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  1. Teachers are underpaid, underappreciated, and didn't sign up for the undertaker. Society can not function when there are non-functioning members. The complete madness of expecting the Virus to magically disappear when there are situations like this is only going to prolong the loss of life, and the damage to society. I hope you are both fine in the coming days, and I support Teachers 100%.
  2. You're on your own. From the Big Sky Website: COVID-19 Warning Our policies and practices have been instituted to keep our guests, our staff, and our community safe. Please note that our health and safety policies may be revised at any time, they will be updated on our website accordingly. We appreciate your cooperation as we all adjust to the new normal. Big Sky Resort amenities, experiences, and other offerings may be modified or operate with limited capacity, and are subject to closure based on guidance from health experts and government officials. Our team is strivi
  3. Still fortunate to be hunkering down in Big Sky. This year I bought an Air Conditioner in preparation for smoke. We've had about 5 days earlier with smoke, and expecting more. Big Sky and Yellowstone good so far, but it's coming. Looked at home in Tacoma, not good, AQI around 250. After 2017 and Canadian Fires, bought and installed a Mini-Split so if I was caught again I'd be comfortable. 35 years in Tacoma and never needed Air Conditioning until 2017 and now this year. Portland Oregon's Air Quality Index is 491. There's going to be serious repercussions on the people there. I
  4. For more coverage, visit our complete coronavirus section here. A new report by the CDC has linked COVID-19 cases to dining at restaurants. In a month-long investigation completed in July, the CDC analyzed symptomatic outpatients from 11 U.S. health care facilities and found that adults who became infected with COVID-19 had reported dining at indoor or outdoor restaurants two weeks before getting sick. “Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results,” th
  5. Nice. Best of luck to them and help out the local economy.
  6. Sold the splitboard, too darn heavy with the split kit. Decided to go with short approach skis/permanent skins, 110cm and carry a lighter board without the all the hardware. Going to use K2 Clicker bindings that are integrated on the skis and use the NOS all metal Clickers on the board. Have all the gear already. BTW Burton has a backpack that will carry both a board and the skis. The first Clicker bindings had both a 3 and 4 hole pattern, and the 4 hole only pattern can be easily modified with a die grinder.
  7. Although tuberculosis is contagious, it's not easy to catch. You're much more likely to get tuberculosis from someone you live with or work with than from a stranger. Most people with active TB who've had appropriate drug treatment for at least two weeks are no longer contagious. TB and Coronavirus are two different cells. TB is Bacterial and Covid is Viral. The smallest bacteria are about 0.4 micron (one millionth of a meter) in diameter while viruses range in size from 0.02 to 0.25 micron. This makes most viruses submicroscopic, unable to be seen in an ordinary light microscope. They
  8. How many of our teachers will we lose? Who are they willing to sacrifice? The answer is easy, anyone and everyone. CORONAVIRUS 08/13/2020 06:12 pm ET Updated 8 hours ago Florida Teacher Writes Her Own Obituary To Protest Reopening Schools Amid COVID-19 Whitney Reddick said she posted the mock death notice because she believes she and her colleagues are seen as “a tool in restarting an economy.” By Curtis M. Wong A Florida teacher responded to her district’s plans to reopen for in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic by writing her own obituary.
  9. Good advice. I deleted the things you pointed out. Still would keep another phone number on opening screen to have a chance to recover the phone.
  10. I recently found an Iphone 11 Pro Max in perfect condition. The phone is locked. I placed lost and found ads on Big Sky Lost and Found, and on Craigslist. Even included the opening screen picture asking, "Does anyone recognize these 3 Dogs". No luck. I called Verizon, Apple, and even Asurion Insurance in case someone filed a claim on it. None would even look up the sim card number or the serial number and call the old owner. It's so far a Brick. Might as well use it for a breakfast table shim. I don't have insurance on my phone. I did for awhile but I've paid for many a phone wit
  11. I like to say that the 2 most dangerous words in the English language are "I THINK". I only use facts that I know, or something like "BEST GUESS", or "I DON'T KNOW". When someone says "I DON'T KNOW', I thank them and say that's the 2nd Best Answer. When there is a modifier used with "SAFE", it does not mean Safe, it almost always means less than Safe, so when we all make decisions about Boarding when we can't control all the conditions, we will not be Safe, and consequently none of our Friends and Family will be Safe. About the only Boarding I may do this year is Earning my Turns.
  12. Chances are slim that we could get into New Zealand. Slim is too optimistic, no chance in Hell is more like it. They're not even letting Aussies in. Great Boarding down there. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/03/they-didnt-close-the-deal-new-zealand-looks-on-in-horror-at-melbourne-covid-19-crisis
  13. It's the 125 Bedroom for $21,900,000. There is one of these on the way up to Big Sky, maybe not 125 Bedrooms though. Actually it's a 2 Bedroom Ski-in for $485K. I thought things were bad when the cheapest thing that was being built was a 3 Bedroom Condo for $695 in the Meadow 6 miles away. Now the poor man's lots are $987,000 on the hill. It's NUTS. I don't see anything being built for less than $2.5 Million+. The old Powder Ridge Log Homes are starting at $1,467,000. Actually Siberia is starting to sound pretty good, except it's burning in the summer. Even Hokkaido
  14. Season's pass sale has ended at Big Sky. I just put my Condo up for sale.
  15. From the NY Times. The is the most accurate treatise that I've seen on Masks. Worth a read. Yes, the Coronavirus Is in the Air Transmission through aerosols matters — and probably a lot more than we’ve been able to prove yet. By Linsey C. Marr Ms. Marr is a professor of engineering. July 30, 2020 A sneeze. And what it spreads. Just how much does the new coronavirus circulate in the tiny airborne aerosols we spew out by just breathing?Credit...Bettmann, via Getty Images Plus Finally. The World Health Organization has now formally recognized that SARS
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