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  1. Trying to fly in tonight, keeping an eye on the weather for the weekend
  2. Dont ask But I found a new 28 left foot power wrap in my supplies room. $50 delivered to US address
  3. I plan on testing out this broken down frame tomorrow.
  4. One of my favorite old school music players with my Macgyver buttons
  5. Music and gum are packed the night before or I cant sleep. Its a Must have for me since the 90s, usually EDM music going in my ipod shuffle
  6. I can speak from unfortunate but significant experience here. In December 2005 I remember the day I crushed my L5 disc, it was a Heel side on a Madd 170 at Mt Snow north face. Thought I had "pulled" a muscle as all the way home I was uncomfortable. January 30th at about 11pm the disc blew and I was scheduled to leave the following Saturday for Colorado. Ended up in the hospital at 6am due to the non stop pain. Woke up a 12 and left the hospital. Freaking about the $4000 I was about to lose on that trip I used my connects to get me in for an MRI and Ortho visit that Wednesday. He asked me to do a few moves and said you can go on your trip, will get you an injection but just take it easy. At that point the top of my right foot was burning. The shot totally numbed my foot and my back didnt hurt the entire trip. Once I got on the plane home my foot started to burn again. I got another shot in March but doing PT they noticed I had foot drop and it was not progressing. I sought out a surgeon and he was like Your foot is numb and you have foot drop, why did you wait do long, you need to be operated on ASAP. Literally 1 hour after the procedure I had more strength on my foot and it was clear he had decompressed the nerve, little did I know the damage to the nerve was done and irreversible. Now my right calf is about 20% smaller than my other leg due to muscle atrophy, I have some slight foot drop but Im able to function really well. Where does this long winded story go? I have atrophy in that leg and the hamstring is part of the problem now. I do good for months without my back chirping at me but when it starts my hamstring is tighter than normal. Siting in my job contributes and over all lack of a good fitness regiment this past 6 months I believe is the culprit. When Im going to the gym consistently my back feels the best. I spend the first 30 minutes at least on the mat stretching and using the foam roller. Its troublesome because I know I will never regain the full strength in that leg due to the nerve damage. I can only hope to keep what I have left. At soon to be 57 I wonder how I will be walking in 10 years but Im still going to try to ride as long as I can. Keeping your hips mobile and hamstrings loose are the best things you can do. If you feel like you have nerve involvement or compression dont wait 4 months like I did
  7. Wish I had that hip flexion, Love the hard commitment to the next edge. Nothing better then dropping onto your toeside down hill edge early and waiting for it to catch up. Love that feeling.
  8. Theres allot of good here, might want to stop staying so tall and ride with more flex in your knees and ankles, lets you connect to the terrain better. On hard stuff I always stay closer to my board, allows for better correction on ice and variable surfaces and if you go down its not that far Very little bad happens when your close to yer board. After 20 years my mistakes come when I stand up tall.
  9. Back in town so Im keeping an eye on things for this weekend.
  10. Beginner my ASS, last March you were the star of the group, even my wife said you were the best rider. Love you Wrong Island.... Lol
  11. You dont have to Carve Every turn. You need versatility in your riding being able to carve when its a good place to and being able to slide when you need to. 20 years I have been on Alpine boards now and Not carving is just as fun. Thats why I keep my Coiler all Mountain cause it wont balk at messing around off edge. But when its time to just carve I have to strongly agree with staying close to the board, being tall or fully extended upwards is when bad things can happen. I rarely have an issue when Im in what we use to call "fetal position" down and close to my board.
  12. Damm, Im gone to Naples for the next 2 weekends. Im really gonna try to go when I get back.
  13. In on this. Back to Naples Thursday so the next week is out. Gotta get my Wrong Island fix
  14. Bobby Buggs

    Beast 2019

    Lol, +20 degrees, sun, recent snow, music, riding buds........
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