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  1. @crackaddict Please let us know how that board rides. Mitch
  2. The JJA new style plate is exactly as you describe.
  3. I would throw in Jasey's new plate design (center hinges). I have two, and they are amazingly adjustable... Would take me many, many seasons to go through all the options. Similar to AllFlex, which Jasey says is better on flats whereas his is superior on medium to steep slop. From my own experience, I would agree. Significantly cheaper too. No 4x4.
  4. Picked up a proto synthesis 159DF today! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Feel free to move to the "racing" sub-forum, but thought this would have broader interest. Was talking with a buddy yesterday about this: What do you think are the pros and cons of tighter vs. longer sidecuts on, say, a standard length 185cm GS board as applicable strictly to going faster? Then, to make things interesting: let's consider variations on where the longer vs. shorter radius is played out on the board... So variations in turn in vs. release, etc. Pros and cons from the standpoint of going through a course as fast as possible? I will delay putting forth my th
  6. Okay quick question here I had a pair of gecko bumpers stealth and a few fell off... Don't get me started. As is evident that Apex has gone bust can I use skateboard bumpers you know the type that go in kingpins as replacements? Has anyone done this if so please advise either on this idea or alternatives. Thanks all!
  7. New to me this past April...
  8. Iron Rock is basically the exact same thing, cheaper. AllFlex was codeveloped by the owner. Worth reaching out as I believe they are around 800 USD last I checked, which is around what most ask for used AllFlex plates. Further, as these effectively work via the bending of the metal itself, it should be noted this is one product that, pending the model, usage and manufacturing year, might be better purchased new.
  9. Agreed with TVR on the overall vibe / approach as my immediate area is similar. Not to be applied broadly across the country, obviously. Reality of geography. Sucks to be a new yorker right now. Is what it is. That said, the hyper focus on deaths is ridiculously narrow on the spectrum of points that can be made on this subject. This is a novel virus, we do not know or yet appreciate the full spectrum of health related issues it posses. Do I think I will die of Covid-19? No. Is it possible it leaves many with sever and possibly perminent health effects? Research currently points t
  10. Jasey Jay makes very simple, light uhmw risers. Give him a call.
  11. Well, there is a absence of clear info regarding motive. I doubt a personal grievance is at the core, however, in the sense that this individual(s) was wronged in some way by the owners / operators of the cable. I would guess environmental activism? Obviously speculation. Broadly speaking, in this moment in culture, the act of vandalism is indeed considered by some as a political act, and one stemming from a desire to bring down the current "system" and build up again anew. Check out the book "In Defense of Looting". Form your own opinion. I would agree, however--and while I act
  12. I have not heard of this new tech, but I have heard of the company and I know they are fairly well respected in the micro-producer world. I would try this for sure.
  13. Bought the east coast pass-- considering recent transmission studies on the virus it appears there is not a massive risk so long as one stays outdoors the entire time (no lodge), wears a proper mask while riding, and takes other common sense precautions. So for me, if the resorts are open I will be there--but I will not be in the lodges if at all possible short of a vaccine, etc. I have no faith in people being responsible in this inside environment. I actually expect this coming season--assuming good conditions--to be excellent riding as the unemployment / underemployment situation c
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