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  1. Not Another Banked Slalom - Ragged Mountain 3-14-20 https://raggedmountainresort.com/Events/ Same weekend as Vermont Open, perhaps good for those who can't make time for a two day event. This one is one on one boarder cross, two run elimination. Personal bitching:. Why the move towards two day events here? I understand the work required to create the courses but it's not like these mountains are near much, so it becomes a possible day off work plus hotel costs kinda weekend vs. a suck it up and get up early day trip. I get it's more fun for some, but it pushes out others (like those of us with very young children). (World's smallest violen plays...).
  2. Atom Ant

    Racing TV Coverage

    I have participated in the format myself and know I'm in the minority. Regardless, racers would not quit the sport over a return to the older setup... This is their passion and career. The format also eliminates chances for from-behind wins (Ester's ski WC races, for example) both from the beginning and increasingly so as the heats progress. This detracts from audience engagement and ultimately hurts the sport as well.
  3. Atom Ant

    Racing TV Coverage

    Parallel format sucks. Watch early GS back in the single course days... way, way more exciting. Imagine that with modern set ups.
  4. Squat variations followed by a single leg movement such as split squats.
  5. If you like, I can bring a plate and some hardware out to Wa Wa sometime, and we can see if it fits. Worth a shot.
  6. I don't have a UPM setup, but have a few GS boards with plates included if your interested in an entire setup. All JJA
  7. Never tried one, but saw them regularly in Switzerland during the time I lived and competed there. They are very cool. Anticof is another from CH.
  8. Hey chaoticbiker: I don't really have a suitable "starter" board--but I too am occasionally at Okemo (about once a month or so). If you would like to meet up, even on soft boots, I am more than happy to ride. If carving even on softboots is still somewhat "new" for you--not saying it is, I am also more than happy to help you learn some drills / skills that will carry over easily to hardbooting... making the transition much, much easier.
  9. Ok, because I would like the board but as someone else mentioned, your desired trades are really, really rare boards... which of course leaves me crap out of luck unless you want a alpine board. If you decide you would take cash (or a GS board! LOL), please let me know.
  10. Do you want any Alpine boards? I have several.
  11. Response?
  12. you will do fine with a custom X (great all arounder). Wide version is stiffer than normal width, I would recommend the wide be the only consideration due to alpine rider tendencies to actually know how to achieve large angulation. Pending where you are, these are available sometimes for demo. You might want to try a variety of boards to dial in your preference for soft boot stiffness, afterwards, you could always pick up a off the shelf from a major manufacturer or go with a Coiler, Donek, Jasey Jay, Prior and so forth. For the custom route, in terms of all around total mountain boards, I think Prior is the best option (and less so if you primarily want to only carve). mitch
  13. How old are the raceplates? Worried about plastic fatigue.
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