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If Only I Had X, This Moment Would Be Perfect


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what's your X?  in the context of carving.

Part of the fun of what we do is tinkering.  Optimized setup/board for the condition.  The pursuit of perfection. 
Hence many of us have quivers of board/boots/binding.
Nothing wrong with it at all but that nagging voice in the back of my mind.
"it's not me sucky today; only if i had my X" i would have rip down that trail"

On the flip side:  when I only had one board, snowboarding seems less complicated (ignorance could be blessing in disguise)
I was playing uncle to bunch friend's kids recently.  Some are on rental gears and some have their own equipment.
But the joy from the young one transcends gears.  be it Bogner or something less flashy.

hence i been riding one board for the past few seasons and it's helping tremendously.   
Like bad habits i started to dabble again lol...

This might sum it up better:
Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want. — Naval Ravikant

I desired to ride better; There always seems to be more gears(X) to try.

thoughts? how to reconcile? or what's your white whale?

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5 hours ago, pow4ever said:

Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want. — Naval Ravikant

I desired to ride better; There always seems to be more gears(X) to try.


As soon as you got what you wanted new desires come up. Always.

Once you understand that happiness comes from the inside rather than the outside things might ease a bit.

I used to have two boards some years ago. Regardless what I have chosen for the day I ALWAYS thought i might have had more fun with the other one. That ended up not really beeing happy on the slopes. 

I then got back where I started years ago: One Board. One setup. All day long.  It's 95% rider. And 5% board. 

If I am not satisfied with the conditions on a given day I have to work on my attidue & technique. Or call it quits for that day.


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2 hours ago, mbweppner said:

A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with 2 watches is never sure.”

Haha, that's awesome! 

Good friends make any day better. I have a few boards but find that my favorite varies heavily by mountain and a little by how I'm feeling. My favorite Coiler EC in the mountains is no fun on narrow green runs. 

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If only I had a custom K.I.T. Knight Rider board that I can transform to a custom length and radius as needed based on oh I don’t know, conditions, trail type, mountain, powder. What else am I missing? Oh yes it needs to be able to ride up hill so don’t have to wait in line. 

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On my best and worst days it's always me limiting things, not the equipment. I'm lucky to have a bunch of great boards, but if I could only keep any one of them I'd still be having a good time.


Now, if they could finish the road work on the way to the hill...

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great points all around.  Lots of very insightful comments.  I love it.
sport psychology is a thing; for me alpine snowboard is so much about mind set/commitment/conquering that fear.

Instead that Mansion in Buttermilk; there is similar unit near Highland that's just a bit better value 😉 plus helipad is a must have hahah...

table stake/pragmatic are great way to go.

ability to see (potato water)
dress goldilocks-ly (not too cold; too warm)

maybe one day technology will allow us to dynamically change the side cut/stiff ness using magnet.

i get that desire is insatiable but without it; we might have not evolved.
technique is the ultimate goal but ability to dial in setup, choose the right setup is an essential skill and worth exploring.

It all depends on where we are on this journey 🙂 

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An entourage of sycophants that followed me on the mountain all day, oooh-ing and aaahh-ing at my riding no matter how crap it is. And at least one liftie, who every time I got in the chairlift would say, "Dude, you rock! I don't understand why we aren't all rocking hard boots!?!"

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4 hours ago, Atom Ant said:

AWD Hurucan with a box on top... would make the drive worth it regardless of conditions!

me just a poor boy

12 hours ago, Pokolikrat said:

Just normal regular vision. How my priorities changed during one year.😕

so much this.  Appreciate/be thankful what we have.  Thank you for remind me/us to be grounded.
All the "obstacle/challenges" I have seems to be insignificant.  truly first world problem.  I am blessed.

"This too shall pass"

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