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  1. I rode the Targa's for 2 years and really liked them. The highback is alot softer than say the carbon highback on O-Drive but it offers a pretty good amount of support and response. The Ankle strap on the other hand is probably one of the best ive used on any binding it is very stiff and responsive with zero padding. The only real downsides with the targa is that they are super adjustable so can take a little bit of time to dial in perfectly. They are also fairly heavy but ive never noticed the weight with exception of my airplane baggage allowance.
  2. Yes I ride them but im also rocking more than just the booster straps.... Just checked Its the expert/race ones I use so just step down from the world cup. I generally use them to crank down the top of my boots around the shin/calf area super tight. I will tie the laces then crank the strap which will allow me to then undo the laces and pull them tighter and tie them again. After which I'll crank the strap down one final time and go ride.
  3. Miho is probably only one of about 4 riders ive seen video footage of heel side superman carve in softboots, I'm sure there is way more cappable of it but its super rare to see on film.
  4. Greens and blues if your a competant fast rider can be some of the dodgiest to ride due to them generally being designed to be run at lower speeds for beginers, they can be alot of fun to ride at warp speed though just need to be careful. One of my biggest crashes was on a demo mondraker foxy xr where i hit a blue table top about 10mph faster than it was desgined to be hit needless to say i over shot the landing by a long long way lol
  5. I prefer my mountain bikes acoustic vs electric but from riding my friends Focus jam ebike i can see the appeal to many climbs were a breeze and the extra weight made the bike very stable. Though having spent so long riding normal bikes I severly dislike the effect the extra weight has in terms of balance in the air jumping(super rear heavy) it also made the bike pretty docile and less agile in descents which had a tendency to limit line choice, more sledge hammer vs the scalpel that my meta 4x is.
  6. Nothing really I like the look of them But i prefer boots that lace all the way to the top of the cuff. It seems to be a trend to either have lacing all the way to the top or to have the laces stop early and replace the top eyelets with a power strap. Ideally Id like to have both full lacing and the powerstrap running between the top eyelet and the second top but hey i dont design boots what do i know.
  7. It's a High risk disapline but i do very much credit my experience riding and racing downhill for my ability to snowboard and not really care about the the steepness of a slope. I have it in my head if i can make it down on the DH bike in terms of gradiant i can easily make it down on the board. At the momment were still restricted in where we can travel in terms of recreation and what is open so I'm going to be doing trail riding for atleast a another month or so until i can break out the big bike again.
  8. Oh i do Its have a 2.1mile descent all the way back to my house
  9. Im pretty lucky I have some fairly nice natural trail riding not to far from my house albeit after a 30min near 950foot vertical climb. Bike is a little inapropriate and old school Commencal meta 4x 26inch 130mm fork 100mm out back its an over excited puppy of a bike to ride, not the best climber but boy are descents fun
  10. The good thing about traditional lace is if your creative you can make a boot as stiff as you want it to be if your willing to tinker and experiment.
  11. now i have another variation of the heel edge turn(one hand under leg) to try when i get back on a board lol
  12. If you know where to go do the youtube rabbit hole there is pretty much an endless amount of japanese, korean and chinese soft boot carving vids. It was stumbling upon a number of these a few years ago and being in awe at what was possible on softboots that started me down the carving road that i am now on. It was also through these videos that discovered Alpine riding as that was where alot of there style of riding appeared to originate from. Fast forward a few years and also to answer the question of the thread I dont think alpine is going to go away but i dont see it ever returning to big n
  13. in the UK im sure its the snowboard asylum/ellis brigham is the distro or atleast used to be
  14. No just the standard reference stance of 56cm there is a bit of setback already built into the board already so never felt the need to set the board back even in powder
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