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  1. 50 front, 48 rear. 7.3 degree heel lift, 6.4 toe.
  2. Agreed with @Jackm. Design looks sexy, and is probably a selling point for some, but overall it could be simpler, arguably more effective, and of course significantly cheaper. But how, exactly, should be a separate thread.
  3. Apex, per my understanding, didn't go out of business due to a lack of support from customers... rather, it was a combination of terrible customer service and poor financial management. Supporting these companies is not a moral obligation, and as a component for any business to stay afloat the putting out of products that are correctly tailored to the actual needs of the customer base is key. Some of us don't need the F1-car of snowboard equipment--although it seems some of us are certainly prone to thinking we do. Therefore, I reserve my right to call a spade a spade. Regarding tooli
  4. Under today's exchange rates, the price comes out to around $577/set + shipping. I would encourage people to look at Donek's offerings, JJA's offerings, and a few others all of which are remarkably, dramatically cheaper and will be just as effective for the average rider on this forum. Correct, my opinion only. But my opinion is that is outlandish.
  5. For what these do, the price is ridiculous. Was with Apex, and even more so with Virus.
  6. Good to know on the Ride components working well. I have regular sized feet and rode size large El Hefe bindings on PP for two seasons... No problems. Ymmv.
  7. Ok, I think I can add something to this conversation. First: I agree with @dhamann that 99.999999777% of softbooters and, frankly, softboot carvers need a stiff binding and boot set up, and that everything else is details not worth paying attention to. However, if you truly want to try this there are practically speaking two options: 1) Power Plates: heavy as all get-out, a pain in the ass to remove for waxing / adjustments, but they work with every binding on the market and most importantly work very, very well for their intended purpose of increasing edge pressure and control.
  8. May be able to do a 1/2 day (8am-1ish) on Feb. 6th. Will be on softboots however, as I will have two new boards to try out.
  9. I think it really is a matter of 1) what else someone has going on in general, and 2) how interested someone is in continuing to improve. If #2 is a concern, go as much as you possibly can. If it isn't, then I think it's perfectly valid to prefer quality, especially if your already "really good". I love boarding, and want to keep expanding my skills but I'm fine at this point with a slower pace of progression and so am trying to find a balance in terms of quality vs. quantity... But leaning more towards quality. I put my time in and have nothing to prove.
  10. I think the issue lays in the interstate regulatory differences and the ensuing unpredictability. It's a large financial output to reserve, coordinate, etc. the event and in a situation where usasa is not able to influence the regulations that will or will not allow them to have the event. So my guess is this is out of financial prudence and a desire to not have 2019 occur again (where they had auctions and general donation begging to recuperate losses). The US is not Europe.
  11. AWD Hurucan with a box on top... would make the drive worth it regardless of conditions!
  12. I have a sense their head is in the same place, and that is why they were forthright in simply cancelling this year. Last year, as those involved in USASA know, they lost an unseemly amount of funds having to cancel Nationals which resulted in auctions and other moves in an attempt to recoup the losses. Given the unknowns right now, they likely felt--reasonably-- that it would be rolling the dice on committing the funds for 2021, and perhaps having done so two years in a row, and having to cancel two years in a row and thusly experience the financial loss once again... they decided to be fin
  13. Call Jasey. Owned every plate I referenced.
  14. Similar or exactly the AllFlex pattern. "Spring hinges" in middle. Skip boilerplates all together. I've ridden 5 and 4, and Apex v2 (which I loved). Apex all day, not even close. More feel, lighter, assymetric is an option for mounting, and similar dampening. JJA will customize a plate for customers, FYI. Best mounting hardware as well for traditional hinges plates that I've seen as well. My 2 cents.
  15. Own one. Number of passes depends on the stone grit your using... Lighter grit means more passes. Best to own both types... I think the "kit" comes with two. Contact Artech (phone), they usually have good deals. There are also alternatives that are less expensive... Do your research and you'll find them. All that said, I love mine. Less time in the basement.
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