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  1. Incorrect. A broad stroke reference to all Americans, and people in general. We tend to remember only what we find convienient. Sincerely, The comments author.
  2. First point--> my experience tells me there are 1) always idiots / rubs out there, 2) everyone wants to get rich and thinks real-estate is a great way to print money, 3) American's have no memory in general... always been the case, always will be. Buying opportunities are ample for those with memories, however. Second point--> "hyper" not so sure, inflation, sure. Not always a bad thing, however. We shall see how this all cooks up, as many causes stem from the pandemic and its impact on production and the supply chain. No one has the answer. Hey! That was a pretty go
  3. I know as fact JJA (who I patron the most) does this... For his similar (my opinion superior) plate and Allflex (by type). Also with more traditional plates. I would bet a house Kessler, etc. Does the same.
  4. Short answer: if you have not heard about, let alone know what boardercross racing is... buy the shorter sidecar, more rec orientated board.
  5. Anyone actually used SkiMojo that can speak to it?
  6. I mean it is a brand new board, never ridden.
  7. Come on guys... this is a NEVER SEEN SNOW 185 GS JJA with all the fixin's; a carbon fiber plate with all mounts... for $550. Where is there a better deal?
  8. Just the board and plate. Might have a few odds and ends for td3s sidewinders.
  9. Price update! 550+ shipping for JJA plate and board.
  10. 50 front, 48 rear. 7.3 degree heel lift, 6.4 toe.
  11. Agreed with @Jackm. Design looks sexy, and is probably a selling point for some, but overall it could be simpler, arguably more effective, and of course significantly cheaper. But how, exactly, should be a separate thread.
  12. Apex, per my understanding, didn't go out of business due to a lack of support from customers... rather, it was a combination of terrible customer service and poor financial management. Supporting these companies is not a moral obligation, and as a component for any business to stay afloat the putting out of products that are correctly tailored to the actual needs of the customer base is key. Some of us don't need the F1-car of snowboard equipment--although it seems some of us are certainly prone to thinking we do. Therefore, I reserve my right to call a spade a spade. Regarding tooli
  13. Under today's exchange rates, the price comes out to around $577/set + shipping. I would encourage people to look at Donek's offerings, JJA's offerings, and a few others all of which are remarkably, dramatically cheaper and will be just as effective for the average rider on this forum. Correct, my opinion only. But my opinion is that is outlandish.
  14. For what these do, the price is ridiculous. Was with Apex, and even more so with Virus.
  15. Good to know on the Ride components working well. I have regular sized feet and rode size large El Hefe bindings on PP for two seasons... No problems. Ymmv.
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