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  1. You guys missed out. It was amazing today. I was there all morning and conditions were really good.
  2. Yeah, the vapor needs to go somewhere. Although that is what is spreading covid. I was thinking something like this needs to be created for snowboarding. MIPS helmet with power vent tube, and fresh air intake, complete full face shield, maybe a small heater to preheat the air coming in on those super cold days.
  3. This is my issue. It was so cold I had to wear my normal cold weather mask (with holes in it) then put another mask over that. This caused all the moisture to go up to the goggles and freeze in there. Same thing as you were describing. I really don't have issues normally. The two layers of mask forcing all the moisture up though was no bueno. Almost need some sort of breathing tube that goes down into the jacket or something. Maybe one of those avalanche lung things. Lol.
  4. We didn't last long Friday. Conditions were pretty good. My goggles froze up between the layers and I couldn't see at one point.
  5. Boot heaters are well worth it. Especially in the hard boots.
  6. Price drop on NSR
  7. Price now includes shipping. Your still local right? I could set them up at there longest setting and meet you at afton or something to see. If they are still too small, they won't work, if they are too big they always can be adjusted down.
  8. Really? My 28s weren't close to maxing them out.
  9. The TD3s are the shorter newer style.
  10. Td3 now available Td3 now available
  11. Boards and bindings still available.
  12. I have a pair of TD3s for sale. 3 and 6 degree cants standard bail. PM me if you are still interested.
  13. My new soft set up is a SG soul titan with Burton Genesis bindings. The split nature of the mounting disc and the binding limits the max front angle to 30-36 degrees. So I set my back foot at 25ish, for my hips and knees. The bindings allow for the most high back twist I have seen. They are also probably the best carving bindings I have ever used, stiff and responsive without compromising comfort.
  14. NSR, TD3s, cross, and maysis still available
  15. HAHA! no the cross doesn't count.
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