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  1. My favorite fortune cookie along time ago read “A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with 2 watches is never sure.” Of course, I have 3 boards and 2 sets of skis that I regularly take to the slopes...
  2. Age 51. Hardbooting 22 years. Even though I have I have been skiing since a kid, and still continue to do so, hardbooting is still the most fun way to get down a hill.
  3. Catek Olympic Standard 2 (OS2) step-in bindings with the short-plate (size 10 or less foot). Ordered with custom anodized colors in red and black. Includes D3 elastomers and original box and instructions. Leash not included. Bindings have been used 3 seasons (about 60-75 days) without problems. Red anodizing has faded a bit, black anodized parts are scratched where there is heel contact and the aluminum receiver has some wear as shown in the photo (bindings used with soft Intecs heals not hard Fintecs so the metal wear is reasonable). Reason for selling to to have all Bomber bindings on my bo
  4. I asked this same question on the TD3 Step-ins E-rings to Michelle at Bomber and she said: "Here is the information about the E-rings: The harder the density, the firmer the feel in the ride but you gain maximum edge control. The softer the density, the more flexible the ride but you lose edge control. The decision is really up to you and how you want the binding to perform." I like the firmer feel and maximum edge control but I still backed off from the hardest red ones since the step-ins are the most ridged bindings to begin with and went with the medium blues. <O:p</O:pYou can alway
  5. I have the new 2008 leather FLOs and have used them 15-20 times this year and they are holding up well and feel great. They should hold up for at least 3+ years fo me. I also am a bit over 200 lbs and I like the stiffer grey tonque that comes with the boots also.
  6. I have been skiing 37 years and hard booting for 16 years. Except for graduate school in the Rockies (and lots of Western ski trips) most of it has been on the same small set of hills in my hometown in Western NY</ST1:p. I always enjoy both hard driving slalom skiing/moguls and hardboot snowboarding in the same day (when my muscles get tired of one, I switch to the other). I think hardboot snowboard helps you perfect your skiing and visa versa. <O:p</O:pI have three kids ages 4-10 who all started with skiing first at about age 4-5. I did because I wanted them to learn skiing as there
  7. I have not tried the Heads but the new UPZs fit my wide and high arch/instep foot fine. The new 2008 boots also have a standard tongue liner of good quality and not the old wrap liners. Buckle and flex hardware has also been upgraded for 2008 so keep this in mind when reading older reviews. <O:p</O:p The only thing I notice is that the heel box may be a bit narrow (but I can't compare this to the Heads). I know that I do notice my Intec heel cable at the end of the day but the heel area works fine for me.<O:p</O:p Also, UPZs come in two color choices and give you an extra set of
  8. mbweppner


    I have the new UPZ RTRs and just got my first chance to use them. I bought them since the new updated 2007’s seem to have addressed all the concerns that I read about with the older models from last season and before. These include a much better liner, better buckles and metal cant lever. If you see old reviews mentioning these items, they are pretty obsolete now (unless you are buying a used pair).<O:p</O:p I find the boots a bit hard put on but I have both a high-instep and wide foot and they fit great without modification once in them. The boots also come with two tongues and I insta
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