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Time to face the music...


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Ouch but yes. The evidence is clear. I enjoy softboot riding more. If the day is perfect, I feel great and the slope is good I can link a carve or two but in reality it's hard work and I suck at it. After 4 years it's time to go in the direction my legs are telling me. These are awesome boards and I really love them but I have not ridden them this year and probably will not ride them. 

1) Coiler Nirvana Free Carve Balance (NFCB) 174 - 10/12.7/12, 20cm waist, made for a 180 lbs rider. (T 174 NFCB 019 ER 6.5+6) 
Board has about 25 days on it. Base and edges are in excellent condition. SOLD

2) Coiler Monster 184 - 11/13.7/13, 21cm waist, made for a 180 lbs rider. (T 184 M 020 JVR 6.1+9)
Brand new board. I have not been able to ride it. Not selling (unless you REALLY want it)

3) F2 Intec Titanium bindings. 
2x new bindings (blue) - new in box with all the wedges, bolts, straps and instructions.  One has 2 days on snow while the other has 0.- SOLD
1x black - used but in great condition. Front is flat and the back has 6deg lift and 3 deg cant wedges. - SOLD

4) Deeluxe Free69 boots MP27 with Deeluxe liners, Fintec heels and BTS. (yes, I'll reinstall the toe strap) SOLD


Buyer is responsible for shipping. 


Monster Code.jpg

NFCB Code.jpg


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Update on shipping costs...


The bindings and boots seem to be ~$25 to anywhere in the US. The boards are $45-$50 depending on address. I have usually used FEDEX so let me know if you prefer UPS. My paypal is jvinraviv@gmail.com. PM ME BEFORE SENDING MONEY!

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What tha Hell!!  Were dropping like flies!

Jrazz say it ain't so :freak3:

I do admire your conviction JR!   I experimented with  the Burton Step On softboot setup in hopes that it would perform as well as my hardboot setups....but it just ain't so!

Enjoy your chosen ride!

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16 hours ago, inkaholic said:

Dang!, wish I’d a known sooner, that monster sounds fun but I’ve already spent my Xmas money. 😞


Not saying but you might get your wish next year... I decided to keep it for now and experiment with softies and power plates.


Everything else is goneeee. Hope they find good homes and get some good use!

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