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    Coiler/Evil 168 Am-Tvsr, Coiler FC177-Tvsr Dingbat edition, Rossi 1 Mag/Flows softie
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    UPZ RC10, Finally boots that fit!!!
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    F2 intecs 19inch 55x52
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  1. AMT is a blast to ride and opens up the entire mountain. I always end up on my AMT by noon.
  2. This is the 1 problem with Zipfit, very little support and few experienced shops.
  3. I have been a Coiler loyalist since 2004 and the one thing I always come back to in my reviews is the ability of his boards to process poor rider input without tossing you in the trees. Mistakes dont get amplified and you can recover without bad results. One of the lines from way back was the "Save your tail, Tail" as one of the big mistakes for many riders is getting in the back seat and not being able to recover. To me Coiler makes boards that instill confidence and allow people to get better getting you to that next level. Now we have a collection of veteran expert riders here that may find these traits a crutch or a negative but for the bulk of us mortal riders it works and works well. With my recent dual residence Im limited to days on snow so I really benefit from these design characteristics.
  4. Looing at temps Sunday might be the better day
  5. Got my pass thing sorted out and Im full of Antibodies. Looking to try to get out next weekend, Saturday looks like the day. Be easy on me, I have not been able to train much at all and have 0 days in.
  6. Ohh shit, I need to check my bindings its been quiet a while
  7. This would have been a good weekend for me, now me and my Antibodies are off to Florida Thursday for 2 weekends. Hopeful that my pass will be done and waiting for me when I get back. Wrong Island, its rarely crowded at the beast but all rules are out the window these days.
  8. Yeah, took 27 days to get my head outta my ass. Finally feel like Im back.
  9. Im waiting to confirm my passes will be there until I make the trip
  10. Ahhh Usual New England conditions
  11. Wow that sounds like they are on top of it. What are the conditions like?
  12. Can you go in the lodge? whats that like
  13. Took 27 days to get my head outta my ass but Im back. Whats it like going to the beast?
  14. Im on the mend, heading south tomorrow to rehab my lungs in some warmer air. Im so looking forward to seeing you guys on the hill. 9 days in bed with a 102 fever can change your perspective a bit. The thought of spending the day ripping with you guys seems like a dream. Keep me in the loop.
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