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  1. Sadly those who are attending MCC will not be able to add anything to this thread. Have fun and enjoy the wide open plains, and I would imagine no lift lines.
  2. Well it was supposed to be a bit of nostalgia. Niehues has been creating these maps probably all of us have been using when going to a new Ski Area. Book kind of makes me think that of those areas I've visited. Evidently it turned into a bitch fest.
  3. https://jamesniehues.com/pages/the-man-behind-the-map?utm_source=FacebookInstagram&utm_medium=FacebookInstagram+Ads&utm_campaign=Book+Launch&utm_content=physicalbookflythrough&fbclid=IwAR3yFlcpVab3kJVdVPpIxg5bpzueICyyO62vP1YoMVJCl0j4OxR8YqDb8e8
  4. Thanks for the info. Was short 2 machine screws for the F2 Sports. Might as well pick up a bunch. Very timely.
  5. Arms race prevention, actually that was what I was referring to. At no point have I ever argued that old gear was superior to new gear. I just happen to have old gear dialed in for what I do. It works for me, and actually it seems as though it works for others too. I also have no problem with older gear listed as Vintage. I myself at 70 am considered vintage, so it fits well, just as my gear fits my riding style. So absolutely ride what works for you, and enjoy. We're all a little bit different and a little bit crazy. Take care.
  6. I don't want something new when I'm happy with what I have. Continuing upgrading is just a source for aggravation, at least for me. When I've found something that works and works well, be it sporting equipment, tools, audio, cars, bikes, I'll stick with it. If there was an unquenchable desire to find the "Perfect" tool, it will never end and the journey will not be the reward. Of course your journey will be yours, and who gives a crap about mine? So have fun, whatever you do. Just by happenstance, look what just popped up about unfair advantage: https://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/51324991
  7. I can only surmise why some sports have specified limits on what equipment the contestants are able to use. Like weight minimums on road bicycles: 14.99 pounds Today, bikes weigh in at just under 15 pounds—but not any lower, since the UCI's minimum bike weight is 6.8kg, which translates to 14.99 pounds.May 6, 2019
  8. We had this conversation years ago on the old Bomber site, and more specifically whether or not it was safer to ride either way. It pretty much came out a draw. Personally speaking I'm sure that there were times when I would have been subject to a Tib Fib fracture if I had been riding in the ride mode. I've been riding in the walk mode for 23 years in Raichle 122s and 123s and never a problem. I'm a light weight, and at 150 lbs at the time I managed to break a board just forward of the front foot coming off a headwall into a trough, so I'm sold on the Walk Mode, and I'm in rough and bumpy territory 90% of the time. Obviously people have different opinions, but I'd rather be loose and adaptive than stiff and inflexible. Your riding will be yours, so it's what you feel comfortable with.
  9. I'm wondering if local resorts are losing money on their private seasons passes when they join the unlimited Ikon, Epic or Mountain Collective passes. The local resort Crystal is the busiest they've ever been, turning people away because of no parking, and evidently it comes at the loss of the daily passes on weekends and holidays, where there is a quota and those tickets are sold online. Big Sky is now slammed, which is good for them, but selfishly, I'm not so enthused. Anyone know what the resort share is of visitors using the 3 passes?
  10. My first all mountain carving board. Was excellent in mixed conditions and floated well in Pow. Still have one, but highly recommended for anyone that wants to ski the whole hill.
  11. I last about 2 runs with the groomers, and then it's off piste. I much prefer the unpredictability and challenge of off piste-bumps/trees/pow. I like the freedom of being off balance and adjusting to regaining that balance. It helps you in every facet of life as we grow older. Consequently, the only time that I'm boarding with someone is when I'm doing it with either my son (who enjoys the same type of terrain), or skiers. I feel your pain, but to paraphrase the boring Borg: Resistance is Futile, join your friends. If your friends are skiers, join them on your board. Off piste is a new skill-set on a board.
  12. I feel like a wimp. I must be doing something wrong on the slopes, I've remained relatively unscathed. (2 shattered ribs, and 1 bruised rib different years). I do attribute some of the luck to being on the groomers as little as possible. I can however, regale you with a triple bypass and a new knee.
  13. When molding my 9.5 foot into a 26.5 boot, I use 4 pieces of socks over my forefoot in the toe box area along with my regular weight ski socks. I also duct tape them in place when sliding them into the boot so they don't slip when inserting them into a tight boot. Very tight when molding and during the cool down, but very comfortable after they've set. Also different thicknesses for moldable liners. I've hit Play it Again sports and looked for old softboot liners (think Raichle) that have not been molded, and used those. Thin liners that fit properly are warmer than thick liners that are too tight.
  14. dredman knows how I feel about my bedroom slipper 122s and 123s in Raichles off piste, into the bumps, and in waist deep powder Restriction comes from stiffness in all the hardware. If you're on a racing setup, it will be much more difficult, though not impossible. Flex in your boots-fore and aft, and side to side make any off piste endeavors easy. Control and maneuverability in powder/trees and bumps in my angles are best realized by a 15 to 20 degree offset in the bindings (at least in my riding) eg. 50 front-30 rear. Softer flexing bindings are a plus too. Your mileage may vary, but I'm having a ball. Best of luck to you.
  15. This article makes about as much sense as telling hockey players don't bother to wear cups because: The most common hockey injuries include: AC joint (shoulder) ACL strains or tears. Broken collarbone. Concussions. MCL strains or tears. Muscle strains. Shoulder dislocation. And choirs are always looking for sopranos.
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