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  1. Well, season is officially over. Pretty pathetic one for me with all the illness for me and the kids, plus the iffy weather. Hopefully better next year!
  2. Yeah. It is all good till something happens. In California we were clearing the line to start the chair, and a few of the chairs had blown onto the communication cable. If someone had started it before clearing the line fully it would have likely taken the coms cable and maybe pulled the cable off the shivs.
  3. I have seen some terrible things happen to chair lifts when operators and ski areas don't use good safety procedures. They really shouldn't upload without a top operator either, especially at a small hill where people can easily have hiked up. What if a kid hiked up and was hanging out up top when they fired it up? That has really terrible potential.
  4. Lifties shouldn't download, cause there should be a top and bottom operator at all times the lift is spinning for safety reasons. But there are chair clearing procedures to ensure the chair is cleared. Like roping last chair and waiting for it to complete a cycle.
  5. Looks like I'm out. Got the flu or something. Sucks, cause I was looking forward to this
  6. I signed up. Question is 170vsr(r12) or 160vsr(r7)? Or softies?
  7. Today was pretty good. There were some responsible course setters today, so steep 2 and easy 2 were ridable. 7 and 1 both were closed for racing. Got pretty sporty and was almost hit twice. Snow was really good though.
  8. Got there in time for first chair on 7 at 9:30 and they are already setting 3 courses on 7. Went to 2 and there were 4 courses set there and the whole run closed to general public. Got a few runs in on 1 before they set another course there. They also set a 5th course on 2. The frustrating thing about all of the course setting today, was there was about 30-40 racers total between all of the courses on 7, 2, and 1. On 2, 3 of the courses were set with identical spacing between Gates, but they were not running head to head races. Mini-trent (who I rode up the chair with, super awesome by the way) had her own slalom course set for her. In highschool, I used to help the race program at my local hill set courses. There was a rule that only 1 run could be closed for racing/practices and all the teams had to use the same run/courses. I do not understand why that wasn't done on a day like today, when you know the hill is going to be mobbed and you have a lower volume of racers and kids. Gripe over.
  9. This morning was cold, hard, and fast. I spent most my time on 7. Met up with Joe for a few runs. It was good. My legs were dead by noon. On my way back from hylands I saw 12 was open and the BX was open without jumps or anything. I took 1 run on 12 and realized my legs were too dead to continue.
  10. Took runs on the magic carpet this morning. It actually seemed like the snow was holding up really well considering the warm temps.
  11. Things were pretty amazing this morning. Gates all over 1+2. 7 had Gates by noon. I rode my knapton, and got a few compliments from the ticket scanner guy.
  12. Scott.Creer

    MES 2020

    Unfortunately I am out. I need to be at home for the morning, my oldest has pneumonia. Good wishes for conditions for you all!
  13. Should have built one of these...
  14. Easy 2 was awesome. Best place on the hill. Hero snow. Steep 2 was full of dips and bumps. Everywhere else just wasn't as good. I lasted a few hours. Tons of people were trying to talk to me. I had my headphones in, plus layers so it was hard to hear sometimes.
  15. Scott.Creer

    MES 2020

    It makes me mysterious. I thought mysterious was sexy.
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