day ill make it to one of the carving events
  3. So much better than the usual 150m of pretend snow im used to riding, I was a little suprised how well i transitioned as i hadnt ridden outdoors in about 2years Bansko isnt a big resort, the reds are pretty good to carve on even if the groom was a bit dubious at times but its cheap and it has snow which was something scotland didnt have until this week. The black tomba race run was great first thing in the morning, sadly for the others i was riding with it was more survival than riding so i didnt get any footage from the black
  4. No problems at all except for one of the ratchets had a tendency to freeze a bit on the last day leading to it not locking correctly as you cranked down but that was easily fixed. Over the weekend ill type up a more long form review of my bindings and board.
  5. I'm not good enough to grace softboot worth watching so i decided to create a new topic. This is my first time trying to edit anything of length and the first time ive ever used devinci resolve instead of good old windows movie maker . I hope you guys enjoy
  6. lol though i dont think they felt to heroic once they hit the no fall zone
  7. Just back riding in bansko bulgaria. The grooming there was a bit of mixed bag certain sections were near perfect rock solid cord other bits they either didnt bother to groom at all or it looked like they let the work experience kid do it lol. For example there is a really nice long steepish red thats pretty much the ideal pitch to carve on all the way down. The top generally couldnt have been better where as the bottom third was anything but flat with lots pretty big bumps that if you werent careful would send you airborne or bounce you around a bit. The blues for the most part were pretty well groomed except for the plateau which just turned into a giant mogual field after the first day that then just left that way for the rest of the week. The black tomba race run generally got the best groom and if you rode it early before all the cord got stripped by the snow plow ski punters/heel edge hero snowboarders it was pretty much perfect. On the other had i refer to the cat at the indoor slope i normally ride in as schrodinger because when its in the garage you have no idea if its alive or dead.... for a basher that only has to do 200m of slope a night it dies with alarming regularity
  8. Yeah it works really well and lasts longer than normal boot laces , the only downside is its pretty harsh on your fingers and you need to do a reef knot first before your traditional shoelace knot other wise it will come undone due to the cord not compressing like a lace will. other than that i generally recomend climbing cord to anyone who rides alot.
  9. usually i switch to climbing cord when i have to change out laces, cheap with little to no stretch
  10. Introducing Franken boot mk3 Salomon Lo-fi with booster straps since I was lazy and couldnt be bothered making my own this time. But the real special sauce is instead of using old boot tongues and just epoxying stuff to them to make stiffeners i made them completely from scratch out of fibreglass Not the prettiest since ive never worked with fibreglass before this but they are defintely stiff enough!
  11. "It would be like Cannondale saying if you take their mountain bikes off-road, you have no warranty. Right?" Most downhill race mountain bikes arent warrantied for racing.... though fortunately they seem to only ever break during non race day rides
  12. depend on the amount of overhang if its not to much i find the board will tend to drift allowing you to ease up on the edge angle and rengage the edge but if there is to much overhang booting out tends to be pretty catastrophic, sudden and without warning.....
  13. the boots are much less supportive than a hard boot so the injury would be probably be more due to an even more extreme flexation of the ankle
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