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    Coiler/Evil 168 Am-Tvsr, Coiler FC177-Tvsr Dingbat edition, Rossi 1 Mag/Flows softie
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  1. In on this. Back to Naples Thursday so the next week is out. Gotta get my Wrong Island fix
  2. Lol, +20 degrees, sun, recent snow, music, riding buds........
  3. Time to break out my boots. Started winter training last week. Im just down 91 from the Beast and usually can go any day if its above 20 degrees and Im in town. My time in Florida has softened me a bit.
  4. At 56 I realize you cant let fitness slide at all. I hope to stay on point though out this summer and not do the usual get after it in October routine that I used to do.
  5. TSUNAMIBAY, by dropping the other hand you pull your shoulder on that side down and you open up the inside shoulder getting your stack or body alignment better over the edge. Open the arm pit on the inside of the turn instead of closing it and dropping that hand and you will lock in so many more turns. If you look at the motion even when your on the carpet you can see why it works. I only got out 2 days this year due to warm travel destinations but they were both 30+ degree and sunny days with some great old time alpine friends. The stoke was on high and I walked away knowing 2 things, at 55I can still chuck turns with the best of them and I am totally at home on the Coiler AM on any terrain.
  6. Thanks Eric, I plan to eval the shell as well. Im interested to see if that empty pocket is the area of issue. As I said I have not really tried to diagnose the issue, I just ride and deal with the discomfort the day after. At least Im starting to build the equation to solve for X lol.
  7. Great vid find David. It said theres nothing in the front ankle pocket. Im thinking thats exactly where my problem is. I believe I have a tube of the magic cork, but Im leaving the snow for the next week. When I get back I will remove the liners and with them on I will locate the hot spot and see if its that empty area. I hope thats the area and a partial tube will put it to rest.
  8. Lack of skilled Alpine snowboard boot fitter around us is a HUGE problem and has helped to reduce my net worth over the past 20 years lol
  9. David as mentioned earlier I switched from years of Raichle/DeeLuxe shell to the UPZ, A move I was very happy about. Have you considered a different shell I did a foam injection and it was Way too unforgiving, Cold and.. It killed my calves. One of the huge bonuses of Zipfit is the ability to reshape them as many times as you like, foam is one and done $500 out the door.
  10. For me the best part is never having to buckle that all important instep buckle tight at all, just enough to keep it closed maybe a little tighter. No more crushing my foot to the point of it going numb just to keep it down.
  11. Not sure of the model, world cup or Gara. Im going to do some thumbing to see if I can take care of it. Im not sure bumping the shell is the answer at this point until I do some good investigation. Im terrible cause I put them in my bag and forget about them, never researching the issue then I go and hammer on them for the day
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