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  1. Oh my, those poor people on those storm tossed chairs! That is some incredible footage.
  2. lamby

    Uber Funny

    We sometimes refer to old snowsports folks as: Grampa with a GoPro (or Grandma...) Me and my wife are certainly in that age-group, but we like to think we can take it as good as we can give it.
  3. lamby

    Uber Funny

    How do you get a snowboarder off of your porch? Pay for the pizza.
  4. lamby

    Last Chair

    What a great thread. Thanks Cbrkid for your story! Loved reading about how you and your Dad took up skiing and how winter alpine has impacted your life. It really got me reflecting on my own journey, people I've met, and how time passes away. And about the people I'm interacting with on the slopes today. More stories all!!!
  5. lamby

    Uber Funny

    I love snowboard jokes.
  6. Intriguing Kijima. I tend to gravitate toward shorter boards these days. Maybe what you describe is a large part of why I find them so fun.
  7. A friend who rips on skis has taken up monoskiing and loves it. Nowadays I rarely he see him skiing - he is up on his monoski frequently.
  8. I love powder days, but we get so few of them here in Sun Valley, Idaho. Still, once in a while we get lucky. We are fortunate to have few really crowded days. Regardless, the snow seems to fall with tracks already in it.
  9. I'm not really sure if numbers are up or not. We haven't gotten much snow relative to other resorts in the region, so maybe that is contributing to what seems like pretty average numbers of visitors. I may be wrong - maybe numbers are up some. It still feels pretty uncrowded.
  10. I really like my BTS system. A great upgrade that helped me find the sweet spot in boots that I initially felt were too stiff for me. I would say that riding in walk mode may not be a great idea for those looking to ride more aggressively, but might be fine for those not looking to carve/charge hard. I have tried riding in walk mode in the past, but it seemed like I was leaving myself less than well protected.
  11. Anyone riding one of the 2019/2020 model Furbergs? They all look intriguing. Wondering if the All Mountain is a quiver killer for road trips, or if the All Mountain Split is a good splitboard for many conditions? Does anyone has any updated reviews of this brand of boards? Things that are getting my attention include the longer sidecut radii of this brand. Also the light camber under foot - would that feel weird? I seem to like the pop I get from traditionally cambered boards. I can see how the the de-cambering of the tip and tail would make sense in powder, and to help with turn initiation in harder conditions. What about the "reverse side-cut?" Seems like a lot of nose/swing weight out front, but what do I know. I've been reading some reviews, and watching some on Youtube. Anyway, curious about them.
  12. An event like MCC would be a great way to go. Or, if you want to consider hiring an instructor I would recommend carvedog in Sun Valley, Idaho. Jerry works for the SV resort and is an awesome instructor.
  13. Thanks for the interesting topic and discussion. I like carving turns, but I don't tend to do it all day long, one after the other, over and over again on the same run. I can ride with someone who wants to do that sort of riding, but it tends to get a little old to me after a bit. On days when I'm on a carving set-up I'm carving a lot of my turns, but certainly not all of them, and I do a lot of what I sometimes refer to as "slarving". I may enter a turn with a strong carve, and then let the board begin to slide. Or I might carve through a number of turns only to let things loosen up into skidded turns down lower on the run. Somedays I'm on a carving set up and will not be off-piste. Other days I'm on a softer, more forgiving board (I always ride hardboots and plate bindings). If I'm on a more forgiving setup I'm free to carve some of the time, or slarve around, or play in the crud and bumps. It depends on the conditions and what's good that day. If it is a powder day, I'm on a powder board and loving life. Not that it is always good up there, but I try to find the fun - poking around and looking for interesting stuff to ride. I understand the appeal of carving linked turns, one after the other, and really working to master turns in many situations, steepnesses, terrain...It is great to concentrate on really getting your turns dialed in. I often find myself working on a long series of linked tight-turns as I'm about to leave the mountain; especially earlier in the season when I'm trying to build up my strength. Generally though, I prefer to carve some of the time, and to go off piste, or mix it up with friends - skiers and snowboarders, at other times. It's fun exploring around and looking at having fun from a different perspective. I ride alone a lot too, and really enjoy that. I think hard boots and plate bindings are such an awesome setup. I love carving hard on groomer days, and I like the versatility hard boots and plate bindings provide me on days when I want to mix it up on and off of the groomers. Anyway, I hope you have fun out there and that you get your groove back on soon!
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