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  1. Every bail I've broke had a seized lug after the fact. So now when I inspect my bindings (roughly annually), I retire any that don't rotate freely. Haven't experienced a failure since. I take it as a sign that the bail is bent and a step closer to metal fatigue.
  2. Icy or not, a suggestion. Four simple words. A mantra, if you will. "Steer with your dick." Try keeping your hips aligned slightly ahead of your toes on both toe and heel side turns. Don't let it cross back over your binding angles until you are ready to be done with that turn and are starting to transition to the next. Stand on the floor in your boarding stance. Now rotate your hips left and right. Notice what happens to your rear foot; how it rolls from one side to the other. Notice which position will twist the tail higher on edge and which will twist it lower. When you'r
  3. I've been testing this year's iteration a bunch lately, and my mind keeps coming back to Jack's comment about the ice skates. It's true and it's intentional and you can learn to love it. There's massive edge hold available if you just imagine your inside leg is on an ice skate and put the load right on it. On a toe side, the inside leg would be your rear foot, and a heel side, your inside leg would be your front foot. No matter what the length or radius of the Contra, focus your energies on the imaginary ice skates underfoot and ignore the rest of the board and you will be rewarded with fo
  4. Note that these flex numbers are not comparable across different lengths. They are deflection under weight measurements of the specific build; longer boards can measure higher deflection than shorter even when they are stiffer.
  5. Too late. Demo sold on Saturday.
  6. I have it for a couple more days before it goes back to Bruce. I'll bring it up. Be riding four hole bindings if you want to try it.
  7. KK is just a variation to the Contra sidecut theme. Playing with some of the variables a bit to see what happens. Incremental refinement experiment. There will be 3 at the MCC. Dave's, mine, and a glass prototype. "KKR" must be the Redman version. Our cores are ever so slightly different. Bruce didn't even get to test them because of the lock down in Ontario. They debut at the MCC. They won't obsolete your recent Contra purchases... until you demo one. The glass one blew me away. Wow. MCC'ers, please demo it and give feedback! @dredmanpost a picture of the Winterstick!
  8. After taking the demos straight to the hill, I did find the thick wax a bit grabby and the cat track edging a bit wonky. So took them home and scraped the wax and gave 'em a few strokes of 0.5 base bevel. Even finished with the diamond stones. But don't expect me to shower every day...
  9. Trivia. The section of Corkscrew in that video is where downhill racer Bill Johnson crashed in 2001. Steve @Cuban Carving Goodingwas just telling me on the lift this week about the movie, Downhill, the Bill Johnson Story. @33:22.
  10. The K168 does return energy. The hooky tail (10m) can be felt when finishing turns. It sort of flicks the board across quickly into the next turn. That's part of the appeal; part of what keeps things happening quickly (relentlessly). It feels good, until it doesn't. If you accidentally get in the back seat, like can happen when mis-judging where the hill is in fog or flat light, it can be more energetic than you want. I've tasted it, come close, but it hasn't tossed me yet. When that's happened on the Contra, it has let me ride it out in the back seat.
  11. I did ride to last chair today. In the fog. On the Contra. Doing Heep Steep. No night skiing on Tuesdays, though. I should have added a disclaimer with my comparison that my Contras are unique. Well, every Bruce board is unique, but my Contras are from spring of 2019. First prototypes. I know the sidecuts intimately, but Bruce evolved the core profiles and laminates since then. Mileage may vary.
  12. I've got 14 days on my K168 now. No more excuses to procrastinate. The K168 is a really really really good board. I like it a lot. My Contra 178 12m is a really really really good board too. I like it a lot. How do they compare? Background. I got a used K168 last spring after our Covid shutdown. Got it from @workshop7who I think got it from @MR. JOHN DEERE !(?). As far as I know it's a stock K168. Normal white topsheet, not p-tex topped. I wanted to find out what all the K168 hullabaloo was about. I don't like "race" boards, so I didn't expect to like it, let alone be good eno
  13. Wow, hot thread here. Might as well throw my story into the hat. This years setup: Size 28.5 UPZ shells, size 10 Flo liners, custom foot beds, no canting in the cuffs. TD3 Sidewinders, 6 degree disk in front, 3 decree disk in back. Around 20.5 inch stance width. Angles always fit to board, but I like narrow boards so often riding 65/60 or so. Mostly just toe and heel life, but a little off. Front disk at 10 or 15 degrees more than boot, so a tiny bit of inward cant there, but rear is almost same angle so near zero cant. Lock front cuff in high position, rear one or two down from t
  14. James' @crackaddictJJA TCX 166 might lay claim to be the first softboot-specific Contra sold. It was farmed out to Jasey Jay last spring because Bruce couldn't do 30cm wide, but it's got a Contra sidecut. At least it does if Jasey used the CNC program we shared. We're not 100% sure he used the program as he might have tried to reverse engineer from the provided graphs back into his CAD tool (Rhino?). The rabbits are breeding down in the SB rabbit hole. Several softboot variations on the Contra sidecut profile have emerged for testing since classic Contra alpine. BX, SB, and FR flavo
  15. I'm with Redman here. If you have a pair of standard SW, keep them. Buy a set of step-in and then mix the pairs on two boards. Yes, their will be asymmetric flex, but it's nice to have a more forgiving binding in front when dealing with rougher snow anyway. I have several mixed sets as step-ins weren't available when the SW first came out; had to do something with the standards.
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