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    Albuquerque, NM
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    Santa Fe/Taos/sandia
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    Massage therapist
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    Thirst CC+ 165
    Thirst 8RW 184.5
    Coiler ECVC 175
    Alpinepunk SuperSwede 191
    Donek Demo Rev 180 2014/15
    Kessler 185 (old bomber demo)
    Donek Proteus 163
    Gecko Carves
    4mm bomber boiler plate
  • Current Boots Used?
    Mountainslope.951 29 w/ 29.5 Gran prix Zipfits
    UPZ RC10 shoxx 28.5
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    F2 Race Ti Large x2 70/65 65/65 60/55 55/50
    Stealth Bomber sidewinder standards
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  1. Looks like Shaun of Donek tried to reach out to ole Angry and invite him to the factory LOL which goes about how well you'd expect. I'd love to see Angry actually fall in love with hardbooting and realize it was he who was the purist kook the whole time XD. I do agree with him though that we should be able to laugh about our own kookyness. He goes on a solid 5 min rant about it too
  2. What!?!? A thirst with metal? What is this sorcery!
  3. Check this guy out @Corey and @barryj I am thinking about starting his program for this off season. I am liking everything he's saying so far. Check him out I heard about him from a joe rogan podcast and I am really digging his stuff.
  4. Would this one be a better alternative for all day freecarving perhaps?
  5. Swept the legs with perfect form! 2 pts for the take down. Technically downhill skiier has the right of way sooooo... but in all seriousness I never assume the random skiier has any idea of what I am doing. The boarder totally had enough time to dig in the heelside to avoid the collision but assumed the skiier would compensate and change their turn trajectory to not collide but the skiier was too in their zone to care. Both lacked slope awareness.
  6. You should grab a picture with them and let them know about the forums if they don't know about us.
  7. Can't wait to try this bad boy out. 165 CC+ 23.5w 10ish? Scr. Didn't have a smaller wide hardboot all mountain stick yet for my larger feet so I am super stoked to try this out.
  8. So to piggy back on this thread and the notion of wide boards and binding angle I remember reading something here about lower angles and them nullifying toe/heel lift and that there is an angle that you want to start laying off the lifts. I just picked up a thirst CC with a 23.5 waist so I am wondering if anyone has some tips as to whether I should try a toe/heel lift on my f2s with their standard 4.5? As of now I have my f2s with both toe and heel with their respective lifts.
  9. Oh no I think I want this! @Algunderfoot ive been wanting an all mountain nibble board for my 29.5 feet and do you think the stiffness would be good for my 210ish pound frame? I call dibs as of now my board senses are tingling.
  10. I can't wait for my first official carving event since I started hard booting 5 years ago down here in NM!
  11. They look amazing but 1.5k euro Is a big oof to the money gut.
  12. Broke my leg in 2 places as a kid sledding. I am only 5 seasons in but man do I love this sport. Let's see, broke a wrist 3 years ago. Had a slam heelside 2 years ago that seemed to loosen some intercostal stuffs which took a while to heal. Some whiplash from that one aswell and last but not least last year I was having a fantastic day on the last day of the season but I was messing with my new .951s and got my first lowback spasm and boy was it nasty. I was getting lazy and not stretching enough towards the end of the season. Almost passed out when I stood up after resting for a bit at home. Ears ringing and tunnel vision. Luckily a friend was over and helped me out with a muscle relaxer. Ended up going in to the hospital the pain was so bad. I try to ride wiser not harder now. Got my schedule changed so I can ride 2 days during the weekdays.
  13. Looks like we need some water in here because we're getting real Thirsty. Can't wait to try this bad boy out! First Thirst for New Mexico! He added a little New Mexico flair to boot with our beloved Zia symbol. I am so happy with the result. 8RW 18.7cm waist. It'll be the narrowest waist I've ridden yet as per Mark's recommendation so I said why not! If the virus boys can ride 17cm why can't I ride a 18.7? Should be interesting and quick edge to edge.
  14. @Atom Ant Same thing with me. I ordered some gecko carves back in July and haven't heard anything. I was assuming that it would be ordered later as the preorders say things are sent out in November? I know the info is very old so idk? I just want my geckos and dont want to have to call my credit card to get this refunded.
  15. Sorry to hear that Pete. You told me a bit about him and his ailment and I appreciated that. I wish I could've met him and I hope the the celebration of life is a beautiful one. My condolences to the family.
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